Deep Cycle Systems (DCS)

DCS deep cycle Lithium Batteries deliver safe lithium phosphate (LFP) & Titanate (LTO) energy storage solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our 12V marine batteries are similar-sized to lead-acid batteries, which makes upgrading to DCS Lithium 12V Batteries a simple task, whilst offering six times the battery life and less than a third of the weight of lead-acid batteries.

DCS Lithium Batteries are lightweight yet, due to their superior construction, they are very strong and durable. They are able to withstand extreme levels of vibrations and shocks and are most suited for military, marine & 4WD applications. DCS Lithium Batteries are designed for deep-cycle (cyclic) applications and are completely dry batteries, making them spill-proof, leak-proof, and significantly safer than lead-acid batteries.

DCS uses only the latest A grade lithium cell technologies obtained from specialised manufacturers that are well ahead of the industry in the R&D of lithium cell technologies. DCS designs and engineers each battery pack with attention to detail. We have developed our own range of efficient battery management systems (BMS) that work as the brain inside our battery packs, ensuring the maximum service life with precise cell management.


Here at DCS, designing lithium batteries is not only our bread and butter, but we love this safe, stable, robust, and high-performance cell chemistry so much that we decided to develop our own range of Battery and Cell Management Systems in 2015.


What was the objective? Well, the reason we embarked on this project was that all the basic Chinese designed BMS’s are just protection boards, and it is hard to call them a BMS when they don’t do any cell balancing or provide any means of programmability for various parameters and cell control.


  • Continuous 200A
  • Limits internal heat build-up
  • Designed for engine cranking applications
  • Suitable for high temperatures applications
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • Pass MIL vibration testing standards


Having developed such an industry-leading and reliable BMS, it made no sense to combine the cell balancing system together with the BMS. So with our years of experience in designing and maintaining lithium batteries, we have developed a stand-alone Cell Management System to complement our BMS. Cell Management System? What? OK, so there are two ‘theories’ of cell balancing in the lithium world, passive and active. Passive balancing is a cheap and inferior method of cell management as it can burn resistors in an attempt to bleed cell strings. In contrast, active cell balancing is a more complex and efficient balancing technique that redistributes charge between battery cells during the charge and discharge cycles. At DCS, we provide active cell balancing in our battery packs to ensure optimum performance.

Our key CMS objectives:

  • High current movement
  • 3.7A per channel
  • Reliable in harsh environments
  • Withstands maximum current and thermal loads
  • long term reliability
  • Fail-safe design
DCS PV 15kWh




10 year unlimited cycles

Dimensions (mm)

1215 x 750 x 205


190 kgs

Usable Capacity



98% round-trip


Up to 10 in parallel

Operating Temp

-20℃ to 65℃

MARINE / RV (12V/24V)

Marine / RV (12V/24V)

Extreme Vibration Resistance, Longer Service Life, Superior Design & Quality – Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001, Flame Retardant ABS Plastic. When Failure is not an option – Use only DCS Lithium Ion Marine Batteries.

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12V 110AH Lithium Ion Battery | Deep Cycle | Engine Starting

DCS Batteries are the ideal drop-in replacement & upgrade from AGM, Gel or other lead-acid batteries for any application. DCS gives you the ability to upgrade your current batteries to lithium-ion technology that can deliver a minimum of 2500 cycles and has tremendous advantages in weight, performance, reliability and service life compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Backed by a 4 year replacement warranty.

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$1,399.00 AUD

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DCS 12V 200Ah Slim Line (Lithium)


12V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery | Deep Cycle | Engine Starting

DCS Batteries are the ideal drop-in replacement & upgrade from AGM, Gel or other lead-acid batteries for any application. DCS gives you the ability to upgrade your current batteries to lithium-ion technology that can deliver a minimum of 2500 cycles and has tremendous advantages in weight, performance, reliability and service life compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Backed by a 5 year return to base warranty.

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$2,349.00 AUD$2,429.00 AUD

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12V 80Ah Extreme battery (LITHIUM)


Specifications of our 12V 80Ah Extreme batteries:

  • Specifically developed for naval and military applications
  • Well-suited for under bonnet and winching applications
  • Come with 10C rated heavy-duty LFP Cells
  • Automatic cell balance technology
  • Extended service life
  • 306 x 168 x 211mm ABS flame retardant case
  • Weight: 14Kgs
  • Works between -25 degrees to 85 degrees C
  • 1000CCA at -20°C and up to 1400CCA at normal temp.
  • 3-year return to base warranty

Availability: Out of Stock – Back in Stock Late July

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12V 50Ah Lithium Ion Battery | Deep Cycle | Golf | Security | Toys | 4WD

DCS Batteries are the ideal drop-in replacement & upgrade from AGM, Gel or other lead-acid batteries for any application. DCS gives you the ability to upgrade your current batteries to lithium-ion technology that can deliver a minimum of 2500 cycles and has tremendous advantages in weight, performance, reliability and service life compared to traditional lead-acid batteries.

Backed by a 4 year replacement warranty.

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260AH DBS (LC) , 260AH DBS and 180AH DBS

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Frequently Used Components

Inverters, charge controllers and other components.

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DCS 20A IP67 MPPT Cable


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LC 200 Brackets


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Toyota MK3 Mini blade 7.5A


(Electronic fuse version) (Micro blade compatible)

The Toyota MK3 microblade version of the Alternator Voltage booster from all other diode booster units in that it is the only device of its type available that incorporates an auto resetting PTC fuse.

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Unilug Two Up Positive & Negative Terminals


  • Heavy Duty Forged Brass Battery Lugs
  • Anit-Rotating Terminal Clamp
  • Moulded Nylon Battery Lug Cover
  • Internally Threaded Adaptor Post
  • Universal Flanged Hexagonal Bolts
  • 1 x Positive & 1 x Negative

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Off Grid Packages


Not so long ago, if someone told you they were living ‘off the grid’, you may have envisioned isolated wooden cabins, hemp clothing, a noisy generator, no modern appliances, and lights off at 7 pm rule.

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Energy Tech 6kW Centrally Ducted Fresh Air Systems

Real Time Monitoring of Our Headquarters in North Tamborine, Queensland, Australia

Our entire HQ including offices, workshop and warehouses are powered by our DCS PV series batteries and Victron inverting;

– 3 x 15kW Quattro Battery Inverters
– 2 x Goodwe 8.5kW PV inverters
– 3 x Fronius 8.2kw PV inverters
– 1 x 250V/100A MPPT
– 65kW of Solar Power
– 2 x 180kwh DCS PV series storage cabinets


A Wide Range of Lithium ion Deep Cycle Batteries for Cranking, Solar, Marine, Starter, RV & Car


deep cycle battery packCountries mainly produce electricity using fossil fuel and coal, which are limited on earth and impact our living environment. The invention of solar panels in the 1950s resolved the problem, while the steady growth rate makes it possible only to enjoy solar technology on a large scale in the twenty-first century. We can see the growing usage of solar products to get rid of expensive grid electricity. The rooftop solar arrays provide electricity during the daytime, while the deep cycle battery pack ensures a reliable backup option to avoid blackouts during the evening and nighttime.

The need for electricity is growing day by day with the invention of electric appliances. These appliances play an essential role in providing comfort and a luxurious lifestyle to humans. The issue with them is the growing demand for electricity, which seriously dents our financial condition in a regular monthly bill. However, solar energy has made it cost-effective for everyone.

solar lithium batteries Chargerdeep solar battery systemBEST SOLAR PRODUCTS BY DEEP CYCLE SYSTEMS

Investment in the solar system for home or work requires considerable funds, and you couldn’t waste your hard-earned money by choosing a quack solar installer. Trusting someone who claims to be an expert in solar could be highly challenging, as people may have fancy solar tool kits to attract you; however, they mostly lack experience and vision.

Deep Cycle Systems has been serving the Australian energy market for years. We are a team of certified experts known for being reliable energy partners for Australian families. We manufacture deep solar battery system that includes top-notch battery cells in the current energy era. Our battery packs are best in every sense and perform best compared with lead-acid cells. We offer sustainable energy solutions tailored to the needs of individuals, families, and corporate clients.


The lithium-ion battery has become the leading market demand due to its efficiency and more features with high performance to serve you for years. Lithium is the present, and lithium storage battery sets are the future of the energy sector that is revolutionising electricity storage facilities. Due to its number of features, it has become an iconic symbol. Following are a deep cycle lithium battery‘s delightful features that make it stand-alone from the crowd.

deep cycle battery storagelithium battery packHIGH ENERGY DENSITY

lithium battery pack can hold about six times more current than a typical lead-acid battery. That means a 1 kg lithium battery can keep the same amount of solar energy as a 6kg lead-acid unit can hold. So, they are lightweight and have a sleek design that you can quickly move or relocate to a new location.


Deep cycle battery storage is known for its proven performance to supply deep discharge to dynamic loads. Deep discharge means the ability to provide about 90% backup capacity while a lead-acid battery is recommended for a maximum of half discharge; otherwise, you may get a lead-acid battery.


Lithium-ion batteries are known for a longer lifespan due to their ability to provide thousands of charge and discharge cycles.

deep cycle battery lithiumQUICK CHARGE TIME

You need not wait for the entire day to fully charge a LiFePo4 battery. It can be done quickly using a good quality solar charge controller.

Deep Cycle Systems is a leader in providing state-of-the-art and feature-rich battery packs to meet the needs of its customers. We specialise in lithium-ion battery cells that are the latest addition to the battery world and have mature enough with proven performance for over three decades.


Give us a call at 1300 587 327 to add a deep cycle battery lithium to your solar system for a reliable backup option. Our experts will provide you with all the necessary technical detail and understanding of how the system will work best for your unique building design.


The growing use of solar energy indicates the deep concerns over global climate change as electricity produced by coal and diesel has already taken a toll on the environment. A further attraction for humans to adapt the photovoltaic technology is cost benefits as the grid electricity is expensive. In contrast, you need a one-time investment in solar setup to enjoy clean, free energy round the year. You will be at your discretion to produce and use whatever amount your home, business, or industrial setup requires. Irrespective of on-grid or off-grid solar installations, a deep cycle battery for solar storage ensures that you have backup energy to use when sunrays aren’t available.

When it comes to solar systems, the city residents can even make some bucks using a net metering system that tracks the export of excess solar electricity to the grid by reversing the electricity meter. The Australian government initially subsidised the projects to promote solar technology, which fostered the motive.

12v deep cycle systems batteryDEEP CYCLE BATTERY BY DEEP CYCLE SYSTEMS

Deep Cycle Systems achieved landmark status in providing solar energy solutions to Australians for years. We understand the urgency to support renewable energy sources and thus promote quality solar solutions tailored to the needs of individuals, families, commercial businesses, farms, and industrial setups. We provide reliable and performance-oriented solar products that cater to the needs of Australian clients. We master the skills of manufacturing storage batteries as the present and future of battery cells demand robustness.

Our 12v deep cycle systems battery is made with high precision materials delivering years of quality services. The good thing is that we manufacture maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries that have become the industry leader due to their high standards and feature-rich profile.

Our R&D team focuses on compactness that reduces the size of the entire solar setup to a minimum with built-in features. It has made installation easy and hassle-free for even a person with little basic knowledge and understanding. That’s a big reason that our solar batter kits have won the confidence of Australians by large, and we have thousands of satisfied clients all over the continent.

12v deep cycle battery for solardeep cycle solar batterySCOPE OF LITHIUM ION SOLAR BATTERY CELLS

The use of solar storage cells is crucial in many ways as it increases the overall efficiency of a solar system and ensures backup power to portable devices. Though the dynamic characteristics of solar setup are helpful for everyone, it is especially friendly with off-grid users. The rural area residents, farmers, scientists, miners, geologists, excavators, sports teams, and adventurers benefit from solar battery kits. This broad scope of solar battery cells highlights its significance in every walk of life. The result is lowering the dependency on coal-based electricity, which was about 80% at some point in history and was the primary cause of air pollution and hazard for workers. The capacity and size of the storage battery determine the performance and output you can draw. However, the 12v deep cycle battery for solar systems is the most common type for general energy requirements.

Deep Cycle Systems is a leading energy partner in Australia with years of experience in solar products and deep cycle lithium batteries. We have delivered thousands of successful projects to our satisfied clients. Our team will help in designing the layout of the solar installation. We manufacture our batteries, including our famous 12v deep cycle solar battery. Our projects cover residential, commercial, farmers, travellers, campervans, boat owners and off-grid solar installations.

12v deep cycle solar batterybuy deep cycle system batteryThe secret to our success is manufacturing and supplying high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Give us a call to buy deep cycle system battery by dialling 1300 795 327 or write an email to us at


Regarding renewable energy sources and keeping in view the second decade of the twenty-first century, the third decade is likely to change energy production patterns as countries, organisations, and individuals invest mainly in renewable energy products. Wind turbines and photovoltaic solar power systems are primary renewable energy sources. The solar lithium batteries charger is crucial for small domestic solar projects as the sun isn’t available round the clock to shower the sunlight on solar arrays. Here, storing extra solar energy in battery storage ensures appliances have solar power backup for evening and night.

solar lithium batteries systemsDCS batteryWHY DCS BATTERY?

Have you used old technology and heavy lead-acid batteries with your solar systems? Are you tired of getting them replaced too often and spending a lot of money in this regard? Do you want your solar system to perform better and enjoy the stored energy to last longer so that you can avoid power interruption? If yes, you do not have to worry anymore now. Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the Australian energy market, has got you covered now. We provide high-quality and reliable solar lithium batteries systems without putting a dent in your wallet.

The lithium ion solar battery offered by Deep Cycle Systems is the most acceptable solar storage option. This option has many benefits compared to sealed lead-acid batteries and flooded lead-acid batteries. The benefits of these batteries include but are not limited to:

Solar & Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries12v lithium batteries australialithium deep cycle batteryDeep Cycle Battery Systems For Solar

  • They have more usable storage, which means you can use your appliances for a long time before they get fully discharged.
  • Lithium ion batteries are lighter in weight, so you do not have to carry massive weight.
  • DCS battery provides optimum performance, and you do not have to replace or even maintain it for years to come
  • 12v lithium batteries Australia are maintenance-free electricity storage devices as you need not dip the battery cells with distilled water. Further, no ventilation is required, just like a flooded-acid battery.
  • The high energy density ensures the reduced size of the lithium deep cycle battery so that you can place it at any convenient spot.
  • DCS LiFePo4 solar batteries by Deep Cycle Systems can be discharged quickly without any hassle. Meanwhile, the solar & lithium deep cycle batteries charger ensures quick recharge, about three times faster than a typical battery charging time.
  • You can discharge the DCS lithium battery fully, whereas the sealed or flooded-acid batteries have only 50% discharge capacity.
  • With an average rate of 2 to 5 per cent memory effect, Lithium batteries have the lowest memory effect in the battery world. In contrast, some battery storage cells have an average of 20 per cent.
  • Despite the expensive price tag of a lithium battery pack, they are highly in demand because of their longer life span. Lithium battery banks serve thousands of life cycles rather than hundreds of life cycles.

lithium solar deep cycle batteriessolar lithium batteriesTherefore, if you want the best solution for your solar storage, order now from Deep Cycle Systems and get the best lithium solar deep cycle batteries and chargers available in the market.

Deep Cycle Systems has been serving the Australian energy market for years. We prioritise customer satisfaction by providing them with efficient and reliable energy solutions that are cost-effective. We manufacture high-quality solar lithium batteries that enhance the usability of the entire solar power system. We can design and install energy products, including stand-alone off-grid solar power systems grid-tied solar systems tailored to your power needs.


deep cycle batteries solar12 volt deep cycle battery sizesA battery is an energy storage device. Energy is then provided into the system when required in voltages. Batteries date back to 150 years. However, technology has dramatically progressed over the years. Batteries now have different chemistries and configurations. Modern-day batteries come in 12 volt deep cycle battery sizes, and Deep cycle batteries solar are a renewable form of energy. They provide a greater good for the environment as they prevent pollution of any kind while being operational. The best deep cycle system goes through cycles of charge and discharges several times.

Deep Cycle Systems is the leading manufacturer for providing one of the most OK quality deep cycle batteries to our valuable customers. Our 20 amp deep cycle systems are built to provide a long-lasting service life. We are committed to providing reliable and durable products, and our batteries can withstand harsh weather conditions.

DCS batteriesDeep Cycle Systems batteries provide ultimate power backup. If you are on the lookout for a 12v gel deep cycle battery, then it would be best for you to go for a 12v lithium deep cycle battery. Our batteries come in lighter weight while delivering increased efficiency. DCS batteries are ideal for usage in houses, off-grid cabins, and RVs. Deep cycle batteries provide continuous power for a more extended amount of time.

A starter battery offers more power but for a short period. A lithium ion car battery is mainly used for starting up something—for example, a motor or engine. At the same time, a deep cycle battery solar is ideal for providing continuous power, meaning that deep cycle batteries solar work with solar systems and solar panels to provide energy solutions to your house.


Deep cycle batteries are cleaner and greener for the environment. They can easily be recycled or disposed of depending upon the type of deep cycle battery. Henceforth deep cycle batteries are more sustainable for the environment. Deep cycle battery systems for solar are a reliable power solution for your house, RV, or a machine or gadget.


20 amp deep cycle systemsDeep cycle batteries technology has divided them into specific types of batteries. Following are the types of deep cycle batteries.

  • Gel Batteries
  • Flooded Battery
  • Lithium batteries
  • AGM or Absorbed Glass Matt Battery

dry cell deep cycle batterygood deep cycle batteryThe size of a 12v dry cell deep cycle battery depends upon the type of deep cycle battery. The flooded type of deep cycle battery is the most common type among all the others. Whereas an AGM or absorbed glass matt battery has acid suspended in a separator made out of glass, placed inside the walls of the battery. The gel batteries have a gel-like substance inside them.


  • good deep cycle battery is typical in its usage in marine applications. These batteries are ideal for powering boats and starting their engines. Deep cycle batteries run battery-powered boats.
  • Deep cycle batteries are used in forklifts providing continuous power.
  • They are commonly used in golf carts.
  • The deep cycle batteries are also used in scissor lifts installed in shopping malls or hotels.

good deep cycle system batterybest rated deep cycle batteryREPLACE LEAD-ACID BATTERY WITH THE BEST RATED DEEP CYCLE BATTERY

Good deep cycle system battery units provide deep discharge regularly without reducing their capacity. The term deep cycle reflects the reliability and durability it offers to its user. These deep cycle batteries are premier than lead-acid and jump starter batteries in a way that you can utilise maximum power from them, i.e., nearly complete discharge, which is impossible in case of flooded-acid or AGM battery. When solar technology entered the Australian market, people’s confidence deteriorated because of suboptimal storage batteries. This broken confidence is now restored by the best rated deep cycle battery units by Deep Cycle Systems. Now people are getting high-quality power battery banks to store current from solar plates, generators, or the grid.


The battery’s performance can be tracked by its ability to provide depth of discharge and discharge and followed by charge cycles it can perform. A lead-acid battery’s average depth of discharge is around half of its total capacity or 50% of full capacity, which means a 100ah acid battery can provide 50ah discharge at the most.

cheap 12v deep cycle battery24v & 12v Lithium batteries by Deep Cycle Systems are known to provide maximum depth of discharge with an average of around 90% of the total capacity. We manufacturer heavy-duty batteries that can withstand even a full discharge, as using the Blue Smart IP65 battery charger, you can even charge a fully discharged battery with confidence. Our batteries are known for providing thousands of life cycles, which means that you can get deep discharge and charge them back to complete a cycle.


Deep Cycle Systems is a leader in manufacturing the best rated yet cheap 12v deep cycle battery. Our customers best rate our batteries due to their stand-alone features that no other battery type offers. Our team includes qualified industry experts coupled with years of excellent performance to provide every customer premium speed of services. Further, our listings include solar inverters, solar panels, battery charger kits, and hybrid solar systems. We offer power solutions to entertain families and businesses. We have the best-qualified technicians for seamless technical services for installing electrical works.

lithium ion solar batterieslithium batteryLITHIUM BATTERIES KEY FEATURES


One of the main reasons for the popularity of deep cycle DCS batteries is their high energy density, which makes them lightweight and sleek. It means that a lithium battery with a weight of 1KG can hold the same amount of current when compared to a five times heavier flooded-acid battery.


Lithium ion solar batteries by deep cycle systems are known to hold stored energy for the longest time than their counterparts, thanks to our engineers’ high-quality materials and expertise. Typically, an acid battery loses one-fifth of its stored power if not used for four weeks. Our premium batteries have the lowest energy loss under the 5% mark.


A memory effect is a deficiency when you regularly charge a battery after only partial discharge, affecting the battery’s memory and being powerless frequently. A lithium-ion battery is problematic free in such a scenario.

lithium batteriesNO MAINTENANCE

Lithium batteries are maintenance-free batteries, and you need not look for acid refills like in a flooded-acid power cell where the acid level frequently drops from ventilation caps. Further, there is no chance of explosion when using a LiFePo4 battery bank.


Deep Cycle Systems provides the best quality energy solutions to our valuable customers. We are in the business of offering top-notch energy solutions, including everything you might need. Now there is no need to install a 12v deep cycle gel battery at your home. We provide a better, more efficient, long-lasting alternative at an affordable price. Our extended list of products includes energy solutions such as lithium batteries, solar systems, solar panels, lithium ion solar batteries, inverters, pure sine wave inverters, and deep cycle battery chargers. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing excellent energy solutions with reliable and durable products.

12 deep cycle battery systemslithium ion deep cycle batteryPREMIUM BATTERIES WITH HIGH-QUALITY DEEP CYCLE BATTERY ACID

Deep Cycle lithium-ion batteries are good for the environment compared to lead-acid batteries. Deep cycle batteries are energy storage units. The voltage in such batteries is produced when a chemical reaction occurs inside. Deep Cycle batteries charge and discharge numerous times. Therefore, deep cycle battery acid needs to be correctly maintained inside.

A lithium ion deep cycle battery is designed so that it subsequently provides power over a steady rate for an extended time.

Deep Cycle Systems specialises in providing deep cycle system batteries. We produce high-quality and long-lasting deep cycle batteries. Our 12 deep cycle battery systems are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. We are committed to providing our customers with stable and reliable deep cycle batteries.


Deep cycle batteries can be further classified into the following:

  • Gel batteries
  • Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM batteries
  • Flooded batteries
  • Lithium-ion batteries


Chemical reactions inside the deep cycle batteries occur whenever they are functioning. Acid is involved in such chemical reactions. With the passage of time and these chemical reactions occurring inside the deep cycle battery ah, acid level tends to lower. Therefore, the acid level in deep cycle batteries needs to be adequately maintained regularly. Proper maintenance of the battery leads to a long and efficient life of deep cycle batteries. Henceforth, taking care of the deep cycle batteries is crucial for a prolonged and trusted battery life.

rated deep cycle system batterydeep cycle battery acidHOW TO MAINTAIN A DEEP CYCLE BATTERY?

When carrying out maintenance of deep cycle batteries, it is noteworthy that these batteries contain dangerous acid for human skin and eye contact. Henceforth following precautionary equipment are needed to fill up acid.

  • Gloves: While filling acid in a deep cycle battery, one should wear gloves to protect the hands from acid droplets.
  • Safety Glasses: Battery acids are corrosive to the eyes. Therefore safety glasses protect your eyes from acid.
  • Dedicated Clothes: Battery acid can quickly burn through your clothes even if the tiniest drop falls on your clothes. Henceforth, wearing protective clothing or a sheet protecting against acid penetration is always recommended.

Now that you have taken the necessary measures to maintain the acid level in your rated deep cycle system battery. Here is what you need to do.


Usually, your deep cycle battery acid will require a top-up of the acid level once a month during regular use. Therefore you need to fill in the acid with the help of a barometer to the exact acid level.


Look for deposits on the battery terminal. Usually, they are in white. An easy trick is to pour water on the terminals while disconnecting the battery. The hot water will dissolve the deposits, but this should be done safely as the hot water can quickly destroy the surface it splashes on.


Look for cracks in the battery container. This way, you can analyse if the battery needs to be replaced.


Deep Cycle System is a market-leading seller for energy and power solutions. We have a top-notch product line providing the best energy solutions for our customers. Inverters, solar batteries, solar power systems, deep cycle batteries, lithium batteries, and a growing list of products are available at reasonable prices. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing our valued customers with the best products and services. Our highly experienced installers make the installation process seamless and hassle-free.


Do you have a solar system installed in your house or commercial premises, and the batteries you have been using to store that electric energy are not performing well? Are you planning to install a backup energy system for your commercial use and want to purchase the best batteries for energy storage? Do you plan to buy a deep cycle battery marine battery for improved energy storage for off-shore usage? Do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the market, has got you covered. Whether you are looking for deep cycle batteries or lithium marine batteries, we provide high-quality and reliable products at an affordable price.


Battery cells have enabled us to go off-grid and use electrical appliances, power tools, essential lighting, and even powering the energy-hungry heavy-duty devices. For example, various military installations use deep battery systems because of their efficiency and reliability. Looking for an active power source in battle-ground isn’t that easy than using a rechargeable battery. Further, these batteries have become a crucial part of our modern lifestyle, i.e. medical equipment, aerospace applications, electric wheelchairs for people with disabilities, golf carts, adventurers and boat owners who love to explore marine life.


The significant difference between deep cycle cattery and cranking battery cells is the thicker battery plates and high energy density to store more current for a longer life span to electrical power devices for a certain period. The deep cycle battery plates or cells resist corrosion by increasing the battery charge and discharge cycles.

The types of Deep Cycle Batteries are:


Lead-acid deep cycle battery is the oldest power storage battery with 160 years of history. The battery is filled with distilled acid water through its vents. It is the most common type, and the reason is its affordability. However, the downside is reduced life span and the highest memory effect, which further reduces the reliability. It requires regular maintenance checks.


Absorbed Glass Mat or gel cell deep cycle battery is the second version of the flooded-acid battery and is also known as a sealed acid battery. The improved discharge rate and more discharge cycles make the AGM gel cell battery superior.


In Japan, lithium was introduced in the early 1990s by Japanese Nobel Prize winner chemist Akira Yoshino. Lithium battery cells are feature-rich and resolve issues of earlier battery versions. Due to the high-end specifications of the lithium ion battery, it is in demand where reliability and quality is top priority despite its price tags higher than lead-acid deep cycle battery price. The lightweight battery pack offers a high energy density ratio, lowest memory effect, deep discharge rate, quick discharge and rechargeability.

new deep cycle batteryWHY US?

We have been providing premium quality batteries to the people of Australia for years and have extensive experience under our sleeves. We give our batteries a unique physical and chemical structure that makes them stand out from others. The special treatment we offer to our new deep cycle battery lithium gives it reliability and strength to last for years, which helps our batteries provide optimum performance for years.

Batteries are monitored through the DCS LFP app available on both android and IOS via Bluetooth connectivity from a distance of up to 20 meters. Moreover, we offer these batteries at an affordable price. You do not have to go beyond your budget to purchase the best battery.


When you have a marine or RV, you might have got a few batteries in there to operate things. One starting battery helps start your vehicle’s engine while another one runs other stuff in the RV or marine such as lights, appliances, and items when the vehicle is parked. If you have installed a traditional battery in there, you may marine rv deep cycle batteryhave to keep it maintained regularly and still might need to replace it after some time. However, Deep Cycle Systems provide reliable marine RV deep cycle battery that can last for years to come causing no kind of trouble.

Deep Cycle Systems is one of the leading companies in the market, and we have been operating in this industry for years, gaining extensive experience in this field. We know no one wants to waste their money on wrong things, and everyone wants the best. Thus, we ensure that the products we provide are high-quality and give value to the money spent.


The lithium-ion marine battery comprises trend-setting innovation and has a tremendous measure of force. Because of having less size, these batteries offer sizeable charging stockpiling compared to the other standard batteries. These batteries require little effort and can be moved to one spot then onto the next with no obstacle. These batteries are accessible in the business sector at modest rates. There are many reasons to purchase these batteries. We have discussed a few of the fundamental characteristics.

lithium marine batteriesSIMPLE TO HANDLE

While purchasing and introducing these lithium marine batteries, we do not need you to keep the safety measures and rules. Their establishment interaction is straightforward, and one can do this without looking for help. You needn’t bother with a steel trailer to convey these batteries, starting with one spot then onto the next. These batteries are airtight and exceptionally dependable.


If you are looking for first-class and sturdy batteries for different applications, experience fixed lead corrosive profound cycle batteries. These batteries are accessible at reasonable rates on the lookout.


We made profound cycle corrosive batteries in such an adaptable way that these might be utilised in series and corresponding to get the charge. We have refreshed the plan to use these batteries in applications like cyclic and reserve.


The instance of these batteries comprises non-conductive and solid plastic. Because of great polypropylene, these batteries are ideal for opposing shocks, overheating, vibrations, and warmth. We at Deep Cycle System are offering incalculable kinds of value cases.

marine grade deep cycle batteryWHY PURCHASE A MARINE GRADE DEEP CYCLE BATTERY?

There are many reasons cried to by a marine grade deep cycle battery. Some of the fundamental features of these batteries are mentioned below;

  • Efficient in energy
  • Cheap valued
  • Environmental amicable
  • Safer being used
  • Small in size
  • Works in the downpour and terrible climates

lithium starter batterylithium rv batteryBEST LITHIUM RV BATTERY FOR TOP PERFORMANCE

A lithium starter battery or a lithium cranking battery is a crucial component, especially for automobiles, as they are used to ignite the engine. The advanced automobiles offer luxuries of life, and now we have homes on wheels in shame of RVs, campervans and even a full-fledged boat equipped with all modern-day amenities. Adventurous people love to travel for months and even years with all possible supportive features on board, which creates a robust power backup demand. The most economical and environmentally friendly option is using the solar system and lithium ion deep cycle battery to store energy for later use. Though there are many options available when choosing an RV battery, there are certain advantages of choosing a lithium battery for an RV.


The battery power is a must for an RV owner to do basic tasks like an electrical awning, jack support to park the RV, and operating slides. It also helps to power the lights in the RV, water pumping when you are off-grid and powering the fridge when it’s on propane, and using a little bit of 12v solar battery power could save a lot more bucks. Further, the battery is used for the water heater to ignite and the furnace when using that off-grid. So there are many things we use our batteries for in an RV.


RV batteries include three main types, with each of them their own merits and demerits, including:


The lead-acid battery is the most common battery type that power up the RVs. This battery is the most affordable option. However, the downside is heavy require continuous maintenance and ventilation to avoid gassing and corrosion issues. Further, the flooded-acid battery can provide only half of the total capacity, i.e. if you have a 12v 100amp lead-acid battery, you will get only half of the amps from it due to its low discharge rate. The heavyweight means more fuel cost to travel at high speed. The lead-acid battery also has the lowest life cycles with around one year of life span. Due to the low depth of discharge, you would require more acid batteries, which means more space and more weight for your RV. If you try to get past the 50% discharge rate, it will start the sulfation process, impacting battery life; this is the leading cause for killing your RV battery.


AGM or Gel cell battery uses sulphuric acid with fumed silica. There is no need to keep them upright like in the case of a lead-acid battery, and you can mount them in any position as you seem reasonable. These rechargeable batteries require a converter charger, which charges them faster, while there is no need to check for distilled water and ventilation. These are also known as glass mat batteries, as they are sealed and thus require no more maintenance.

best deep cycle systemthe best deep cycle system batteryLITHIUM-ION BATTERY FOR RV

The most significant advantage of having a Lithium RV Battery is its depth of discharge, ensuring 100% efficiency. It means a 100amh lithium battery pack will provide 100 ampere-hours. Other pros include lightweight and sleek design, making it most convenient for RVs and campervans. A lithium rv battery is genuinely the best deep cycle system battery with thousands of life cycles and regularly provides a deep discharge rate.


Our marine RV deep cycle battery comes with extreme vibration resistance that helps keep the battery safe, which ultimately helps enhance the service life. Moreover, these batteries ate manufactured to quality assurance standard ISO 9001. Thus, you can rest assured that the battery you will get from Deep Cycle Systems is of exceptional quality.

We have a group of gifted, experienced, and instructed specialists who work handily to make first-rate batteries for you. We have bought our name in the business because of the quality administrations we give to our clients. Additionally, we have a group of client agents who care for customers’ issues. Along these lines, at whatever point you face any trouble, call our delegate.


Are you planning to install a new off-grid power system, or do you already have one installed and need to replace the batteries due to their poor performance? Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered with lithium off-grid batteries. It does not matter if it is a solar system or an inverter for power backup; these can be used either way.



Off matrix, Batteries are made to utilise them both in the series and correspond to get the ideal decision of voltage and limit. Innumerable plans of our battery items are accessible on the lookout, and you can pick as per your own decision.


Because of watertight battery development, there are no disturbing insurances to follow. These are extremely simple, safe, and easy to utilise. No steel trailers or potentially sources are needed to convey these batteries as these are small in size.


Off-grid Batteries, payments are made in such a sizeable manner that the age of these batteries is 10 to 15 years. In any case, many variables influence the help life of these batteries, like temperature.


The battery is exceptionally rough and tested as it is non-conductive plastic. These batteries’ primary and most extreme nature is the obstruction of synthetic substances, warmth, vibration, and shock. The cases and covers of these batteries are accessible across the globe.


The pace of these batteries isn’t too high a result of the material used to make them. These batteries are promptly accessible at a sensible cost in the business sector. Albeit, the pace of these batteries is moderately not exactly different batteries like 24v & 12v lithium batteries.

Solar Battery Life Expectancy and Working

Solar batteries usually deliver a long-lasting service life. Solar battery life expectancy varies anywhere near falls anywhere near between 5-10 years. However, this greatly depends upon the amount of usage and how well the battery is being charged. The battery cycles and discharging play an important role in battery life. Therefore solar batteries are a reliable and durable energy storage solution. Solar batteries are charged with the help of solar panels. The energy stored is in the form of direct current DC. However, the solar inverter changes DC into alternating current AC, as the appliances and devices in the house run on AC.

Deep Cycle Systems is a leading manufacturer for producing high-quality deep cycle batteries. Our batteries are built to provide durable and reliable energy storage solutions. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing solar batteries with extended service life and long-lasting performance. Our batteries run smoothly while making sure smooth provision of power. Deep Cycle Systems solar batteries are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our batteries are rigid and handle tough conditions ideally.

What are Key Factors Affecting Your Solar Battery?

Following are the key factors for your solar battery.

Selecting the solar battery type

The best type of solar battery depends upon your usage and what suits your budget. Solar systems and solar inverters can work with lead-acid batteries as well as deep cycle and lithium-ion batteries. Solar batteries can also be utilized in the form of saltwater batteries. Lead-acid batteries cost relatively cheaper but come with short service life. In contrast, deep cycle batteries come with long-term usage but are sensitive to overcharging. Lithium-ion batteries are essentially trouble-free in terms of maintenance and usage. However, they cost more than deep cycle and lead-acid batteries. Henceforth, selecting the right solar battery is up to your use and choice.

Usage of Solar Battery

Solar battery life expectancy is dependent upon the number of cycles. Deep cycle batteries are commonly used as solar batteries for storage. The deep cycle batteries have the ability to discharge up to 80% before recharging. In contrast, some delicate batteries need to be completely drained in order to charge them fully.

Temperature for Solar Battery

A battery storage system for your solar system is highly dependent upon where you live. This is mainly because of the fact that batteries need to be stored at optimal temperatures in order to achieve maximum service life from them.

For instance, if you live in an area with mild temperatures, you will be able to install your battery outdoor. Whereas the battery needs to be installed indoors, let’s say, your garage or basement, if the temperature around you is hot.

Warranty Matters

Solar batteries, according to their battery types, have a variable warranty from different manufacturers. The warranty is on the lower side of the spectrum in the case of lead-acid batteries. At the same time, lithium-ion batteries are warrantied for ten years by different manufacturers. Therefore, while selecting the ideal type of solar battery, keep the warranty in your mind.

Maintenance for Solar Battery

Good maintenance leads to longer service life in solar batteries. Normally a solar system needs low maintenance. However, if not taken care of, your solar system can cost you significantly more in case something entirely goes bad due to insufficient maintenance.

One of the Best Solar Battery Suppliers

Because we provide trusted and reliable energy solutions to our valuable customers, Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing one of the best energy solutions. We are one of the best solar battery suppliers in the market. Our extended list of energy solutions is offered at affordable prices. Hence, you can rest assured about the quality and the price.

best sealed deep cycle batteryCHARACTERISTICS LITHIUM BATTERIES

The off-grid batteries are intended to work without lattice association. Lithium batteries are the safest and sturdy among the gathering frameworks, and their advantages compared to their cost are acceptable. The inverters utilised in the sunlight based on framework packs are from driving brands, from perceived makers in the realm of photovoltaic sun oriented energy, unadulterated wave and well dimensional for the force created from the unit and sun based boards.

The off-grid sun based batteries are broadly utilised and requested in ranch-style homes, ranches where power matrix supplies are impractical, or the energy utilisation of these homes are irregular or ends of the week. The aggregation limit of the batteries relies upon day by day utilisation, for example, at the ends of the week.


Being one of the leading companies in this industry, we know that every person has different needs and requirements that depend on their usage. Hence, we offer a wide range of batteries with different designs, and voltage can be used for several applications. Keeping the satisfaction of our clients at the forefront of our priorities, we strive to provide them with the most suitable option. If you do not know what battery you need and which one is ideal for you, you can ask our friendly customer care representatives to help you in this regard.

If you require a long-lasting battery that can withstand Australian conditions, lithium batteries provided by Deep Cycle Systems are the right choice. They are designed and manufactured by our experienced professionals, keeping the prerequisites of Australia in mind. Our professionals are a technological breakthrough in this industry. The batteries we provide are lighter in weight and better than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Lithium Ion Solar Deep Cycle BatteryThe lithium ion solar deep cycle battery we provide here at Deep Cycle Systems are reliable and can last for years to come. We provide ten years unlimited cycle warranty for our PV off-grid batteries to ensure that you get the optimum performance for a long time.


For years boat owners have relied on the typical lead-acid batteries to start their engines and run the electric lights. Nowadays, lithium batteries are also used to power home appliances such as microwaves, kettles, and other appliances. However, lithium batteries provide increased performance with an increased life span. Lithium cranking batteries also offer a more significant power band to start engines in boats. Lead-acid batteries have been around for almost 150 years, dating back to the 19th century. In contrast, lithium batteries are the present-day technology of the 21st century.

Deep Cycle Systems manufactures top-notch lithium batteries. Our batteries work great in providing constant power to your house. In addition, our cranking batteries provide a significant amount of energy whenever you need it, for example, while starting a boat engine. Lithium batteries made by Deep Cycle Systems are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our batteries can handle rain, heat, and cold depending upon the climate. Deep Cycle Systems manufactures reliable batteries that provide a durable service life. Our batteries serve a long-lasting service life while delivering maximum performance. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing premium quality lithium batteries to our customers.

small 12 volt deep cycle batteryLithium starting batteryHOW IS THE NUMBER OF BATTERY CYCLES DETERMINED?

The number of cycles any battery will give you depends upon how low the battery is charged each time. This phenomenon is known as depth of charge or DoD. The battery cycles also depend upon how fast the power is taken out from the lithium or lead-acid battery.

A standard lead-acid battery requires more capacity as compared to lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are efficient and provide a steady powerband regardless of their usage in cranking or providing continuous power. A good lithium battery provides at least 1000+ charging cycles and 100% discharge at 100ah. In comparison, lead-acid batteries can provide 500 charging cycles at 80% DoD. However, even a small 12 volt deep cycle battery from Deep Cycle Systems provides more significant charging cycles than the traditional lead-acid battery. Due to its discharge, the Lithium starting battery works more efficiently while delivering maximum power.


12v Lithium batteries for starter purposes are getting common among boat owners for their suitable and ideal marine capabilities. A lithium starter battery requires no active maintenance. Hence, they are a reliable power source even when left to idle. Lithium batteries’ slow or no discharge ability enables it to provide reliable power for starting your boat after long intervals. In addition, the efficient power of lithium-ion batteries provides durable and long-lasting power so that you are not left stranded in the middle of the ocean. Lithium batteries, therefore, are more reliable as they can deliver more power responsibly.

Lithium cranking batteriesWHY DEEP CYCLE SYSTEMS?

Deep Cycle Systems is a leading energy solution provider. We offer the best products for all your energy solution needs and requirements. Deep Cycle Systems specialises in premium energy products such as inverters, solar panels, solar batteries, deep cycle battery systems, lithium batteries, lithium starter batteries, lithium cranking batteries and lithium marine batteries. In addition, we offer solar systems, pure sine wave inverters, lifepo4 batteries, dc inverters, solar battery chargers, lithium battery chargers, and deep cycle battery chargers.

We at Deep Cycle Systems are committed to providing reliable and durable energy solutions. Our extended list of products comes with extended service life. We ensure the best installation for your hassle-free experience.


deep cycle battery systemsPower batteries are crucial to modern electric devices and systems. These energy storage devices have become an integral part of our domestic needs, offices, agriculture farms, commercial shops and industrial sites. The battery units feed our appliances during a grid failure or as a part of renewable energy sources. These energy packs ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The things to consider when choosing a battery include capacity in ampere-hours and voltage compatibility. Lead-acid technology in the battery world is ages old with about one and a half-century service time; lithium ion solar battery kits are the best deep cycle battery when searching for premium quality rechargeable cells.

The battery capacity in ampere-hours tells about backup time against a specific load in watts. At Deep Cycle Systems, we offer a wide range of the best value deep cycle systems at an affordable price. You can choose a battery according to your power requirements.


It is vital to have a quality battery pack for your electric devices for smooth operations and stable performance. A battery with unreliable performance, i.e. voltage instability or sudden discharge, could impact the performance of connected appliances or even fail. You should state the use of battery clearly, i.e. starter battery or a power battery. A good quality battery ensures the smooth working of appliances without any voltage drop. Modern energy systems include battery monitors, battery balancers, and battery management systems that help in energy management and take the right decision. We have all the modern accessories that support and enhance the efficiency of storage devices.

best gel cell deep cycle batteryBENEFITS OF A DEEP CYCLE LITHIUM BATTERY

Lithium phosphate battery packs are known for quality performance over a much longer time. These batteries are lightweight, have a high energy density, low memory effect, and provide deep discharge even after years of service. The main characteristics that differentiate a LiFePo4 battery from others include the following:


Lithium batteries have the highest ratio of energy density, which means these cells can hold more current with even low weight. Typically, a lithium battery can hold about six times more energy than a flooded-acid battery.


Lithium ion batteries provide thousands of life cycles which means years of service.


Lithium batteries can provide deep discharge. Compared with battery pioneer, i.e. lead-acid, which can be discharged up to 50% of total capacity, a lithium battery can be discharged up to 90% safely.

These advantages make lithium iron phosphate batteries even better than the best gel cell deep cycle battery.


We offer performance-oriented battery packs known for their reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. We manufacture lithium ion battery packs under strict quality and safety guidelines. Lithium batteries are the high precision units that have replaced the traditional lead-acid battery due to several advantages. With years of manufacturing experience, the energy products by Deep Cycle Systems are made with perfections. You are at the comfort level when purchasing our best energy products. Our thousands of satisfied clients all across Australia are pride movement and becomes referral for us.

We are the best Australian manufacturer and supplier of premium quality energy solutions. Our stockpiles include lithium-ion battery cells, Victron energy products, i.e. solar inverters, battery monitoring systems, battery balancers, battery shunts, solar charge controllers and DC-DC converters.


Deep cycle batteries are a stable source of renewable energy. Deep cycle batteries are storage systems for chemical purposes. With the assistance of chemical responses, they store energy in them. Over the years, the technology of deep-cycle batteries has improved. The 12V deep cycle battery has evolved and considerably enhanced in the last several years. Thus, deep cycle batteries are developed as a more dependable energy option than ordinary lead-acid batteries.

Deep Cycle Systems is a major manufacturer of advanced batteries. Our batteries are designed to resist extreme environmental conditions and provide optimum performance. Deep Cycle Systems produces batteries that are dependable and offer long-term performance. Deep Cycle Systems delivers high industrial standards to its essential clients with deep cycle batteries. The batteries provide excellent efficiency while ensuring a superior storage option for our consumers.

deep cycle batteryWHY PICK A DEEP CYCLE BATTERY?

  • The deep cycle packs are more innovative and lighter than the same capacity plumbing battery.
  • Unlike plumbing batteries, deep cycle batteries do not require periodic maintenance or fluid upgrades. The most frequent deep cycle battery types to be utilised are deep cycle batteries that have been sealed without worrying about maintenance. The best sealed deep cycle battery is safer to carry.
  • Deep cycle batteries do not exhaust hydrogen or other gases while used in moving locations like RV or out-of-road vehicles.
  • The best value deep cycle battery offers a stable and long-lasting energy supply. Compared with ordinary plumbic acid batteries, they last longer.
  • They provide a higher energy store compared to lead-acid batteries of a category. Deep cycle batteries are thick and stiff.

best value deep cycle batteryWHAT ARE THE DEEP CYCLE BATTERY’S DOWNSIDES?

  • When buying energy solutions, the cost is always an issue for the pricey customer. Compared to ordinary platinum acid batteries, deep cycle batteries cost more.
  • These deep cycle batteries may sometimes be damaged by improper charging if placed unattended. The cells are damaged; however, our deep cycle battery’s in-built charge control system ensures the smooth running of these batteries.
  • Compared to lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries cost up to 30 per cent more, making this an essential distinction in your energy solutions budgeting.
  • Deep cycle batteries may cause irreversible damage to the cells if they are exposed to improper charging conditions.
  • Comparably tough to fix the battery with a 12v deep cycle. A deep cycle battery diagnostics problem is complex.


12v deep cycle battery prices are undoubtedly one of the affordable and most excellent storage alternatives to choose from. Batteries with a deep cycle offer dependable renewable energy storage options. Cleaner, greener best deep cycle batterybest deep cycle battery for boatand environmental energy are stored and provided by deep cycle batteries. Compared to costly lithium batteries, they cost less. Deep cycle batteries are now the perfect sweet place to store energy.


Deep Cycle Systems has provided essential clients with a solid energy solution for years. We have researched and developed each product with our extensive knowledge in the area for maximum performance. Our goods offer a superior experience from now on. We also provide the best deep cycle battery for boat, RV, marine, etc. The primary energy solutions supplier is Deep Cycle Systems. At cheap costs, we offer energy solutions since we recognise energy solutions are costly. One of the most excellent solutions on the market is the Deep Cycle System.

lithium ion car batterylithium ion car battery20 AMP HOUR DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE

Deep cycle batteries are a source of renewable energy. Deep cycle batteries store energy inside them with the help of chemical reactions as they store the bi-product chemical energy inside them. A 20 amp hour deep cycle battery is developed to provide stead power over an extended time. As the name indicates, deep cycle batteries charge and discharge several times. Deep cycle batteries are closely linked with regular car batteries. However, a lithium ion car battery can provide the maximum power burst for a longer time than a regular car battery. At the same time, deep cycle batteries provide power for even longer durations.

Deep Cycle Systems specialises in manufacturing deep cycle batteries for our valued customers. We have been in the business of developing the best deep cycle batteries according to the latest and most significant industry standards. Our deep cycle batteries are researched and produced to provide maximum durability and reliability. Our batteries offer long-lasting service life while delivering the performance. Deep Cycle Systems makes deep cycle batteries that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our batteries are one of the best energy solutions for you.


  • They are lighter and smaller in size than the typical lead-acid battery of the same capacity.
  • Deep cycle batteries do not require regular maintenance or fluid topping-up.
  • Deep cycle batteries have a low resistance, so they charge fast with minimum energy loss.
  • Deep cycle batteries are sealed; subsequently, they can be placed in any direction for transportation and usage.
  • Deep cycle batteries do not emit hydrogen during their everyday use.
  • The most common type of deep cycle battery is a sealed deep cycle battery.

20 amp hour deep cycle batteriesDISADVANTAGES OF DEEP CYCLE BATTERY

20 amp hour deep cycle batteries have some drawbacks. However, as the list indicates, not all are related to their working mechanism.

  • Deep cycle batteries cost more as compared to lead-acid batteries.
  • Sometimes the unchecked too quick charging or overcharging can damage the battery health. However, we can avoid this by purchasing deep cycle battery chargers by Deep Cycle Systems.
  • Deep cycle batteries are heavy and have low energy density than lead-acid batteries.
  • Deep cycle batteries cost more or less 30% more than the typical lead-acid battery.
  • If exposed to incorrect charging, deep cycle batteries can be permanently damaged.
  • Deep cycle batteries are difficult to repair or diagnose a problem.


Absolutely yes! Deep cycle batteries provide a clean, green, and efficient form of energy. They are perfect for usage. Deep cycle batteries over the years due to increased use have become relatively cheaper. They offer the perfect balance between lead-acid and lithium batteries.


The Amp Hour indicates the total reaction being carried inside the deep cycle battery. The chemical reaction is measured based on how much a battery can store and release. In simple words, the amp hour rating of the energy power deep cycle battery indicates how much time a battery can operate before needing to be charged again.

deep cycle battery solar12 v deep cycle batteryINSTALL 12 VOLT DEEP CYCLE BATTERY SOLAR FOR YOUR HOME

Batteries have provided us with the solution to store energy to get rid of a power outage. Australians invest more in solar technology to gain freedom from the local grid. It is also a step towards a sustainable and environment-friendly method of electricity production. Storing energy using coal or diesel-based electricity isn’t a good idea in the current scenario when humans focus on reducing the impacts of global warming. Solar batteries are a crucial part of a solar system as you can harvest solar energy only when an ample amount of sunlight is available. 12 volt is the most common system when we discuss the electrical system. When we discuss a general purpose battery, a 12 v deep cycle battery for solar is used to provide backup for your home, office, or commercial setup.

20 amp hour deep cycle battery12 VOLT GEL DEEP CYCLE BATTERY VS 24 VOLT BATTERY OR 48 VOLT BATTERY

Primarily, our home appliances are designed with a 12-volt system. 12-volt applications use low-frequency current, while most commercial equipment is heavy duty and has electronic circuitry of either 24 volts or 48 volts. The same is the case with solar design; a solar system with 12-volt solar arrays and 12 volt gel deep cycle battery is for tiny homes and sheds where power consumption is not high. Typically, a 12-volt solar system is recommended for a 2000 watts system. Anything more than that could result in a high level of amperes, and dealing with anything more than 100 amperes with small size wires is dangerous.

A 24-volt solar system is ideal for a medium-size home, where power consumption could be under 5000 watts. Using a 5kw solar system with 24 volts will reduce the ampere pressure by half, and this will eliminate the chance of any short-circuiting as the 24v system can handle the high current level of a 12v system.

The 48-volt solar unit is designed for modern Australian homes, which requires massive power to light the entire house using solar electricity. Any power that requires more than 5kw is recommended to use a 48-volt system to limit the high voltage pressure.

charging 12 volt deep cycle batterydry deep cycle batteryCOMPONENTS OF A 12V SOLAR SYSTEM

Deep Cycle Systems has provided compact energy solutions to Australian families for years. Our expert team leads the Australian energy market due to our premium services. We can offer the entire solar system or the parts required. A solar system includes the following essential components:


Solar panels are an essential component of a solar unit. Australia is known for its rooftop solar systems by homeowners as the country has become a global leader in producing the highest per capita solar electricity. We have solar panels with ratings including 12v, 24, and 48v solar arrays.


The solar inverter has the role same as a CPU of a personal computer. The primary responsibility of a solar inverter is to convert the direct current supply into alternate current coming either from the battery bank or directly from solar panels. Our solar inverters come with the latest features, including overcharge protection, virtual control using mobile devices, overload protection, MPPT for maximum utilisation of available energy, and many others.

12v dry cell deep cycle battery12 volt deep cycle battery solarSOLAR BATTERY BANK

We provide 12 volt deep cycle battery solar for general home use purposes. These 12v batteries are best to power essential to high-energy domestic electrical appliances. A 12-volt deep cycle battery with the required ampere-hours can provide power to the necessary equipment.


Deep cycle batteries are energy storage devices. The deep cycle batteries store energy due to chemical reactions inside the battery cells. Deep cycle batteries produce renewable clean, and green energy. Therefore charging 12 volt deep cycle battery is good for the environment. Deep cycle batteries are a reliable energy storage solution as they offer more efficiency than lead-acid batteries. Over the past few years, deep cycle batteries have advanced dramatically in quality and efficiency, making deep cycle batteries a perfect energy storage solution.

Deep Cycle Systems manufactures high-quality deep cycle batteries. Our deep cycle batteries are built to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing maximum service life. Deep Cycle Systems batteries are reliable, durable, and produced after years of research and development. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing one of the best quality and efficient batteries. Our batteries are offered at affordable pricing with maximised energy storage. Deep Cycle Systems batteries are built to deliver long-lasting service life combined with the rigid built quality for an extended amount of service.

the best deep cycle batteryPROS OF DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES

Deep cycle batteries have several advantages over lead-acid and even lithium batteries. Deep cycle batteries are, therefore, a proper energy storage solution.


Deep cycle batteries are compact. They are shorter and lighter in terms of size, and this enables the marine RV deep cycle battery to be used in a wide range of applications ranging from RV off-road vehicles to marines and boats. Due to their shorter size and compatibility, deep cycle batteries are ideal for wide-range usage.


Deep cycle batteries are prone to day-to-day maintenance. These batteries can provide a longer service life without any need for maintenance. Therefore, deep cycle batteries are maintenance-free, leading to trouble-free service life. Deep cycle batteries do not require acid topping-up or liquid fill-up as lead-acid batteries.

best 12 volt deep cycle batteryEASY TO TRANSPORT

Deep cycle batteries are pretty easier to transport when it comes to using them in mobile places, making the deep cycle batteries ideal for usage in camping vans, RV’s, and off-road vehicles. Deep cycle batteries are usually AGM or sealed batteries. Henceforth, they do not carry the risk of acid spillage, making them safe to be used while moving.


Batteries produce gasses due to chemical reactions that occur inside them. A lead-acid battery in this regard will emit hydrogen as a result of chemical reactions to store energy. Charging a 12 volt deep cycle battery, on the other hand, does not emit any kind of gasses due to the chemical reactions inside them.


Deep cycle batteries offer an increased service life as compared to lead-acid batteries. Therefore, deep cycle batteries provide longer service life as they last longer than the traditional lead-acid ones. In addition, the same-sized best 12 volt deep cycle battery delivers more power storage as compared to the other batteries.

12v deep cycle battery prices12 volt deep cycle batteryWHY BUY FROM DEEP CYCLE SYSTEMS?

Deep Cycle Systems offers a wide range of energy solutions. We are committed to providing the best quality energy solution at ideal and affordable pricing. Deep Cycle Systems provides reliable and durable energy solutions with an extended range of products. Our energy solution products, such as inverters, solar systems, deep cycle lithium batteries, etc., offer a longer service life.


Do you have solar systems installed in your house to provide you with independent energy? Have you been facing problems with energy storage produced by this solar system? Do you have to change the power storage batteries of your system too often as they do not last long enough to provide you with total efficiency? If you are on the lookout for the perfect solution for energy storage produced through the solar system, do not fret! The Australian energy company Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the market, has got you covered with the li-ion solar battery storage system. We provide high-quality and long-lasting li-ion batteries that can work efficiently for years.

energy power deep cycle batteryWHY SOLAR?

The rising energy demand is a threat to a healthy living environment due to the increasing level of greenhouse gases and climate change threat. However, the twenty-first century witnessed a dramatic change in renewable energy sources, especially solar power. The unprecedented increase in solar installation is due to reduced solar power systems and improved solar technology.

The race to produce more appliances, gadgets, goods, vehicles, commodities, and other physical items have boosted emissions as nations struggle to attain and maintain their technological superiority over others. Solar energy helps eliminate pollution caused by industrial expansion.

lithium ion solar batterybest value deep cycle systemsCOMPONENTS OF SOLAR POWER SYSTEM

A solar power system is a combination of some major components along with various tiny supporting parts. The crucial solar power components are:

  • Solar Panel catches sunlight to convert free natural energy into dc electricity.
  • Solar Inverter converters dc power into ac to supply to ac loads.
  • Solar Battery Charger ensures the battery is charged correctly without compromising its health.
  • Li-ion Battery Bank extends the capacity of the solar system as the stored power can be utilised at any time.

The li-ion dry deep cycle battery offered by Deep Cycle Systems is one of the best batteries available in the market. It has low internal resistance that is suitable for high current discharge applications. The design life of our batteries is 7 to 10 years. However, if carefully used, they can even last as long as 15 years. Hence, you can rest assured that you will not have to change the battery too often. Moreover, at Deep Cycle Systems, we also offer lithium ion solar battery chargers. Thus, whether you need a solar storage system, a single solar battery, or a solar battery charger, you can ask us to provide you with them without any hassle.


Deep Cycle Systems is a leading energy solution provider ensuring that our valued customers get the best. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing reliable, durable, and long-lasting products. Our extended list of products includes deep cycle batteries, lithium batteries, inverters, solar systems, solar panels, battery chargers, deep cycle batteries solar and much more. We genuinely provide one of the best energy solutions at affordable prices.


Get in touch with Deep Cycle Systems today. You can call us at, Tel: 1300 795 327. You can also send your queries via email at