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    12V Lithium Chargers by Deep Cycle Systems – The Perfect Charger to Charge Your Lithium Batteries!

    The trend for sustainable battery power is on the rise. Lithium-ion, especially the LiFePO4 battery, leads the global battery market due to its sustainability, efficiency, and 0% carbon emissions. LiFePO4 batteries Lithium batteries require a lithium charger for their smooth, efficient and fast charging. Such battery chargers have a dedicated charging profile for lithium batteries. Lithium Chargers provide Constant Current (CC) followed by Constant Voltage (CV), limiting the voltage for safe charging of batteries. A resting lithium battery charges when it reaches 13.3V-13.4V compared to the lead-acid battery, which charges until 12.6-12.8V. Hence, 12V lithium chargers are necessary for the safe charging of lithium batteries. Deep Cycle Systems specializes in lithium chargers that prolongs your battery life in addition to fast charging.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a top-quality power solution provider. We offer the best chargers for lithium batteries that ensure longer battery life and faster charging. When it comes to lithium battery chargers, Deep Cycle Systems is committed to catering to all your needs, from industrial to domestic usage. Our chargers are capable of charging your lithium batteries efficiently and quickly.

    Your typical lead-acid battery charger uses a low voltage. Therefore, a standard lead-acid charger can only charge your lithium battery to 80%. Ultimately this will damage the battery cells and reduce the battery life. Therefore, 12V lithium chargers will charge your battery at least five times faster than the typical lead-acid chargers.

    Advantages of a Battery Charger for Lithium Batteries

    Lithium charger supports the lithium batteries as they provide constant voltage and peak performance irrelevant to the load. Therefore, you need excellent battery charger for lithium batteries to ensure continuous provision of voltage.

    Lithium chargers keep the lithium batteries constant current. Lithium batteries maintain their charge when not in use. Therefore using a good lithium charger will increase the battery life and the battery’s ability to hold the charging.

    Steps for Selecting a Battery Charger for Lithium Batteries

    Lithium batteries are a safe, viable investment that provides a long battery life. Therefore, to utilise the most out of LifePO4 batteries, you need the correct battery charger for lithium batteries type supplying the correct voltage.

    Input Voltage should not exceed charger capabilities

    Input voltage is the amount of voltage you intend to put in a battery at once. Therefore select a lithium charger that can withstand the input voltage of your battery. Otherwise, battery cells will be damaged.

    Output Voltage Compatibility

    The output voltage needs to be compatible with the battery. Keeping the voltage in mind is necessary because lithium batteries should not be overcharged as they are sensitive to over-voltage.

    Check AMP-Hour Rating

    Always buy a lithium charger that has a high enough amp-hour rating as to your battery. Otherwise, the low amp-hour rating charger will cause damage to your battery.

    Why choose Deep Cycle Systems?

    Deep Cycle Systems provides excellent products and after-sales services. We take pride in being a leading company and providing premium products with affordable pricing and long-lasting reliability. Deep Cycle Systems provides you with excellent high-performance batteries that offer value for your buck when it comes to batteries. Our batteries are cost-effective as they work for years, saving you the cost of replacing the batteries quite often.

    Our batteries and other power solution products are designed to withstand harsh hot and cold conditions. Henceforth, when you buy at Deep Cycle Systems, you are provided with top-notch products. We at Deep Cycle Systems take pride in delivering excellent products. Our experienced technicians make the installation process seamless without any hassle. Order from us today for a cost-effective, reliable power solution.

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