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Deep Cycle Systems Offers High-Quality and Reliable Battery Protector and Battery Isolator by Victron

Do you have a battery system installed in your house, commercial property, or vehicle, which you want to serve you for a long time? You need to protect your battery from a lot of things, especially deep discharge. Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the market, offers high-quality and reliable battery protector by Victron at an affordable price. We have a wide range of protectors available for you and you can choose any of them according to your requirements.

You can connect the device with your smartphone or pc with the help of either built-in Bluetooth (smart battery protect) or using Bluetooth dongle (simple one). By connecting to your pc or smartphone, using VictronConnect app, you can configure the unit and set levels of engaging and disengaging according to your requirements. It offers ultra-low current consumption, which is helpful after a low voltage shutdown.

When the battery isolator by Victron is connected, it will disconnect the unnecessary loads if the battery is about to be discharged completely, or if it has insufficient power to start the engine. The battery protect offer the maximum continuous load current of 65A, 100A, and 220A and peak current of 250A and 600A depending on the variation you have installed. The operating voltage ranges from 6 V to 35 V.

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