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Deep Cycle Systems is a Lithium Battery manufacturer supplying battery storage systems for marine, recreational vehicles and the renewable energy sector.  

12 Volt Group 24 Deep Cycle Battery - Batteries & Chargers

We stock a range of 12 volt group 24 deep cycle battery to suit almost all of requirements of our valued customers.  

Update your 12 volt group 24 deep cycle battery with the best

If you current battery has failed or is on the way out, now is a good time to update and upgrade to the latest in battery technology with a premium quality deep cycle battery from Deep Cycle Systems.

Our 12 volt group 24 deep cycle batteries are renowned for providing long life and extra power when its needed the most.

A 12 volt group 24 deep cycle battery will typically have external dimensions of 260mm (length) x 173mm (width) x 225 mm (height), according to the classification criteria set by the Battery Council International, or BCI. While this classification does not determine the Amp Hours (AH) rating for the batteries, there is usually a correlation between case size and AH rating. Usually, the larger the case size,  the more capacity the battery will usually have.

If you are looking for 12 volt group 24 deep cycle battery , then our DCS 75 Ah battery could be the best battery to invest in for high performance and reliability. With external dimensions of 260mm (length) x 169mm (width) x 210 mm (height) it can slot into most spaces occupied by a traditional  group 24 deep cycle battery, meaning an easy update or replacement. It comes with the additional benefits of six times the battery life and a weight that is less than half that of a conventional lead-acid battery.

Our range of high capacity 12 volt deep cycle batteries use a stable lithium ion technology which can last up to 5000 cycles, and are suitable for marine use, camper vans, camper trailers, motor homes and 4WD vehicles.

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