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Deep Cycle Systems is a Lithium Battery manufacturer supplying battery storage systems for marine, recreational vehicles and the renewable energy sector.  


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The importance of using a DCS recommended charge controller with your 12V DCS Marine / Recreational Vehicle Batteries

Paul Tomolowicz

So you have decided to purchase a DCS Lithium Battery … Great!! Have you considered a DC-DC charge controller?


Your DCS Lithium Battery already has a lifespan that far exceeds our competitors. Combining it with one of our recommended DC-DC charge controllers is important for three reasons:

     I.     It will extend the life of your battery even further

   II.     It is engineered for the specific DCS Lithium Battery chemistry, and will charge them to optimum levels

 III.     It will protect your battery from over-charging and under-charging, and will act as a dual battery isolator to protect the start battery, in a dual battery setup


DCS battery chargers have met our strict quality and performance standards, and pass our strict standards for performance and reliability.


Our range of 12V DC-DC charge controllers use advanced electronics that take their capabilities to a new level of performance unmatched in the industry. In fact, the technology enables DCS Lithium Batteries to perform longer delivering greater endurance. They also ensure that DCS batteries are charged to our specific levels at the recommended output current, thereby extending the life of your DCS Lithium Battery by as much as 25%. 

The ‘Charge On The Run 12V DC-DC’ series charger is a revolutionary product that has proven to be an important advantage to serious 4WDers and boaters everywhere. This charger utilises the charging current from your engine to charge DCS Lithium Batteries only while the engine is running. There are no connections to the ignition system, engine, or commons. Simply connect the DC-DC charger to the starting battery and auxiliary batteries to extract up to 30% more charging current from the alternator. The charger is IPX66 rated, which means it’s fully sealed making it waterproof & dustproof. With reverse polarity, and short circuit protection.  Along with automatic microprocessor controlled battery isolation (between main and auxiliary batteries).    

Made tough for Aussie conditions.  Whether you’re a serious off roader or boater and demand the highest quality for reassured reliability, this marine charge controller provides superior dust, water and vibration resistance for unmatched performance.


Key points to remember about recommended DCS DC-DC charge controllers are:

·      The ‘Charge On The Run 12V DC-DC’ series charger, connects to any combination of battery chemistries including-  AGM, Gel & DCS Lithium ion  

·      Nominal voltage: 12.8V

·      Continuous charging current: 15Amps

·      Water & dust ingress rating: IPX66 (fully sealed) 

·      Fully automatic microprocessor controlled isolation

·      Automatic isolation @ 13.8V to ensure full charge of starting battery

·      Simplified wiring easy and quick to install

·      ISO 8846 Marine standards

·      Suitable for a wide variety of applications

Our recommended DC-DC battery chargers are easy to install and the mounting bracket is versatile in where it can be fitted to suit the individual requirements of your engine bay. Our DeltaVolt intuitive charging technology enables users to “just plug it in and forget it”. The technology does the work for you.