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    Battery technology is about two centuries and two decades as the first battery was invented by Volta in 1800. The battery world revolutionized our daily life and workstyle a lot. We saw a transformation of earlier versions of electric devices and gadgets from telegraphs and wire telephones to become portable palmtop phones. The desktop computers become laptops while the diesel and petrol vehicles become electric vehicles. This revolution was made possible due to nickel and lithium battery banks. Still, these batteries can’t impact largely on the traditional lead-acid battery packs despite their highest level of efficiency. A gel cell deep cycle battery is an updated version of a lead-acid battery that was invented in the initial stage of the 1930s.

    History of Gel Cell Battery

    It was built for the portable valve tube radio LT supply, while these early-stage gel cells had 2, 4, and 6 voltage ratings only, which were improved as the technology matures. The technology works by adding silica to sulfuric acid. The modern gel storage cell is a VRLA which is a gelified electrolyte, while the mass gel is made by mixing sulfuric acid with fumed silica. These batteries limit the volume of electrolyte evaporation and spills while resisting vibration.

    Scope of Gel Cell Battery

    Gel Cell Batteries are known for their deep cycle ability, while the lightweight and shockproof design make it a hot favourite for automotive and motorbikes. These batteries become the first choice for power wheelchairs due to the lowest gas and acidic output push their rank to be a winner contender as the best gel battery. Further, the gel cell battery has replaced the traditional lead-acid battery in the UPS system to provide power backup in case of grid power failure.

    There is no chance of hydrogen gas explosion, so the gel batteries are also a safe option for indoor usage with an on-grid solar system to store energy as a backup option. These cells are helpful to increase the efficiency of the solar system as you can store electricity to use between the peak hours when electricity cost is sky towering high.

    Gel battery, also known as AGM battery, is an all-time favourite due to better performance than a flooded acid battery in terms of discharge rate, lightweight, and low self-discharge rate. These batteries also got the attention of boat owners, campervans, and bikers because low weight means they can go faster with less load on board.

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    Deep Cycle Systems is a leading name in terms of high precision energy solutions with a primary focus on sustainability. We are a trusted energy partner for Australians with state-of-the-art and feature-rich products. Our expertise includes solar installations, deep cycle batteries manufacturing, consultations, and designing environment-friendly energy systems for domestic and commercial setups. With years of services and thousands of satisfying energy projects, we have won the confidence of Australians. Our products are feature-rich, while the compact design makes them high-demand products, which resulted in global demand across Europe and North America.

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