100 amp deep cycle battery for sale

    Are you in search of a reliable battery for your marine? Is the already-installed battery not performing well enough, and do you want to upgrade to the one you can rely on? Well, you do not have to worry anymore because Deep Cycle Systems is here to help you in this regard. We provide an efficient and reliable 100ah marine deep cycle battery at a reasonable price.

    • It has a longer service life than other traditional batteries available in the market. Thus, rest assured to get optimum performance for years.
    • Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001, you do not have to worry about the quality.
    • Keeping the safety of your place in mind, we use high-quality and reliable materials in manufacturing.
    • It has extreme vibration resistance to withstand the most challenging situations and conditions.
    • It also works at freezing temperature without any problems.
    • It has flame retardant ABS plastic to avoid any mishap.
    • It comes in superior design.

    When you do not want any failure in your marine, come to Deep Cycle Systems and get the best quality 100ah deep cycle marine battery and that too without putting a burden on your bank account.

    100ah Deep Cycle Marine Battery for the Best Performance

    Boat owners face more challenges when compared with roadside travellers using RVs and campervans as they are in the open water, far from the land where no other person can come to provide technical support. That’s why boaters are well prepared in advance error is not an option that could cost them a lot. The power system is crucial for marine enthusiasts to keep their system alive while using the solar system with battery backup has become a norm. A 100ah marine deep cycle battery is a deciding factor for boat owners to make their trip worthy. Deep cycle systems offer premium energy products for sea voyagers. Using clean and free solar energy will reduce the cost by eliminating diesel generator dependency and make your trip environment friendly as you are not polluting the marine life.

    Solar Batteries

    Solar batteries are very supportive for boat owners as they store free available solar energy extracted through solar panels. Using lightweight solar products will put a minimum load on the boat, and you can travel with more speed. The Deep Cycle System recommends using lithium-ion batteries, which are a lot lighter and provide thousands of life cycles. In contrast, the lead-acid and AGM batteries are not anywhere near to matching performance. Using the right battery size and ampere-hours for backup time, you can enjoy all the necessities and luxuries on a boat like a coffee machine, fridge, lighting, heating, and cooling system.

    Longer Battery Life

    One of the leading causes for short battery life is constantly drawing currents at or above the maximum continuous discharge current of the battery. So, keeping in view power consumption, accurately sizing the battery is of paramount value to avoid fully draining the battery. The onboard lifestyle will determine the power capacity. You can evaluate the required power by calculating the fixed and occasional power requirements. Fixed or regular power consumptions include daily routine tasks, i.e., fridge, water pumps, charging for your electronic devices, and cooking stove/range. Occasional power consumption could include operating power tools for repair works and using a washing machine once a week.

    Lead-Acid and Lithium Batteries

    Lead-acid batteries are cheaper than lithium batteries; however, they are heavier. Lead-acid batteries take a lot more time to get charged than a lithium 100ah deep cycle marine battery and cannot be used below half of the available capacity. A lithium-ion battery is lightweight, can be charged quickly, and you can even use them to 90% of their total capacity.

    Battery Chargers

    We have a range of intelligent battery chargers with futuristic features, including IP65 and IP67 ratings for water resistance and waterproofing. These chargers have built-in Bluetooth to monitor their performance and program them as per your specifications. Lithium-ion batteries can last for even more than a decade if you operate them within a specific range of state of charge or SOC, meaning you don’t fully charge or discharge them at each cycle. Instead, you only use them at a set limit between 30% to 90% capacity.

    This can be done using Battery Management System to keep the battery within the specified range on your battery and battery charger. You can set the limits using the software interface, including cell volt high and low protection, overcharge and discharge protection, and sum volt high and low protection. This will prevent the battery from charging or discharging beyond the specified voltage values. You can use the manual to check the relevant necessary critical limits. Deep Cycle Systems recommend using the battery charger with a pertinent profile for your type of lithium battery.

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