Most of the electrical appliances are designed according to a 12v system. You may consider using a battery bank to power your electrical devices during power breakouts and you are on a road trip. You need power back for your entertainment system and living remotely. A 12v is considered a small system; a 24v system meets the needs of a medium house, while the 48v 30ah lithium ion battery for large homes. Deep Cycle Systems offers reliable and efficient 48v lithium-ion batteries at an affordable price.

    You can operate more loads by increasing the voltage level without increasing amperes. If your load is higher, you cannot stick with a 12 or even 24-volt system. For example, if your load demand is 2400 watts, a 12v system will draw a 200amp current to run through the copper wires, and if your need four times more power, i.e., 9600 watts, then choosing the same 12v system isn’t a good idea. You have run 800amps for a 12v system with the same copper wires, which would heat up and result in fire breakout.

    The solution is to use heavy copper wire, which will cost you thousands of dollars; the feasible and more practical option is to choose a higher voltage system. A 48v battery bank is a suitable option for a system that needs 30 ampere-hours as a backup.

    Every person installing a renewable energy system thinks about the capacity level and voltage configuration for their battery bank. A solar energy system mainly comprises Solar Inverter, Solar Arrays, and Battery Bank. The voltage level is decided by the size of the solar system you would require to meet your electrical requirements. It could be a tiring and time-consuming procedure for some person with little knowledge to choose the suitable capacity and voltage level for their system. The leading cause is the number of variables associated with different designs, and there is no single answer available for that.

    Electrical resistance is crucial for the system’s design which you can’t ignore. Electrical resistance tells about how easily or difficulty current passes via conductive substances, and this fundamental property is inherited to electrical gadgets, wires, and devices. Electrical resistance is heat produced by friction, while it’s advisable to have less heat as the excess of heat in electrical cables and circuits isn’t favourable. It can cause substantial financial damage and a threat to human lives. The solution is to increase the size of the conductor, i.e., use heavy-duty pure copper wire. The wire size should be compatible with load size; however, you can’t go beyond a particular wire size.

    If our operating load is 6000 watts, a 12v DC source will give a high ampere rating of 500A. Handling that much high current is killer for the entire system, while the available wire size didn’t support such a high current as an increase in wire size will rule out your budget due to the high-rise price of wire per foot.


    Deep Cycle System always comes with reliable solutions; here, for a 6000-watt load, choosing a 48v DC source will require a 125A current to deal with. Dealing with low amperes means you have a wide range of products, including cables and fuses. So, considering a 48v 30ah lithium ion battery seems practical for your 48v system with high loads. Here the ampere-hours are the backup time you can get from battery setup. You can get more battery backup by increasing ampere-hours.


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