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Deep Cycle Systems is a Lithium Battery manufacturer supplying battery storage systems for marine, recreational vehicles and the renewable energy sector.  

12 Volt DC Gel Deep Cycle Battery Sizes Solar Charger

Our 12 volt DC get deep cycle battery sizes solar chargers are perfect for routine discharging and recharging of your electrical equipment. 

Correct Use of a 12 volt Solar Battery Charger

Deep cycle batteries can be damaged by incorrect charging. If you keep your battery at the correct state of charge you will help to improve its lifespan as well as lessening the risk of running out of power when you need it the most.

Deep cycle batteries will self-discharge if left without a load over an extended period of time and this is where a 12 volt DC solar battery charger can prove to be extremely useful. Whether it is a 12 volt lead acid battery or a 12 volt gel deep cycle battery, this discharge phenomen will occur

A 12v deep cycle battery from Deep Cycle Systems can be discharged to any level without any harm because of its high quality stable chemistry. The lithium iron phosphate composition produces a superior cycle life compared to traditional lead acid and other lithium mixed batteries.

To ensure optimum performance and full charge capacity for your deep cycle battery the use of 12 volt DC deep cycle battery solar power can prove extremely beneficial. Solar charge controllers are able to sense any voltage drops in the battery and when they do sense a change, they will send a short pulse of charge to prevent any further loss of charge. This pulse is in effect a very short charging cycle which may occur several hundred times per minute. This process is typically referred to as a ‘maintenance’ or ‘trickle’ charge and is intended to keep an already charged battery from discharging.

12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery Sizes

We have a range of 12 volt DC deep cycle battery sizes to suit your specific requirements. These are manufactured to the high quality assurance standards of ISO 9001 and include:

  • 12V 75 Ah Lithium Ion
  • 12V 100 Ah Lithium Ion
  • 12V 200 Ah Lithium Ion
  • 150Ah hour dual battery setup

All batteries feature:

  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • Long service life
  • Made from flame retardant ABS Plastic
  • Low weight
  • High performance
  • Renowned reliability

Contact Us for the Best in Deep Cycle Batteries

To find out more about our range of 12 volt DC deep cycle battery sizes, feel free to call us on 1300 795 327 or you can send an email to or use our website contact form. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to serving our customers, and look forward to being able to help you with the best quality and value in deep cycle batteries.