15 watt solar battery charger

Operate Small LED Lights and Charge Battery with 15 Watt solar battery charger

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    Solar energy is helpful for humans to overcome electricity shortfalls and to save money from their monthly electricity bills significantly. Apart from monetary benefits, solar energy has also become the first choice for eliminating polluting methods of electricity production, i.e., electricity produced by coal and diesel. You may wonder that whether there is anything available to entertain small loads! Deep Cycle Systems has a solution for all as we aren’t just a supplier of quality solar products; instead, we are a manufacturer of premium solar products. Our 15 Watt solar battery charger suits those who are looking to meet their electrical needs for very small loads.

    Deep Cycle Systems:

    Deep Cycle Systems is known for doing something unique for its customers to provide them with tailored energy solutions that fit their unique scenarios. We are experts in designing and producing high-quality solar energy products to meet what is expected and sometimes exceed the expectations and thus win every customer’s confidence by large. Our precision solar designs turned clients into repeat customers and further business referrals. We believe in philosophy to provide technical expertise to every customer with dedication accumulated with superior performing solar gadgets.

    Our solar inverter listings are known for pure sine waveform so that your sensitive electrical appliances wouldn’t struggle for smooth operations. Our years of expertise combined with technologically advanced and performance-oriented products will give you excellent service that you will enjoy for years to come.

    Use of 15 Watts Charger Power by Solar:

    The 15-watt solar charger kit could be an easy DIY project for you if you have technical understandings of electricity. So, a person with technical expertise could install the best solar battery bank. This battery charger becomes handy where grid electricity isn’t an option, and you have very little budget same time. Further, there will be no recurring expense to pay to the electricity company. This 15watt solar system is a handy option, especially for remote areas where sunlight is available. You can meet your need for lighting, mobile, and laptop charging and operating a small fan, while it could charge your battery as well.

    The small solar battery charger comes with a 15 watts solar panel with a 12v rating. This solar battery maintainer is ideal for boats, cars, and snowmobiles. The package includes 15 watts solar panel and a solar charge controller for overcharging protection. Imagine you are traveling and suddenly your car battery drained due to any reason. This small battery charger can help you charge your 12v car battery using solar energy, and you could become a hero for your family for pulling them out of such a drastic situation. The 12v DC adapter that comes with the package provides connectivity to the vehicle accessory outlet. 15 Watt solar battery charger by Deep Cycle Systems is water-resistant and works even in cloudy conditions.

    Backup Time:

    This portable battery charger can easily carry anywhere and is handy in getting back up when required. For a 12v 10amp lithium-ion battery, you will get 120 watt-hours backup time. If you have to operate a load of 20watts, by dividing watt-hours with load capacity, you will get six hours backup time for a load of 20 watts, i.e., 120/20 = 6.

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    We have technical experts who can design and install solar systems at your home or at work. Call Deep Cycle Systems expert team to have state-of-the-art solar systems by dialing 1300 597 327. If you have any queries, you can send them via email at info@deepcyclesystems.com.au. We will get to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

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