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    Technological advancement leads to the inventions of multiple systems that create the need for continuous improvement and providing a number of unique features to stay in the market. The same rule applies to energy. Producing and storing energy has become a robust and challenging one because more and more variety provides options to choose from. You can’t ignore quality as you may get some garbage in very appealing packing. Deep Cycle batteries are performance-oriented units built to enhance user experience due to their increased life cycle and service quality and become reliable electricity storage partners for many. 12 volt deep cycle battery is the most common battery backup that fits with the electrical appliances we have at our home, so we need not look for special appliances to match the voltage level of the electrical appliance and battery system.

    Why Deep Cycle Batteries?

    The electrical equipment market is flooded with the so-called starter or leisure batteries which is totally wrong. These are merely starter batteries to provide you with the basic energy storage function and not anything above that. The suppliers may brainwash buyers by stating that listening to music using your car’s system while you stop at the beach or in the woods is real leisure! Yes, these batteries can do this and probably something more than that, but not too much more than that. These poor batteries become useless when you are searching for storing solar energy for your home, campervan, or even a boat.

    Deep discharge ability:

    You will be in trouble using a starter battery where you required deep discharge for any reason. Here a 12 deep cycle battery could do the job without any hesitation and even regularly. As the name suggests, deep cycle batteries are designed keeping in view the need for deep discharge, so they provide a discharge rate of 90% and even more, which is impossible for a typical lead-acid battery that is stuck to a 50% discharge rate.

    Deep cycle batteries are based on lithium-ion technology that has become the desire of many due to their thousands of life cycles. A lead-acid battery would turn into ashes when you deeply discharge it regularly as it will become the war of survival. A deep cycle battery stand-alone itself for following unique aspects:

    – Quick charging ability

    – Deep discharge up to 90%

    – Years of life span

    – Low self-discharge rate, i.e., up to 3%

    – Overcharging protection

    – Overload protection

    – No maintenance requirement

    – No gassing like in the case of lead-acid battery

    – Can bear harsh weather conditions, i.e., up to 65 degrees Celsius

    Virtual Control:

    Deep Cycle Systems brought you the facility to control your 12 deep cycle battery systems by using your mobile device, laptop, or PC by using our battery management system along with a pure sine wave solar inverter. These batteries can store solar energy harvested by solar panels to provide your power backup when required. Using deep cycle batteries mean that no more power outage. You can reduce your electricity bill significantly by using a solar battery system for your home. We provide a compact solution by reviewing your condition and energy requirements. Our team is a combination of industry experts who know how to meet the expectations of customers.

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