If you, like the customer below also work from home, then that reliability is absolute, and until something goes wrong it’s probably not something you have spent a lot of time thinking about.

One of our latest customers, located in Cockatoo, Victoria had the unfortunate luck to be thinking about his power supply all too often. Whilst trying to run a business from home, the grid power supply was regularly dropping in and out on a weekly basis. And every time it did, the automated home appliances reset. The computer. Internet. Lights. Clocks. All reset. So whether it was 3am when it happened, causing all the lights in the home to switch on, or 2 in the afternoon whilst in the middle of a Skype call, the inconvenience and stress it caused was beyond frustrating.

The all too regular power surging also has a negative effect on the service life of major appliances. An intermittent power supply = a reduced life span.

So this customer reached out to DCS for help. His biggest motivator in contacting us and others, was ensuring a seamless power supply for his home/business. He had already obtained another quote from a major competitor, however that company was not willing to guarantee the performance of their system. DCS will never install a system we don’t stand 100% behind.

The site itself was a little tricky, as the home was surrounded by trees which threw a fair amount of shade on the house. However Paul from DCS was able to ascertain the optimal placement of solar panels to gain the most yield using a sun path analysis tool.

Sun path analysis tool used to determine the optimum PV array size

What is the solution?

A UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) grid interactive (hybrid) solar system from DCS.

Using our latest PV Series Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries which provide unsurpassed cyclic life coupled with our DCS 5kW BMU – Multi Mode Battery Inverter which provides the UPS capabilities.

DCS PV 10.0W LFP Battery managed by a DCS 5kW BMU (Multi Mode Battery Inverter)

DCS designed and installed a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) grid interactive (hybrid) solar system.

This customers UPS / solar system comprises of the following;

– 1 x SolarEdge SE8000H PV Inverter (HD WAVE)

– 1 x DCS 5kW BMU (Multi Mode Battery Inverter)

– 7.8kw of LG NeonR 325W Monocrystalline PV panels

– SolarEdge DC voltage optimised array (due to heavy shading)

– 1 x DCS PV series 10.0W (10.24kwh usable storage) LFP battery

– Automatic UPS change over infrastructure

– Reconfigured switch board with load split for normal and backup power circuits

This UPS Hybrid solar system is configured to allow a defined percentage guaranteed for backup purposes (so no more intermittent power) with the balance of the battery storage dedicated for grid interactivity to minimise grid usage. Of course when the battery pack is fully charged the system exports any surplus to the grid on top of what can’t be consumed by household loads. Thereby putting more money in your pocket.

How does the system perform post installation?

  • During the month of SEPT it is already able to produce over 25kWh per day
  • With peak PV production just shy of 6kW
  • The DCS PV 10.0W LFP battery is fully charged by midday most days

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