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    Are you looking for power options for your home as a backup? Are you tired from a power outage? Are you looking for free electricity backup for your family? Are you on a hunt for a renewable energy system for your home? Do you want peace of mind by having a solar system for your home? Deep Cycle Systems brings the best home solar battery bank for Australian homeowners to provide them a trusted source of electricity that will cut the monthly energy bills and is a sustainable option. The use of rooftop solar systems in Australia is already at its peak. More Australians are investing in solar systems to power their home with solar electricity. This is a one-time investment, and you will enjoy its benefits for more than the next two decades without any likely interruption.

    Why Use Solar Energy?

    Australia has been blessed with abundant sunlight throughout the year; most of the country’s area is a desert that has an average of 9 hours of sunlight during a sunny day. This makes the country a favorite site for harvesting solar energy using solar panels. Companies are generating solar power on a commercial basis. Still, there is a huge scope at the domestic level despite Australia being on top in terms of the highest per-capita solar energy.

    The major benefit of a solar system is that you can save or spend the money that you were paying for expensive grid-generated electricity. Further, solar systems are best to minimize the carbon dioxide level from our mother planet as the CO2 level will decrease with every Australian home limiting the use of grid electricity produced by coal or diesel. A well-designed solar system will increase your self-sufficiency in producing electricity.

    Components of a Solar System:

    A solar system is a combination of the following:

    Solar Panels:

    Solar panels are fundamental elements of a solar system tasked to capture sunlight and turn them into useable energy. Solar panels produce direct current, also known as DC. You can add as many solar panels as per your energy demands, i.e., either you will power certain electrical appliances or use power tools, lights, kitchen appliances, LCS screens, computers, and more. Deep Cycle Systems will help you figure out how much power you need to run the required appliances over solar energy.

    Solar Inverters:

    Solar inverters turn the direct current generated by solar panels into the alternate current to make it useable for electrical appliances. These inverters are intelligent devices and act as the brain for the entire solar system. Deep Cycle Systems offers true sine wave solar inverters that are best for the smooth performance of electrical appliances. The inverters are available in different ratings, i.e., voltage and wattage capacity. You can choose either on-grid or off-grid solar inverter, while the hybrid solar inverters are best for those who want to stay connected with the grid and add a battery for power backup during nonproductive solar hours. Inverters by Deep Cycle Systems are premium quality products known for performance in extreme conditions.

    Solar Battery Bank:

    The home solar battery bank is a critical component of a solar system. It makes sure the availability of solar electricity when solar panels can’t generate energy due to unfavorable weather conditions. The battery bank must be compatible with your entire solar system. Make sure you have the right voltage level and ampere-hours keeping in view the number of backup hours you want from your battery bank. We offer lithium-ion Deep Cycle Batteries that are the most advanced battery setup and known for several advantages over typical lead-acid batteries. Some main characteristics are high-density level, no memory effect, deep discharge ability, and thousands of life cycles.

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