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    Deep Cycle System offers 10kw inverters for uninterrupted supply of electricity for a range of appliances to be used for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes. A power inverter is handy when you require power backup in certain cases to provide an alternate electricity supply to your appliances. The energy source may be from solar panels which are stored in batteries or from the grid system to be stored in batteries for usage in case of electricity outage. These 10kw inverters are ideal when you want to provide electricity backup for the entire home, including all major home appliances. However, it is crucial to calculate the power you need for your home appliances, and it’s advisable to have some extra inverter capacity for some future addition.

    Phoenix 10KW Inverter at Deep Cycle Systems

    Deep Cycle System is a trusted name when it comes to providing Phoenix 10kw Inverter by Victron Energy all across major cities of Australia. We will be happy to offer our services to all major cities including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart with no charges. Darwin is an exception for free delivery, as shipment to Darwin is subject to a freight fee separately on an order placed before the order is dispatched. You will feel secure as we have 128 bit SSL encryption 100% safety Guarantee via PayPal secure gateway. You can pay with your Visa or Mastercard and Credit Card.

    Now the inverters are not just the domestic need. Many travel lovers including young adventure enthusiastic and growing number of retirees love to explore road trips on caravan vans or via RV motor-home. Also, the lavish travelling of Truckers requires feeding the hunger of electricity power to feed the electrical appliances. These may include power tools, microwaves, shavers, DVD players, stereos, fridges, TV screens and any other handy electrical device during a long route journey. The situation is the same for boat owners. This has expanded the usage of inverters in the Australian market. The solution for all the above mentioned is a True Sine Wave Inverter, which is not only equipped with all the latest and up-to-date features but also proved to be a reliable power provider.

    Phoenix 10KW Inverter

    10KW Inverter by Phoenix is known for heavy-duty and quality performance for high-end electrical gadgets. The highlights of a True Sine Wave Inverter is as under:

    • They are known for less noise and low heat-generating equipment, hence are environment friendly
    • Light in weight because of the use of hybrid HF technology
    • Forget any likely computer crashes and monitor glitches
    • Reduced harmonic issues
    • Capable of supplying problem-free power to any load capacity

    Power Booster for certain devices

    DCS proud to have a range of True Sine Wave Inverters that understand the needs for extra power in the start for certain electrical appliances which the conventional high-frequency tech failed to offer. For example, the compressor of fridges and electric motors demands more power at the start. The compact design of Phoenix Inverters by Victron Energy is designed in such a way to boost the start-up power to run the appliances smoothly.

    Parallel Connectivity to increase Capacity

    Thanks to the parallel connectivity that has overcome the problem to achieve the high power output. You can connect as many as 6 inverters in parallel series to combine the power for a certain capacity. The good news for 3 phase electricity users is that they can also generate more power via parallel connectivity at their commercial or industrial setup.

    Virtual Optimization

    The heavy-duty Phoenix Inverters comes with the facility of virtual connectivity to offer you control to optimize certain adjustments via your mobile phone, laptop or Personal Computer via MK30USB VE.Bus to USB interface. The connectivity provides you with the control to manipulate output voltages, programing the relay and frequency.

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