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    The growing usage of battery packs reflects the robustness of deep cycle battery packs and has enabled humanity to flourish in every walk of life. From projects on earth to astronauts in space stations, batteries are of paramount value in drawing power for loads. Power batteries are rated by their performance in different conditions, functionalities, usage, and a number of other factors. Deep Cycle Systems has a range of batteries for domestic and commercial usage. Our vehicle deep cycle battery collection is better than the best group 27 deep cycle battery with different ratings and capacities to meet the requirements of variants.

    Type 27 Deep Cycle Battery: Large Powerful Battery for Heavy Loads

    The group 27 batteries in deep cycle batteries are large and powerful batteries. These batteries carry a capacity ranging from 66-110 Ah. This provides almost 600-1000 CCA and 140-220 minutes of charging support. Type 27 deep cycle battery weighs around 54 to 70 pounds. Group 27 batteries can be classified into further three sides as each type has different dimensions; these can be categorized as Group 27, Group 27F, and Group 27H batteries. However, generally, all are referred to as type 27 batteries.

    Deep Cycle Systems provides long-lasting, durable, and reliable batteries to our valuable customers. We have been in the business of manufacturing top-notch deep cycle batteries for years. Our experience in the field, combined with years of research and development, enables us to provide the best battery experience. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing the best quality deep cycle batteries with excellent service life. Our deep cycle batteries provide optimal charging storage and ensure a smooth charging process. Deep Cycle Systems is one of the best deep cycle battery providers.

    Type 27 deep cycle battery differs in dimension according to their F or H battery type. These measurements are usually minor. However, sometimes even a few millimetres can determine if the battery fits into the compartment or not. Therefore, the manufacturer usually mentions exact dimensions to avoid the trouble of getting the wrong sized battery.

    Types of Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries

    The group 27 deep cycle battery offer increased battery storage and reliable performance. Various battery options are available when it comes to type 27 deep cycle batteries. However, the following are the more common types of deep cycle batteries used on a regular basis.

    AGM or Absorbent Glass Batteries

    As the name indicates, the battery cells have acid absorbed between the cell walls. AGM batteries are dense and rigid. AGM batteries can be moved easily; henceforth, they are easy to have as an energy storage solution while on the move.

    SLA or Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

    The sealed lead-acid battery is essentially an advanced battery from the typical lead-acid battery. Sealed lead-acid batteries cost less and deliver a satisfactory power backup.

    Why the Best Group 27 Deep Cycle Battery?

    Power batteries by Deep Cycle Systems are popular all around Australia for their ability to provide deep discharge rates over a prolonged period. The best group 27 deep cycle battery series is an all-time favourite for vehicle owners and boaters due to its ability to offer a high-performance ratio. The group 27 battery cell provides a high cold cranking amp or CCA that could range anywhere between 600 and 1000. The reverse capacity of a group 27 cell is somewhere 140 to 220 minutes without being replenished by the alternator before the battery goes dead.

    Modern vehicles, especially electric vehicles or EVs, have lots of computers, i.e., lighting computers, engine computers, transmission computers, cruise controls, hill assist, etc. All these are energy-hungry processors, so a group 27 deep cycle battery with high reserve capacity is recommended. You can easily get the idea of the dimension you require for your golf cart, vehicle, or boat battery. For automotive, space is of paramount value in these cases where you can’t compromise even the one-tenth part of a millimetre. 27 group deep cycle batteries can provide deep discharge for a long time without being recharged and supply higher cold cranking amperes than the ordinal battery without group 27 rating.

    Buy Better Batteries than 27 Deep Cycle Battery from Deep Cycle Systems

    If you are looking for a reliable power source to power your vehicle or a fishing boat, the 27 deep cycle battery is a good option that you can rely upon without any doubt. However, Deep Cycle Systems offers even better batteries. You may wonder which battery technology is best in the current day for your RV or trolling motor of a boat. Choosing from battery packs available in the Australian market is challenging as companies flood the market with many options and misleading marketing tactics to stay alive in the furious battery battle. You can choose from cheap price batteries like flooded lead-acid batteries that are easily available. There are several downsides of a 27 deep cycle battery, including:

    • Hydrogen gas emissions could explode if handled wrongly
    • Not spill-proof
    • Requires regular maintenance
    • Highest self-discharge rate among all battery technologies
    • Slowest discharge time
    • 50% discharge rate at the most
    • Downgrade the amperes after some time, i.e., a 100ah lead-acid battery is likely to provide 80ah after a year, and remember the 50% discharge rate limitation means you can use the only 40ah after one year

    Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Battery

    Lithium-ion is the latest entry in the battery world, with about three decades of service. Li-Ion battery packs have won the confidence of battery enthusiasts in a short time despite the fact that it is expensive. The main attractions of a Deep Cycle LiFePo4 battery are:

    • Can be discharged fully; however, a 90% discharge rate is recommended
    • Lowest self-discharge rate in the battery world
    • Lightweight among all batteries
    • Truly deep-cycle technology with thousands of life cycles
    • Provides same amperes even after services of years
    • Covers less space due to its sleek design

    Lithium Battery

    Lithium batteries are usually LifePO4 batteries. These batteries cost more than the normal deep cycle batteries. Lithium batteries in this class provide 20ah energy output while giving out an extended number of charging/ discharging cycles. These batteries have the advantage of being much lighter than deep cycle batteries.

    However, lithium batteries cost significantly more as compared to deep cycle batteries. Therefore, making it difficult for the consumer to opt for lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are usually used in businesses or places that require absolute uninterrupted and reliable supply. However, for the common house and small business or office, they are still uncommon to be widely adopted. Lithium batteries also have had a risk of catching fire in the past. Several cases of smaller lithium batteries catching fire have been reported. Henceforth, they can be hazardous in sensitive places. However, the battery life of lithium batteries is greater than any of its competitors.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems for Premium Quality Energy Solutions?

    Deep Cycle Systems has been in the business of providing high-quality and reliable energy solutions to our valuable customers. We are an experienced energy solution provider with an extended list of products. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing durable energy solution products.

    Deep Cycle Systems understands that shopping for energy solution products can be expensive. Therefore, we offer our products at affordable prices. Everything from solar systems, solar panels, deep cycle batteries, and other products is affordable.

    The Best Group 27 Series Deep Cycle Battery to Accommodate All the Needs You Might Have in Your RV or Marine

    Whether you want a battery for your RV or marine, it is important for you to make sure that it is dependable and high-quality; else, you are just wasting your money and time as most of the traditional batteries are now outdated and cannot accommodate all the needs people have nowadays. If you want a reliable battery, Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered. We provide the best group 27 series deep cycle battery that can accommodate all the needs you have.

    When you need enduring and durable batteries that can withstand correspondence to the conditions of Australia, no other battery can beat the helping hands of a deep cycle battery. One of the considerable features of these batteries is the usage of glass mat technology that absorbs the acid. Because of this, these batteries are capable of lasting twice as any other ordinary battery.

    Construction Of 27 Series Batteries

    Group 27 series batteries are designed in large sizes. These batteries are durable and last for a long time. The lead-acid formulation makes these batteries more powerful and strong. Group 27 batteries exude 92 ampere-hours of electrical energy that is much more than any typical battery. Group 27 battery estimates 10-3/4 inches long by 6-3/4 inches wide by 9-3/8 inches down. Their ampere-hour evaluations differ somewhere in the range of 70 and 85. The sturdy design of these batteries make them more efficient in work and enhance their age.

    Applications Of Group 27 Batteries

    Storing Energy

    Group 27 batteries have a large capacity for storing energy and can store and release power later at any time. Because of this, these batteries are appropriate for wind energy storing, solar energy storing, and many others. Therefore, these batteries are 100% suitable for your home or building.

    Industrial Operations

    Group 27 marine deep cycle batteries are also used for several industrial uses. From storing energy to releasing it after some time, these batteries are of high value. This is because of the power outputs beyond the level and maintenance-free quality.

    Marine Applications

    A regular gathering 24 deep cycle battery estimates 10-3/4 inches long by 6-3/4 inches wide by 9-3/8 inches down. Their ampere-hour evaluations differ somewhere in the range of 70 and 85.

    Reasons To Choose 27 Series Batteries

    There are several reasons why you should choose the group 27 batteries, such as:

    • Available in both 12v and 24v ensuing to accommodate all your requirements.
    • These batteries are maintenance-free, and you do not have to refill the terminals like other traditional batteries.
    • Twenty-seven deep cycle batteries are much lighter in weight compared to traditional lead-acid batteries enabling your vehicle to carry less weight.
    • With being lighter in weight, these batteries are better when it comes to performance. They provide optimum performance even in freezing temperatures.
    • These batteries are not just efficient and lightweight but also provide the best performance for years due to their long service life.
    • Deep cycle batteries are capable of lasting multiple times longer life than lead-corrosive batteries. These batteries last long as compared to any other ordinary battery.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems?

    Before choosing a battery for your needs, you must seek a company that manufacture and supply highly reliable and durable batteries. Deep Cycle Battery System is manufacturing and supplying the best quality and dependable batteries for many years. We are determined to provide our customers with the batteries that can make their life full of comfort. We never make any compromise on the satisfaction of clients. We are committed to the quality that is the fundamental reason for our reputation in the market.

    So, why go to any other company when you can get the best 27 series deep cycle battery from Deep Cycle Systems, and that too without going beyond your budget. So order today and get it delivered to your doorstep for free in all major cities Australia wide.

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