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    home solar battery systemPower is the basic necessity for every house to bring the lights and electrical appliances to life. There are power outages even in metropolitan areas that can cause you to suffer even when you are paying hefty monthly electricity bills. These power companies produce electricity using coal or diesel as their source. The ideal solution is to use renewable sources that are environment-friendly, will reduce dependency by large over the local grid, and you will save money from your monthly electricity bills. Using a home solar battery system offered by Deep Cycle Systems, you can power your homes with free solar energy throughout the day, even when sunlight isn’t available.

    Australia spans over a vast area with major cities around its coastline, while many people love to reside in remote areas where utilities are luxury. It will be tough for you if you are located in a remote area where utility companies failed to provide services. In such conditions, a solar system is what you need to power your house.

    Here are key benefits of having a solar system for your home:

    Keep your lights and appliance ON

    Solar energy is sustainable for planet earth and for you, as it will help eliminate carbon dioxide and save your bucks from electricity expenses. You can still enjoy all of your electrical appliances, gadgets, power tools, kitchen appliances, and lights using a well-designed solar system to meet your power needs.

    Earn Money by Net Metering

    You can even earn money by selling solar energy to the local grid using net metering. You can have a grid-tied solar system that can meet your energy requirements, store energy for non-harvesting hours and then sell the extra generated energy to the grid. The meter will run in reverse when you export solar electricity to the grid. The net metering allows you to use grid electricity when the solar panels aren’t producing solar electricity or producing less than required.

    Get Energy Independence

    With solar panels and solar batteries, you can get freedom from the expensive and ever-growing grid electricity, while a capable solar system will make sure the availability of electricity for your home. Using a solar battery system that can power your entire home will rule out the power breakouts instances. So you will enjoy the freedom from any likely grid power failure and avoid high utility charges by pulling solar energy from the battery during peak hours.

    Control and Monitor Your Energy Requirements

    Deep Cycle Systems offers battery monitors to control and monitor your battery bank for performance enhancement. The battery monitors work like a fuel gauge, and the latest BMS comes with built-in Bluetooth, so no dependency on Bluetooth dongle. The main feature of a BMS is to work as a watchdog by updating you about battery charging level, battery age, expected time, power consumed in watts, calculate the ampere-hours consumed, and voltage level. Using the auxiliary input, you can connect the second battery to monitor its voltage level.

    solar batterySpecs of Solar Battery

    Deep Cycle System can recommend you choosing a battery bank depending on your backup requirements. You need to choose specific battery specs keeping in view the power consumption pattern and solar system design. Integrating the right voltage and correct power battery bank will give you peace of mind and an uninterrupted solar electricity supply during non-solar productive hours.

    • You will require a battery bank with more power for a number of electrical appliances
    • A high instantaneous power rated battery is the requirement of energy-intensive appliances like pump or compressor
    • High rating power will provide you more extended power backup option
    • Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for storing more energy in a small space


    Solar Battery Backup during a Grid Cut-Off to Power Your House

    Sunlight is the most abundant resource on planet earth. It is a renewable and never-ending resource, and human civilization can utilize sunlight as much as needed. Yet, the earth has more sunlight with the potential to energize the whole planet. Solar energy is relatively a newer technology being adopted by humans. However, the solar battery backup solution is now one of the most widely adopted techniques for capturing the potential that sunlight has to offer.

    Planet earth receives approximately 173,000 terawatts of solar energy in 24 hours. This amount is 20 times more than the amount required to provide energy to the whole planet. Henceforth, solar energy is one of the best, cost-effective, and active pollution-free solutions. Solar energy can revolutionize the planet’s environmental problem if it is adapted on a larger scale. However, the limitation to sunlight is that it is available during the day only. Therefore to have power during the night, humans have developed solar batteries to provide uninterrupted backup.  Solar batteries are therefore recommended to be paired with your solar system. Without solar batteries, you will run out of power as soon as sunlight goes away.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a leading manufacturer for providing premium quality solar batteries to our valuable customers. Our solar battery comes with fast charging capabilities. Deep Cycle Systems manufactures strong, reliable batteries. Our batteries deliver durable performance in the harshest weather conditions. Deep Cycle Systems batteries are built to withstand tough working conditions. Therefore, our solar battery provides a long-lasting service life. Deep Cycle Systems has been in the business of manufacturing solar batteries for years. Henceforth, our batteries are researched and developed under years of experience by energy solution experts. Deep Cycle Systems solar battery is one of the best options you can get for your energy solution.

    Understanding the Solar Batteries

    Solar batteries are getting mainstream with the advancement in technology. Solar technology has improved in terms of efficiency and the amount of load it can pick for your domestic and industrial usage. Solar panels in this regard have developed into several types according to the need of the consumer. With an increase in demand, the solar battery has also become a common sight in homes, off-grid cabins, RV’s, camping grounds and other settings. However, solar batteries can essentially be classified into several other main types of batteries according to chemistry.

    Lead-Acid Flooded Battery

    The traditional lead-acid battery has been around for 150 years. These batteries have powered everything from the past to modern-day home appliances and outdoor activities. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper in terms of purchasing. However, they need to be actively maintained and offer relatively fewer battery service life as compared to a deep cycle or lithium battery. The lead-acid battery also emits gas; therefore, it needs to be kept in a ventilated place.

    solar battery backupDeep Cycle Battery for solar battery backup

    This is the most common type of battery being used in solar battery backup. Deep cycle battery discharges several times. It is costs less than a lithium battery and offers renewable energy.

    Lithium-ion Battery

    A lithium-ion battery is the most advanced form of battery. It has developed in recent years; however, it costs more but provides a longer service life.

    Why is Deep Cycle Systems One of the Best Energy Solution Providers?

    Because we have been in the business of providing energy solutions to our customers for years, Deep Cycle Systems, through its years of research and development, has developed an extended list of products. These products include lithium batteries, deep cycle, lead-acid batteries, solar panels, solar systems, battery chargers and an ever-growing list. We offer a one-stop solution for premium energy solutions.

    Ideal Solar Battery Bank for Your Solar System

    In the modern age, everyone wants to be independent in every matter of life. When it comes to electricity, people face many problems when they are dependent on a local energy supplier. Sometimes the power goes out due to any fault in the grid, and it takes them hours to get the power back up and sometimes, people face huge bills. If you are facing any issue with your contractor or want to save money, you are advised to go for a solar setup. Deep Cycle Systems provides a reliable solar battery bank along with the system that will ensure that you get uninterrupted power even during the night.

    Solar batteries, on the whole, have a long lifespan. Solar batteries have a life expectancy of 5-10 years and are rapidly depleting. This is highly dependent on how well and how much the battery is charged. Battery life is greatly influenced by discharge and battery cycles. The solar battery bank is thus the most reliable and long-lasting solution for energy storage. Solar batteries are charged with the help of solar panels. The stored energy is in the form of direct current DC. However, when the house’s appliances and appliances run on AC, the solar converter converts DC to alternating current AC.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality deep cycle batteries. Our batteries are built to provide long-term, stable energy storage. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing solar batteries with long-term life and performance. Our batteries run quietly and reliably, ensuring a consistent power source. Deep Cycle Systems’ solar batteries are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. Our batteries are extremely durable and can resist a variety of conditions.

    What Factors affect Your Battery Life?

    Following are factors that affect your battery life.

    Selecting the Type of Solar Battery

    The ideal type of solar battery depends on your needs and your budget. Lead-acid, deep-cycle, and lithium-ion batteries can be used with solar panels and solar systems. Electricity can be generated using batteries. Solar batteries can also be utilised as saltwater batteries.

    Lead-acid batteries have a much lower cost, but their lifespan is limited. In comparison, deep cycle batteries are prone to overcharging when used for lengthy periods. Lithium-ion batteries are almost problem-free in terms of maintenance and use. However, they are expensive as compared to deep cycles and lead-acid batteries. Henceforth, keeping your budget in mind, it is up to you to select what works best for you.

    Usage for the Solar Battery

    Deep cycle batteries are frequently used for energy storage applications in solar systems. However, the deep cycle batteries are ideally to be drained about 80% before recharging them. In contrast, some sensitive deep cycle batteries need to be discharged completely.

    On the other hand, lithium batteries are not affected by half charges, in addition to being prone to discharging.

    solar battery systemKeep the Battery Life in Mind

    Better the maintenance longer will your solar battery work. Longer solar battery life is aided by proper maintenance. Solar battery systems are typically low-maintenance. However, if you don’t, you’ll end up paying a lot more for your solar system if something goes wrong due to a lack of maintenance.

    Having solar batteries is not as simple as you may think. Integration and precise load profile are required to ensure the durability and longevity of the setup. Deep Cycle Systems has been providing these systems for years, and we design high-quality and reliable systems that will meet your needs and last for years to come.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems for Your Energy-Related Needs?

    Deep Cycle Systems provide dependable and trustworthy energy solutions to our clients. We at deep cycle systems ensure the best quality energy solution products at affordable prices. Deep Cycle Systems aspires to be one of the most powerful energy solutions available. Our extensive range of energy solutions comes at a reasonable price.

    Providing our clients with premium quality solar batteries is our topmost priority, and over time, we have served numerous customers with our top-notch products. Moreover, the lithium batteries we provide do not need any maintenance so that you won’t be facing any hassle after the installation.

    The Perfect Solar Battery Storage for Backup

    Australians are on top when it comes to using renewable energy sources, especially solar energy. The nation got to number one rank in 2018 in terms of highest per-capita solar energy for every Australian with 600 watts of solar energy for every individual. This increasing trend shows the tremendous ability of Australia to produce solar energy on a large scale. On average, the summer season offers more than eight hours of sunlight which is a quite favorable situation for harvesting solar energy. Australia has also set the record for the largest solar battery storage facility globally, located in South Australia. The facility was initially designed to store 100 MW solar energy is now updated to store 150 MW energy. The facility is based on lithium-ion technology that shows the tremendous potential and scope for expansion on a large scale. Deep Cycle Systems is an Australian-based company that provides premium energy solutions, including DCS batteries, Solar systems, energy products, and their accessories.

    Lead Acid Battery vs. Lithium Battery for Solar Storage

    Indeed lead-acid batteries are a long-serving storage facility introduced in 1859 by French physicist Gaston Planté; however, the technology seems outdated as the researchers have developed a more comprehensive and ideal battery bank named lithium-ion batteries. The new generation is brilliant in many ways and supersedes the lead-acid batteries in numbers. Lead-acid batteries require regular maintenance and checkups to avoid damage. These batteries come with a shorter life span, while you can’t discharge them fully as there could be severe damage to them. The suitable discharge level is by half, which means that only half of the stored energy is useable, i.e., if you have a 100ah lead-acid battery, you can only use 50ah of it.

    Further, you must place them in some ventilated place to escape any possible blast if hydrogen gas evolved more than 4%. The scenario is favorable when using a lithium battery that addresses the inherited issues by a lead-acid battery. These lithium batteries offer a longer life span; typically, a lithium-ion power battery provides thousands of life cycles, while you need not worry about its maintenance as there is no need to replace acid. The lithium batteries are able to offer a deep discharge ability of up to 90%, which enables them to use for a long backup time. The latest technology comes with a quick charging feature. Typically a lifepo4 battery takes 3 hours to charge fully, whereas a lead-acid battery can take charging time threefold.


    Lithium batteries are user-friendly and can be used in a number of ways. The most in-demand usage of a solar battery is in a solar system to get back up for non-solar harvesting time. You can choose the suitable capacity for your solar battery storage as per the needs of the solar system. You can choose an on-grid solar system or an off-grid solar system if you are residing in a remote location. Other things to consider include voltage level, i.e., 12v solar battery, 24v solar battery, or a 48v solar battery that matches you the most. At the same time, the ampere-hours tell about the backup time you can get from it.


    solar battery house systemDo you want to save money by cutting your energy bills? Installing an off-grid solar system can not only help you save money but also makes you independent of your energy contractor. By installing a power backup, you can cut your bills and by having a bigger setup that can bear the load of your whole house, you can become independent and would not have to pay bills to your energy supplier. However, you need to make sure that you install a reliable battery. Deep Cycle Systems offers a reliable and efficient solar battery house system at a reasonable price.


    Our systems are not only efficient but last for years to come without maintenance. At Deep Cycle Systems, we provide lithium solar system batteries that can deliver 2500 cycles and can last for years to come. We do not just provide the solar battery house system, but also offer chargers too. This charger controls the charging process, and it can even prolong life with the utmost efficiency. With intelligent battery management, it prevents over-charging, over-discharging as well as over-heating while ensuring that the battery is fully charged once a week which helps in prolonging its life.

    solar battery storageSome photovoltaic batteries in the table have completely different warranties for components within the unit. For example, some multi-functional battery storage techniques warrant the batteries for 10 years but the internal inverter only has a warranty of 5 years. Whether you want to add solar battery storage to your current solar power system or start producing power with an entire solar energy battery bundle, solar batteries will allow you to obtain your objectives. Install a battery-prepared solar panel system of appropriate measurement in case your final goal is to add vitality storage.


    You may still lose all energy to your own home, regardless of having photovoltaic panels producing energy and a charged battery prepared and waiting. This is a result of grid-linked methods that have what’s generally known as “anti-islanding protection”. During a blackout, the grid and any engineers working on the traces have to be protected against “islands” of the electrical energy era pumping energy unexpectedly into the traces.

    Storing your self-generated solar vitality means you can power your own home with clear, green electrical energy 24/7. You’ll be protected against rising electricity costs from retailers, may have power in a blackout, and also you’ll be serving to protect the surroundings from greenhouse gases from coal-generated electricity.

    Australia’s huge photovoltaic battery market potential stays principally untouched, which means we can count on much more solar battery retailers and storage unit brands to seem in the coming years. This will in theory drive down prices and make solar storage an much more engaging prospect, so even when you don’t think a solar storage battery is best for you simply now, maintain your eye on the market in coming years.

    This is because by installing your panels and battery at a similar time, you’ll cut out additional set-up prices and combine the two components’ payback into one, shorter payback period. The other thing to notice is the placement of your switchboard in relation to where you’d like your solar inverter and battery installed. The further away they’re out of your switchboard, the extra your installation will cost. There are many various solar panels, inverters, and battery choices available out there.


    These solar batteries are also fairly pleasant on the eye, with a glossy and shiny design. This is a small 2.3kWh battery, but for what it lacks in capability, it makes up for in practicality and affordability. It is modular, simply mountable, and includes every little thing needed to start storing solar power. In a typical residence with solar panels, half or your whole vitality usage could also be met by the solar era while the sun is shining. Shortfalls, most often experienced in the early morning, overnight, or in cloudy weather, are met by importing electrical energy from the grid.

    By storing the electrical energy in a solar battery, it is attainable to run your own home solely from photovoltaic power, even at night time or during times when there is less than optimum solar publicity. If you will be camped away from the grid and stationery for various days, you’ll most likely want both a generator set and photovoltaic panels to keep your battery charged. If you’ve large electrical loads like an air conditioner, you’ll most likely require a 230V AC generator set. You can then connect a mains-powered battery charger to this.


    We need to know that when we want to generate electricity, the sun can be used and is an excellent source of energy. It is common when people think about solar power, they normally think of solar panels mounted on the roof of a home. This is certainly the biggest application of this technology, solar battery house system can also be used for more modest tasks and perform very well. These chargers are simple to install and operate for years without issues. They will be packaged in a kit with a solar panel, the conversion technology required, and any wiring that is needed.

    Solar chargers are also utilized in remote monitoring equipment and there are many environmental and weather stations all around the world that utilize solar chargers. These stations provide a lot of critical information to agencies of all kinds and need to have a reliable power source to operate. These create power for them and have been doing this for years. A solar charger can also be used in other remote areas and provide the power for many of the buoys used for maritime navigation. Many have been upgraded to use a solar charger and now operate completely independently.


    home solar battery bankAre you looking for power options for your home as a backup? Are you tired from a power outage? Are you looking for free electricity backup for your family? Are you on a hunt for a renewable energy system for your home? Do you want peace of mind by having a solar system for your home? Deep Cycle Systems brings the best home solar battery bank for Australian homeowners to provide them with a trusted source of electricity that will cut their monthly energy bills and is a sustainable option. The use of rooftop solar systems in Australia is already at its peak. More Australians are investing in solar systems to power their home with solar electricity. This is a one-time investment, and you will enjoy its benefits for more than the next two decades without any likely interruption.


    Australia has been blessed with abundant sunlight throughout the year; most of the country’s area is a desert that has an average of 9 hours of sunlight on a sunny day. This makes the country a favourite site for harvesting solar energy using solar panels. Companies are generating solar power on a commercial basis. Still, there is a huge scope at the domestic level despite Australia being on top in terms of the highest per-capita solar energy.


    The major benefit of a home solar battery bank is that you can save or spend the money that you were paying for expensive grid-generated electricity. Further, solar systems are best to minimize the carbon dioxide level from our mother planet as the CO2 level will decrease with every Australian home limiting the use of grid electricity produced by coal or diesel. A well-designed solar system will increase your self-sufficiency in producing electricity.


    A solar system is a combination of the following:


    Solar panels are fundamental elements of a solar system tasked to capture sunlight and turn them into useable energy. Solar panels produce direct current, also known as DC. You can add as many solar panels as per your energy demands, i.e., either you will power certain electrical appliances or use power tools, lights, kitchen appliances, LCS screens, computers, and more. Deep Cycle Systems will help you figure out how much power you need to run the required appliances over solar energy.


    Solar inverters turn the direct current generated by solar panels into the alternate current to make it useable for electrical appliances. These inverters are intelligent devices and act as the brain for the entire solar system. Deep Cycle Systems offers true sine wave solar inverters that are best for the smooth performance of electrical appliances. The inverters are available in different ratings, i.e., voltage and wattage capacity. You can choose either an on-grid or off-grid solar inverter, while the hybrid solar inverters are best for those who want to stay connected with the grid and add a battery for power backup during nonproductive solar hours. Inverters by Deep Cycle Systems are premium quality products known for performance in extreme conditions.


    The home solar battery bank is a critical component of a solar system. It makes sure the availability of solar electricity when solar panels can’t generate energy due to unfavourable weather conditions. The battery bank must be compatible with your entire solar system. Make sure you have the right voltage level and ampere-hours keeping in view the number of backup hours you want from your battery bank. We offer lithium-ion Deep Cycle Batteries that are the most advanced battery setup and known for several advantages over typical lead-acid batteries. Some main characteristics are high-density level, no memory effect, deep discharge ability, and thousands of life cycles.


    The rooftop solar systems are helpful in generating solar power for families for domestic usage. Thanks to the power solar battery, we can store energy for the evening and nighttime usage.

    Solar energy is helpful when your target is to cut the cost of electricity. It is equally helpful for domestic and for commercial operations. Apart from benefits to humans, the use of solar energy is also beneficial to our environment as we can limit the carbon footprint to make a better living community.

    One of the major reasons why solar has become so popular in Australia is self-sufficiency and control over what they can produce without heavy spending. Currently, with 637 watts per capita, Australia holds the top position all across the world with more than twenty-one thousand megawatts of solar production. This shows the growing interest of Australians in solar electricity. Deep Cycle Systems offers reliable solar batteries at an affordable price.


    Choosing the right company for your solar product could be challenging, especially when everyone claims to be perfect. It’s really tough to escape from quacks who can even destroy high-quality products because of a lack of technical expertise. Deep Cycle Systems is a name of trust when it comes to reliable energy partners. We are experts in solar technology, while our solar batteries are manufactured with perfection to give you a comprehensive storage device. We manufacture deep-cycle lithium batteries that are ideal for all-purpose energy storage.

    Lithium batteries are the latest and full of features to complement solar system efficiency. Our products are known for their robust performance, thus winning the confidence of the public. Our success stories expand over years of quality services to Australian families. A basic ingredient of our success is that we never compromise over quality as it breaches the trust and relations with customers; instead, we believe in quality products, and it helps us to win referrals.


    The lithium battery cells are the first choice and are equally popular for on-grid solar systems and off-grid solar installations. These power batteries are heavy-duty cells known as reliable electricity storage devices. The on-grid solar systems provide clean solar energy to city residents, and they will be sure that there will be no blackouts due to power failure by the local grid. The solar inverter converts DC electricity produced by solar plates into AC supply which is the matching form for home electric appliances.

    During day time, solar arrays generate power to supply to your home, while the power solar battery ensures to store electricity for evening or night time or when required by active loads. So the role of a storage battery is crucial when the target is to get free solar energy round the clock. The role of solar batteries becomes more crucial in the case of an off-grid solar setup. The battery ensures you will remain connected to electric appliances and communication devices in case solar plates aren’t harvesting solar energy due to a cloudy environment or darkness.

    Some key features of deep cycle solar batteries are:

    • Deep discharge ability enables you to use about 90% of the total capacity
    • Using a solar battery charger by Deep Cycle Systems, you can even charge a dead battery drained fully
    • High energy density means lithium batteries are lightweight
    • Lithium batteries have four times less current loss due to the memory effect, which is the lowest in the industry
    • LiFePo4 batteries can provide thousands of life cycles which means years of services

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