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Battery protector

Protect your battery from over and under voltage threat

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Smart battery protect

    Power battery is important when you want a continuous power supply for electrical appliances in case of power failures. A storage battery is helpful in a number of scenarios; city residents can use a battery bank to get instant electricity in case of grid failure. A home solar battery system is also helpful, which ensures to cut the monthly electricity bills by large. The use of solar systems has become ubiquitous. The majority of Australians have installed rooftop solar units to protect our environment by limiting electricity produced by coal. Same as we are playing our part in the adaption of renewable energy sources for a sustainable atmosphere, the battery units also require protection from certain threats. Deep Cycle Systems has solutions to answer this using a battery protector to safeguard the expensive asset. The battery protection system by Deep Cycle Systems ensures the battery isn’t drained to zero.

    How Battery Protector Works:

    The battery protection unit provides protection to the power cell by disjoining loads that aren’t important to avoid a complete discharge of the battery. This becomes important for battery and connected appliances when the battery has insufficient current to provide. Our battery protectors are available in two ratings, including a 12v battery protector and a 24v battery protector; these two protectors can sense and detects system voltages. It can be used in battery applications for protection or isolation to avoid damage and deep discharge. The low self-consumption means it won’t drain the battery, while LED display helps in programming. The protection is best for RVs, boats, solar installations, and motorhomes for over and under-voltage protection. It protects the battery from internal and external threats

    Protection Programming:

    The protection system has a number of options to highlight the need to stop discharge with the help of a buzzer and LED display. You can program the protection system to engage and disengage at various voltage limits to ensure you are within excepted voltage level.

    Integration with Lithium Battery:

    The protector can also be utilized like a charge interrupter between a lithium-ion battery and its charger. Using Victron VE.Bus Battery Management System, you can also control it virtually. The point to note is that the protector isn’t a source for reverse currents from charging sources. As it is a unidirectional protector, so it can handle current in one direction only, i.e., current to load or charger at a time but not both simultaneously.


    The battery protect will disconnect the load in case it senses excess voltage than the set voltage limit.

    No Sparking:

    The good thing is that the protector is ignition proof, so there will be no sparking.


    The Battery Protector is available in different capacities rated in amperes. You can choose from a 65A protector, 100A, and 220A battery protection unit.

    Why Deep Cycle System:

    Deep Cycle Systems is a supplier and manufacturer of quality energy products. We are the industry leader in providing high-quality, sustainable energy products to Australian families. Our customer-friendly team has all the technical expertise as well and knows how to meet your energy requirements. Having technical understandings and years of expertise, we can provide you with energy solutions tailored to your requirements.

    People have confidence in our services because we never go for cheap suboptimal products that deteriorate your experience. Our energy solutions include quality inverters, deep cycle batteries, solar arrays, dc to dc converters, battery chargers, MPPT charger controllers, and battery monitors.

    Hire Experienced Professionals:

    Deep Cycle Systems is a team of expert engineers and technicians that can design and install the solar system. Our affordable prices attract homeowners and businesses from all across the nation. Give us a call at 1300 597 327 to get reliable services.

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