Achieve Superior Power with the Advanced 120ah Lithium Battery. Our 12v Lithium Ion Battery 120ah Is Designed for Reliability and Longevity.

120ah lithium battery


Explosion-proof / No leakage



Low Internal Resistance / Proven Stability


Long Life

Ultra-long cycle life


Guaranteed A Grade

Contracted A Grade cell supply

DCS presents the 120ah Lithium Battery, ideal for high-demand applications. The DCS Lithium Ion Battery 120ah ensures long-lasting power and reliability.

  • Utilises 3.2V 20Ah Cylindrical LFP (LifePO4) cells.
  • Equipped with DCS Battery Management System and Active Cell Management System for over/under voltage, over current charge/discharge, and low/high-temperature protections.
  • Maximum discharge current of ≤200A continuous.
  • Passes Military Standards 810G vibration testing.
  • Encased in an ABS flame-retardant plastic case for enhanced safety and durability.
  • Offers exceptional cycle life with 4000 cycles at 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD), maintaining ≥ 80% capacity retention at 25°C.
  • Comes with a 4-year (3-year for under-bonnet applications) warranty.


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Lithium battery is excellent in terms of withholding charge and long battery life. Lithium battery charges faster while being resistant to discharge. In addition, lithium battery is maintenance-free. They do not require active maintenance. 120ah lithium battery can function efficiently in harshest hot and cold weather conditions. Lithium battery is lighter faster and deliver more performance than lead-acid or AGM batteries.

Deep Cycle Systems 120ah Lithium Battery – Built Better, Safer, and More Efficient

Deep Cycle Systems 120ah lithium battery is built with high quality while complying with safety standards. Deep Cycle Systems strongly believe in providing the highest quality lithium batteries, lighter, more efficient and safer in use. Our lithium batteries are built to last longer while maintaining their charging capabilities for a more extended period. In addition, Deep Cycle System lithium batteries are made to be safe from discharging when not in use. Unlike typical lead-acid batteries, our lithium batteries cell is not damaged when not used.

Why Buy a 120ah Lithium Battery?

Our 120ah lithium battery offers the following advantages:

  • Efficient in energy
  • Affordably priced
  • Lighter in weight
  • Safer in use
  • Small size as compared to same capacity of lead-acid or AGM battery

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, our lithium battery offers the following when you buy from Deep Cycle Systems.

Our Lithium Battery Delivers Maximum Power

Our lithium batteries are made from the advanced technology of LifePO4 cells, the most advanced chemistry of lithium batteries. Lithium battery offers more charging storage and capacity than AGM and lead-acid battery with lesser size. Our lithium battery is lower half in weight than the traditional battery. The LifePO4 cells used in lithium batteries are widely being used in devices.

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Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity (1Hr) 120Ah
Case Dimensions (L x W x H) 328mm x 171mm x 215mm
Weight 14.60 Kgs
Cycling voltage 11.5 ~ 14.6V
Charge voltage 14.0 ~ 14.6V
Float Voltage 13.5 ~ 13.7V
Maximum Charge Current 120A
Recommended Charge Current ≤80A
Maximum Discharge Current ≤200A Continuous
DCS BMS (internal) DCS active cell management system, over/under voltage, over current charge/discharge, low/high temperature protections, satisfies the AS/NZS 3001.2:2022 lithium battery standards
Cell Chemistry 3.2V 20Ah Cylindrical LFP (LifePO4)
Cycle Performance 4000 cycles @ 100% DOD ≥ 80% Capacity Retention @ 25°C
LCA 1000
Ingress Protection IP54
Case ABS (flame retardant plastic)
Operating temp Range -25°C to 80°C
Terminals Top Mount M8 Stainless steel / Copper
Parallel Connections Up To 10
Series Connections No
Warranty 4 years | 3 years under bonnet
Certifications UN 38.3, UL 1642, IEC 62133 & 62619, CE

The battery cells are abundantly available if you want to replace the cells after a long time rather than a full battery. Our lithium battery provides more power with constant voltage than the same sized traditional lead or AGM battery. Henceforth, a lithium battery provides you with maximum performance.

120 amp lithium batteryLithium Batteries Are Charged 100%

A traditional battery charger will charge our lithium battery to almost 97%. However, a specialized lithium battery charger will charge the battery to 100%. However, a specialized charger is not necessary, but it certainly increases the battery life in the long term.

Lithium batteries are charged to 100% capacity, whereas lead-acid battery cells do not reach 100% even at full charge.

Lithium Batteries Are Great for Camping, Caravan and Outdoor Activities

The right sized lithium battery is perfect for camping, caravan, or participating in any other outdoor activity. 120ah lithium battery is your reliable partner powering up your needs when you need a power backup. The lithium battery will do just about any job you expect from a lead-acid or AGM battery with less space and smaller size. However, their discharging ability, along with faster charging, is what makes them suitable for outdoor adventures.

Additional Advantages of Lithium Batteries

  • Lithium battery charges excellently with solar panels.
  • They work perfectly for marine and 4×4 conditions.
  • Lithium battery is ideal for dual battery systems in vehicles

Why Deep Cycle Systems is the Best Move?

Deep Cycle Systems specialises in products ranging from lithium batteries to solar panels, lithium battery chargers, and accessories for power solutions. In addition, we offer a great range of entire solar systems suitable to your need. Our products are of premium quality at affordable and reasonable prices. We at Deep Cycle Systems value our customers’ satisfaction. Our products are manufactured to long-last. We have expert technicians for the best installation according to your needs.

120 Amp Lithium Battery – Get 120 Amps for 1 Hour

Our 120 Amp Lithium Battery at Deep Cycle Systems (DCS) is designed to deliver a robust 120 amps of power for 1 hour. This capacity is perfect for high-demand applications where a consistent and substantial power output is required over a short duration. Whether it’s for powering heavy-duty equipment or for critical short-term applications, our 120 Amp Lithium Battery ensures you have the necessary power when it matters most. It’s a reliable and efficient choice for those who need high power density in a compact form.

High-Powered Performance in a Compact Package

Choosing our 120 Amp Lithium Battery means you’re selecting a high-performing power source that delivers a significant energy punch in a compact and efficient package. It’s specially designed for scenarios where high power is needed quickly and reliably.

120 Ah Lithium Battery for Electricity Backup

The 120 Ah Lithium Battery from Deep Cycle Systems is an ideal solution for electricity backup. With its 120 amp-hour capacity, this battery provides a reliable and sustainable power reserve that can be crucial in the event of power outages or interruptions. It’s perfect for home backup systems, ensuring that your essential appliances and devices keep running smoothly during electricity shortages. Our battery’s lithium technology also means it’s more efficient, longer-lasting, and requires less maintenance than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Dependable Energy Backup When You Need It

Our 120 Ah Lithium Battery provides peace of mind, ensuring that you have a dependable backup power source. It’s designed to give you a worry-free solution for your energy backup needs, offering both reliability and performance.

120ah lithium,120ah battery120 Lithium Battery for Off-Grid Applications

DCS’s 120 Lithium Battery is excellently suited for off-grid applications. This battery’s capacity and durability make it ideal for powering remote homes, cabins, or any off-grid setups where reliable energy storage is crucial. Its efficiency in storing solar or wind energy ensures you have a consistent power supply, regardless of your location. The lithium technology used in our batteries also means they are lighter, have a longer lifespan, and have a higher depth of discharge compared to traditional battery types, making them perfect for the challenges of off-grid living.

Sustainable and Reliable Off-Grid Power with 120ah Lithium Ion Cells

With our 120ah Lithium Battery, living off-grid doesn’t mean compromising on power availability. This battery is built to support your off-grid lifestyle, providing sustainable and reliable energy to meet your daily power needs. Choose DCS for a battery solution that keeps you powered in even the most remote locations. DCS 120ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries are UN 38.3 Certified

Safe Lithium Ion 120Ah Battery

At Deep Cycle Systems (DCS), our Lithium Iron Phosphate 120ah battery packs come with the assurance of UN 38.3 certification. This certification is a testament to the safety and quality of our batteries, especially in terms of transportation and handling. UN 38.3 certification is crucial for batteries, as it assesses their ability to safely withstand conditions like pressure changes, temperature variations, and physical shocks during transport. With this certification, you can be confident that our DCS 120ah batteries are not only efficient and powerful but also meet stringent global safety standards.

Global Safety Standards for Peace of Mind

Choosing our UN 38.3 certified 120ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries means you’re opting for a product that meets international safety benchmarks. This certification ensures that our batteries are safe for shipping and handling, providing you with peace of mind whether you’re using them locally or transporting them to remote locations.

DCS 120Ah Battery Packs are Made to Bear Extreme Vibration Abuse

Our DCS 120Ah Battery Packs are specifically designed to endure extreme vibration abuse, making them ideal for demanding applications in challenging environments. Whether they are used in marine settings, off-road vehicles, or industrial applications, these batteries are built to withstand the rigours of constant movement and vibration. The durability of our 120Ah battery packs ensures that they remain reliable and efficient, even under harsh conditions, thus providing a dependable power source for your most demanding needs.

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    Rugged and Reliable for Demanding Conditions

    When you choose DCS’s 120Ah Battery Packs, you’re choosing a rugged and reliable energy solution. Their ability to withstand extreme vibration abuse means you can depend on these batteries in environments where lesser batteries might fail. They are the perfect choice for users who need a durable and steadfast power source.

    Lithium 120Ah Battery Have No Memory Effect

    The Lithium 120Ah battery packs from Deep Cycle Systems are engineered to have no memory effect. This means they do not suffer from reduced capacity when charged before being fully discharged, a common issue with some traditional battery technologies. This feature ensures that our batteries maintain their full capacity over time, offering consistent performance and longer lifespans. You can charge our batteries at your convenience without worrying about diminishing their efficiency over time, making them a practical and reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

    Consistent Performance and Longevity

    Our Lithium 120Ah Batteries provide the advantage of consistent performance without the worry of capacity loss due to charging habits. This no memory effect feature is particularly beneficial for applications where the batteries are frequently charged and discharged, ensuring that you get the most out of your battery investment.

    120Ah Deep Cycle Battery for Solar Panels to Store Extra Energy for Later Use

    Our 120Ah Deep Cycle lithium battery is specifically designed for solar panel systems, providing an efficient way to store extra energy for later use. This battery capacity is ideal for capturing and holding the surplus energy generated during peak sunlight hours, ensuring that this power is available to you whenever you need it, day or night. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home solar system or power an off-grid setup, our 120Ah battery offers the reliability and endurance you need to make the most out of your solar panels.

    Harness and Store Solar Power Efficiently

    With the DCS 120Ah Deep Cycle Battery, you’re not only capturing solar energy but also ensuring its optimal utilization. Our battery’s efficient storage capability means that you can keep your lights on, appliances running, and devices charged, even when the sun isn’t shining. It’s an ideal solution for maintaining a continuous power supply and enhancing your solar system’s effectiveness.

    Deep Cycle 120Ah Battery with DCS LFP Mobile App to Know About Temperature, Cycle Count, and State of Charge

    At Deep Cycle Systems, we’re excited to offer our Deep Cycle 120Ah Battery, which comes integrated with the DCS LFP Mobile App. This app is a game-changer in battery management, providing real-time information about the battery’s temperature, cycle count, and state of charge. It allows you to monitor and manage your battery system efficiently from your mobile device, giving you greater control over your energy usage. This feature is especially beneficial for maintaining the health and longevity of your battery, as it provides critical insights into its performance and condition.

    Smart Battery Management at Your Fingertips

    With the DCS LFP Mobile App, managing your Deep Cycle 120Ah Battery becomes effortless and intuitive. The app’s ability to provide key information like temperature, cycle count, and state of charge ensures that you are always aware of your battery’s status and can make informed decisions about its use. This level of monitoring and control is crucial for optimizing your battery’s performance and extending its service life, making the DCS 120Ah Battery a smart choice for sophisticated energy solutions.

    120 amp lithium batteryDCS Lithium 120ah Deep Cycle Battery – No Self Discharge

    Our DCS Lithium 120ah Deep Cycle Battery is engineered to virtually eliminate the issue of self-discharge, a common problem in many traditional batteries. This means that even when not in use, our battery maintains its charge over a significantly longer period compared to other battery types. The advantage of no self-discharge is particularly crucial for applications where the battery may not be used regularly, such as seasonal use in recreational vehicles, backup power systems, or solar energy storage systems. With the DCS Lithium 120ah battery, you can be confident that it will retain its charge and be ready for use whenever you need it.

    Ready Power When You Need It

    The no self-discharge feature of our DCS Lithium 120ah Deep Cycle Battery ensures that your stored energy remains intact over time. This reliability makes our battery an ideal choice for scenarios where consistent readiness is essential. You can count on our battery to deliver power when you need it without the worry of significant charge loss during periods of inactivity.

    DCS Lithium 120 Amp Deep Cycle Battery – Higher Charge and Discharge Efficiency

    Our DCS Lithium 120 Amp Deep Cycle Battery is designed for higher charge and discharge efficiency, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications. This enhanced efficiency means more of the energy put into the battery during charging is available for use, reducing energy loss and improving overall performance. Additionally, the battery can handle higher discharge rates effectively, providing robust and reliable power when you need it most. Whether you’re powering heavy-duty equipment, running critical systems, or storing solar energy, our 120 Amp Deep Cycle Battery ensures optimal performance with minimal waste.

    Efficient Power for Demanding Applications

    With the higher charge and discharge efficiency of our DCS Lithium 120 Amp Battery, you benefit from a more efficient energy cycle. This efficiency is crucial for applications where every bit of energy counts, ensuring that your devices and systems operate effectively. Our battery is not just about storing energy; it’s about maximizing its potential and providing you with a dependable and efficient power source.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP) is a flame retardant, stable, safe and proven cell chemistry that has a very good energy density around 325 Wh/L. This cell chemistry can be engineered for various applications by adjusting the ratio of elements to provide high performance characteristics. E.g. the DCS marine battery range runs 2C cells, which means our little 75Ah battery will discharge comfortably at 75Ah x 2C = 150A. The DCS 80Ah Extreme runs 10C cells which means the 80A can comfortably discharge at 80Ah x 10C = 800A but is of course limited to lower currents due the the Battery Management System.

    LFP also has very good cycling durability between 2,000 ~ 12,000 cycles can be achieved depending on how well the cells are managed, and the lowest rate of capacity loss (aka greater calendar-life) compared to other lithium cell chemistries.

    Battery cells are simply a bunch of resistors with the ability to store energy. A 100Ah battery pack has a different resistance characteristic compared to a 50Ah battery pack, that theoretical difference in resistance is 2:1. So if you connect a 100Ah battery in parallel to a 50Ah battery there is no way for these two batteries to equalise and therefore you can’t charge them correctly. So for example connecting a 60Ah calcium starting battery to a 120Ah AGM via a VSR (Voltage Sensing Relay) you cannot charge both batteries correctly and from that day onwards you are prematurely destroying both battery packs. Same theory applies with lithium’s it’s still a battery pack.

    What’s the solution? A DC-DC charger, you now have a permanent point of isolation (meaning that both batteries are never connected to each other in parallel). The DC-DC charger takes the surplus power from battery A (engine) and chargers battery B (aux/house). This device now allows any battery capacity and or chemistry to be used.

    Yes you can, but lithium’s have a different voltage curve, so you would still need to use a programmable VSR to dial them in correctly. You would also need to ensure the batteries are programmed to never exceed a 10%SOC variance, any larger and you risk damaging the BMS's. These devices also draw a lot of power when engaged to so it’s best to run the two batteries in permanent parallel and run a load disconnect instead of a VSR.

    Lithium battery cells have a super low resistance so are very easy to charge and very efficient. This level of efficiency means you can charge them at very high C rates. For example if you look at the charge rate of a 100Ah AGM battery the recommended charging current will be around 25A, which is a 0.25C charge rate. If you consider the DCS 12V 100Ah Lithium battery it can be charged at up to 70A which is a 0.70C charge rate. This means you no longer need to consider DC-DC chargers as you can connect our batteries directly to high power charging devices such as suitable alternators, or large buck boosters. For example our popular dual 90Ah battery system for boats and 4WD vehicles, can be connected to alternators up to 160A.

    Because our batteries are internally voltage regulated and because our BMS has such a high sustainable peak discharge current they will do an amazing job of equalising very quickly.

    The BMS will emergency open circuit the battery terminals to protect the cells. This means there is no longer any resistance in the system. The BMS needs a 12V supply with at least 1A of current to release and wakeup from a cell emergency protection state.

    Most mains chargers with a lithium profile will do a slow recovery charge as will most solar regulators. Some chargers on the market today that are advertised as ‘lithium’ compatible still don’t have the firmware to do a slow recovery charge to release BMS’s. If you have a charger that will not wakeup the BMS, easiest way to wake it up is to connect a unregulated solar panel directly to the battery terminals, ensure all loads are disconnected before you do this. Having said that every system should have a suitable low cut off voltage to shutdown loads/accessories so that the batteries are not fully drained.

    "Batteries cannot be left flat/empty, if the low voltage cutoff is triggered the battery pack should be fully charged as soon as possible. If access to a suitable charger is not possible, disconnect all loads from the battery terminals. The warranty will be void if the battery pack has been left in a low voltage cutoff state for longer than 14 days."

    Most important thing is to isolate everything from the battery terminals, as cables/loads connected to the terminals causes more power drain as the FET gates have to remain closed to cull the accessory standby loads connected to the battery pack + offset BMS standby power consumption.

    Use the following settings:

    Charged voltage 14.0V
    Tail current 4%
    Charged detection time 1min
    Peukert 1.05
    Charge efficiency 98%
    Current threshold 0.1A
    C rates: refer to the battery pack capacity

    Fully charge to 100% isolate everything from the terminals and leave for max 3 months and then cycle (fully discharge and fully charge) and leave again for 3 months etc…. Minimum 4 cycles per year to not effect the cells capacity.

    The reason many factory batteries fall over after 9/12 months is because modern/smart alternators typically drop the alternators voltage output to 13.5/13.6V. This voltage is not high enough to charge wet/calcium/lead acid batteries so from the getgo they are destined to fail prematurely. They are typically under charged to around ~80%SOC at these voltages.

    So what happens when DCS Hybrid batteries are connected to smart alternators? Exactly the same thing they get charged to around the same 80%SOC. However because LFP has no memory effect that's perfectly fine. By only charging to 80% you are further improving the service life of our batteries. It's no not necessary to charge our batteries over 80%SOC. The only advantage is that you give the BMS a chance to detect full charge voltage and calibrate the SOC readout. So try to plug into mains once a week to fully charge your batteries, especially if your not running any fixed solar supply.

    All DCS 12V cylindrical cell packs can be charged as follows:

    Bulk: 14.4V
    Float: 13.5V

    The DCS 12V 180Ah Auxiliary prismatic cell packs (SKU: DCS-12V-180Ah) need to be charged as follows:

    Bulk: 14.2V
    Float: 13.5V

    When the battery pack is discharged down to 11.50V the BMS resets to 0%SOC and now is placed in a relearning state - the pack must be fully charged continuously without stopping to calibrate again. Charge it on a mains charger to 14.60V.

    Depending on the usage pattern, best to fully cycle the batteries once every 3 months to give the cells a refresh. To fully cycle a 12V pack discharge to 11.50V and charge to 14.60V.