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Deep Cycle Systems is a Lithium Battery manufacturer supplying battery storage systems for marine, recreational vehicles and the renewable energy sector.  

Get Lead Acid and Lithium Ion Solar Deep Cycle Battery Price

Whether you already have a lithium ion solar battery, replace it with Deep Cycle's solar battery at a cheap price. Call us today at: 1300 795 327.

Get the Best Value Solar Battery

It may be tempting to compare prices of the newer battery technology options with a typical lead acid deep cycle battery price. But are you comparing apples with apples?

A lithium ion solar battery represents state of the art battery technology that is ideally suited to solar energy storage. Deep Cycle Systems are at the forefront of providing the latest in lithium ion battery storage using our unique designs and a quality assured manufacturing process.

Lithium ion batteries provide high levels of energy efficiency, storage capacity and a long life that far exceeds the capability of the more traditional lead acid deep cycle battery.

We can offer high end quality hybrid solar systems using our DCS lithium ion solar batteries that can be supplied in either single phase or three phase configurations for domestic use.

For households that are on the grid and using between 12 to 35 kWh per day we would recommend our 7.2 kW hybrid solar package. This system is capable of producing around 30kW hours of solar energy per day, combined with 10 kW hours of Lithium Ion battery storage.

Households that are using between 5 to 12 kWh per day would benefit from our 6.0 kW system which can produce around 25 kW hours of solar electricity per day, combined with 5 kW hours of Lithium Ion battery storage.

Our on-grid hybrid solar systems incorporate the most advanced, safest and reliable lithium residential storage unit battery technology which can be rebuildable in the future. Our Advanced Battery Management System provides automatic protection from under charge, over charge, over current as well as over and under temperature conditions.  A lithium ion solar battery from Deep Cycle Systems is warranted to provide at least 80% capacity for 10 years.

Contact Us to find out what is best for you

As experts in the field of lithium ion solar battery manufacture and applications,  Deep Cycle Systems are only too happy to assist you in understanding which hybrid solar energy package is best suited to your energy requirements. Feel free to call us on 1300 795 327 or you can send an email to or use our website contact form. We pride ourselves on our dedication to serving our customers, and look forward to being able to help you.