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    Gel deep cycle batteries are maintenance-free cells without the need to water them occasionally. These batteries are famous for their longer runtime and increased lifespan that makes them a hot favourite among customers over a traditional flooded acid battery. The 12 volt gel deep cycle battery is a general-purpose battery for home appliances, power tools, and to charge your appliances while on the go. Further, the sealed gel battery is the best source for golf carts and electric wheelchairs as their ability to count on power when you need it. From basic everyday mobility to demanding sports power chairs, these gel batteries deliver dependability, quality, and value beyond any other battery when runtime, life cycle, safety, and quality of services matter, equipment manufacturers, assemblers, retailers, and consumers come to dependable power of gel cells.

    Deep cycle Systems

    Deep Cycle Systems always provide problem-solving energy-efficient products that are fully compliant with the regulations of the Environment Protection Agency. We have state-of-the-art maintenance-free sealed VRLA battery packs. These gel batteries suspend the electrolyte material in a viscous jelly-like substance through an exclusive vacuum filling process that provides a more uniform distribution of the electrolyte, which dramatically extends the battery life. This created a robust battery that is more suitable for demanding mobility applications such as complex rehabilitation programs and heavy everyday use.

    The superior deep cycle gel battery provides far better value and thus is the leading choice because of its premium power storage status. These gel batteries have become a crucial component of medical equipment due to their proven reliability. Our gel battery is not merely a battery but an energy solution for people. These trusted energy storage containers really provide people with something that performs up to the mark. Applications like electric scooters and wheelchairs are power-hungry and demand dependable energy sources that are tasked to discharge and charge as required. The 12v gel battery has a longer life span, so the cost per cycle over the life of the battery is substantially lower than the competitors.

    Gel vs. AGM Battery

    Gel cell battery by Deep Cycle Systems delivers two times the cycle life of AGM, and this means not only longer battery life but also a lower total cost of ownership. Our gel batteries have advanced design and improved IPF manufacturing techniques (Individual Plate Formation). Each of the plates is formed and inspected for quality prior to the assembly into the battery case to ensure the active material is consistently distributed throughout each plate, optimizing power capacity, cell uniformity, and reliability throughout the life.

    The commonly used one-shot plate formation used throughout the battery industry cant be compared with the results of the IPF process. The valve is the most significant component of the gel battery, also known as the VRLA battery. It works by recombining gases produced in charging. This technology requires a high-quality valve to regulate the internal battery pressures; without a properly functioning valve, a VRLA battery will underperform and likely fail prematurely.

    Our premium quality valves provide consistency and ideal performance over a longer period. Our 12v gel deep cycle battery passes a number of quality checks to ensure that every component meets the premium standard of performance. Our passionate battery manufacturing team keeps the rigorous R&D to ensure performance consistency in every battery unit. Using our high-precision gel cell battery, you get freedom from worries of backup power and the performance you need. Either you are looking for an on-grid power backup or an off-grid solar setup, Deep Cycle Systems offer a reliable energy storage option for you.

    Batteries for storing current or starter batteries play a crucial role in meeting our energy demands. Mostly, the owner of vehicles, especially the car owners with not much technical understanding, didn’t put that much research, and usually, such a decision leaves you to strangle. Though the lithium-ion battery is higher due to its numerous features, a normal starter or deep cell battery, there hasn’t been much going on. A 12v deep cycle gel battery is similar to a lead-acid battery in some ways, except there is silica that they put into it instead of acid. When activated, this gel stiffens up the electrolytes of the fluids in the battery to produce a higher viscosity level. A gel battery doesn’t slouch around, making it easy to mount a gel battery anywhere in any position. The thing that gives it a premium feel is no maintenance requirement like a lead-acid battery requires. You need not top-up, change or refill the fluids to avoid any battery damage. In case of any physical damage to the battery, there will be no fumes that could threaten the safety of you and your family.

    Use of batteries

    Batteries have become part of our life. Many of the electrical appliances require battery support to facilitate you. Batteries for storing electricity current for home or commercial purposes come in bigger size and capacity. Solar batteries are part of the solar system to store electricity produced by panels. These batteries play a crucial role in the success of a solar system. The battery capacity determines how many appliances can power up for a specific time. Deep Cycle batteries are capable of torching modern homes with high energy consumption patterns.

    Deep Cycle Batteries

    Deep Cycle gel batteries are known for their efficiencies that other batteries didn’t offer. These batteries come with certain edges that make the star of the show. These batteries got their name as deep cycle due to their ability to provide thousands of life cycles. Further, the term deep cycle refers to the steady power source for an extended time. You can deeply discharge these batteries with the ability to charge them fully quickly without any negative impact. A typical power battery is designed merely to provide a power burst to provide kick-start power. The deep-cycle gel batteries have meager internal resistance and are known for high current discharge. Deep Cycle Systems is an Australian energy company known for premium products that use lead calcium grids and have low-self discharge. The low-self discharge ability ensures a gel battery will avoid flat battery status when they are being used for a longer time without giving them a charging facility.

    Key Features of 12 Volt Deep Cycle Gel Battery

    Following key features are part of 12 volt deep cycle gel battery;

    VRLA GEL Technology

    Our batteries are Sealed VRLA Gel Batteries, and its electrolyte is immobilized as a gel that provides them with a longer life span.

    Deep Discharge Recovery

    Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to recover from deep or prolonged discharge; this shouldn’t be the normal practice, though, in any case, as deep discharge at regular intervals will reduce lifetime.

    Temperature Effect

    The downside of gel batteries is their temperature zone which makes them unfavourable for the high climatic zone. As per studies, the deep cycle gel battery can provide a decade-long service if it remained under twenty degrees Celsius temperature. Half of the life will be cut if the temperature zone for a gel battery is between twenty to thirty degrees Celsius. You can get three years of life from a gel battery if the temperature is continuously forty degrees Celsius.


    You can use our lithium batteries with three step adaptive charging method to overcome the issues of the gel battery. This includes:

    Battery Safe Mode

    It limits the voltage rate to avoid excessive gassing problems.

    Variable Absorption Time

    The battery charger calculates the expected and favourable absorption time that is based on the duration of the bulk stage.

    Storage Mode

    The storage mode reduces corrosion of the positive plates by lowering the voltage level once the battery is fully charged.

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