Off Grid Packages


Off Grid Packages

The Off Grid Solution For The Modern-Day Family
Not so long ago, if someone told you they were living ‘off the grid’, you may have envisioned isolated wooden cabins, hemp clothing, a noisy generator, no modern appliances, and lights off at 7 pm rule. Thankfully those days are well and truly in the past, and the ‘off the grid’ person could be living in your street thanks to some pretty amazing technology.

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You might be wondering what sacrifices or lifestyle changes one has to make in order to be energy independent and ‘off the grid’. If you go with a tailored off-grid storage solution by DCS, the answer would be … none. We have all heard the saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Well, not in this case. Going off-grid with DCS means no compromise to your current lifestyle. Now, you can continue to use your appliances as usual. DCS off-grid systems = no compromise to your lifestyle.

Our DCS off-grid systems are paired with industry-leading European inverter manufacturers, such as Fronius and ABB, providing the perfect solution for medium to large dwellings with a daily power usage of between 15 and 100kWh per day. Meaning these are perfect for not only homes but also businesses, retirement homes, factories, holiday retreats, to name a few.

At the heart of each DCS off-grid system is the Selectronic SP PRO Multi-Mode Battery Inverters. Combining the superior reliability of their isolated transform design, Genset input and smart relays for automated turning on of water pumps and other auxiliary items. This central unit allows for monitoring and controlling all aspects of the system.

Furthermore, the system comes with premium lithium batteries. We use cells composed of Lithium Iron Phosphate or LFP for short. This cell chemistry is superior to some other cell chemistries, including AGM or Gel storage batteries that have poor round trip storage efficiencies and cyclic life. Some more aspects in which LFP batteries are superior are their weight, size, lifespan and durability. So all you need to do is make yourself a cuppa, sit back and congratulate yourself on choosing such an advanced off-grid system.

Real Time Monitoring of Our Headquarters in North Tamborine, Queensland, Australia

Our entire HQ including offices, workshop and warehouses are powered by our DCS PV series batteries and Victron inverting;

– 3 x 15kW Quattro Battery Inverters
– 2 x Goodwe 8.5kW PV inverters
– 3 x Fronius 8.2kw PV inverters
– 1 x 250V/100A MPPT
– 65kW of Solar Power
– 2 x 180kwh DCS PV series storage cabinets

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