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    Understanding the solar system may be confusing for many and may be intimidating to those with limited to no technical knowledge. Though the addition of a solar battery pack increases the overall efficiency of a solar system, there are several cases where the battery isn’t a necessary option. Some of the on-grid solar systems work fine without a battery; however, the limitation is that the system becomes useless in non-harvesting solar hours. Whatever the solar system you have, i.e., grid-tied or off-grid, adding a battery bank ensures you have a backup for loads when required. A hybrid solar controller is a crucial component of the solar system that is destined for the efficiency and management of solar electricity. Deep Cycle Systems is an Australian energy solution provider with premium end-user products.

    On-Grid Solar System

    The on-grid solar system mainly entertains city residents connected to the local grid with an aim to reduce the dependency on expensive grid electricity. The grid electricity is mainly produced by burning coal. Australia produces about two-thirds of electricity via coal and diesel, causing serious threats to the environment and living organisms. The on-grid solar stations play a vital role to nip the evil of global warming in the bud because the solar arrays use radiant sunlight to generate electricity, hence no air contamination. Further, you will be independent of power failures and frequent breakouts, while you can become self-sufficient in electricity production.

    Renewable energy production in Australia is roughly three per cent which is growing day by day. The country has achieved the leading title in terms of the highest per-capita solar energy for every individual. Using a grid-tie solar system, you can power either some basic electric appliances or even an entire home with a high capacity unit. Deep Cycle Systems is best known for its premium solar products and lithium-ion battery packs. Adding a battery means you can have the backup capacity, which you can program to use for peak hours when the grid charges you high. Using a net metering system, you can sell the extra solar electricity to the local grid. The grid electricity meter will run in reverse when your system exports electricity, and you will have a negative electricity bill.

    Off-Grid Solar Systems

    Australians are adapting solar energy in a quick time without the discrimination of urban or rural divisions. The off-grid solar system provides freedom from diesel or gasoline generators to Australians living remotely. Expansion of electricity lines could cost rural residents hundreds of thousands of bucks, which isn’t feasible, while the monthly electricity bills are another concern. Deep Cycle Systems advocates the use of solar technology, especially in areas close to nature, as there will be no noise from generators and no carbon footprint. You have to invest one time only, and after that, you will enjoy services for about two decades without paying for gas or diesel and freedom from the hassle of transporting gas or diesel for a generator.

    Hybrid Solar Controller

    The hybrid solar controller is a component of the solar system that ensures the management of the solar system like a pro. Deep Cycle Systems supply a top-notch hybrid solar controller, which is the feature-rich solar inverter. Our solar inverter controls the solar system efficiently. Our battery monitors and battery management systems provide users virtual control and the ability to manipulate and program the system using smartphones or laptops.

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