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Hybrid Solar Solutions are best for Off-Grid Solar Installations

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    The hybrid solar power panel system offers uninterrupted solar power without the need for local grid connectivity. The on-grid solar systems are the most common and affordable ones as they don’t require special supportive features like an off-grid demand. You need to consider getting a solar panel, inverter and battery storage option for your home or business.

    The first thing that is required for the layout of the solar design is the right type of solar inverter from many available options. An inverter is a combination of electronic circuitry that converts DC power into AC power. We get DC electricity from renewable energy sources, i.e., wind turbines and solar arrays, while the battery banks also supply DC. Our electrical appliances require Alternate Current rather than Direct Current, which creates compatibility issues. A true sine wave inverter is required to meet this requirement.

    Components of Hybrid Solar System:

    A hybrid solar system is ideal for off-grid options. During the daytime, when sunlight is available, they supply electricity to operate electrical appliances and to charge the solar battery packs. These charged batteries are useful when sunlight isn’t available due to any reason. Hybrid inverters are far more complex than on-grid inverters as they have to control certain things other than converting power from DC to AC. The traditional on-grid power inverters may require a separate battery charger and regulators. Deep Cycle Systems provide compact design solar systems that come with built-in smart features and protection systems.

    A small home with basic energy requirements could require a 2000 watt system. A modern Australian home with moderate energy requirements may require a 5000-watt solar system. In contrast, a large home could demand more than a 10KW solar system to operate the entire home and become self-sufficient in producing electricity.

    Following are the components of a Hybrid Solar System:

    Solar Panels:

    Solar panels are used to harvest solar energy using sunlight and produce DC supply to store in the battery packs. The 12v solar arrays for small homes are ideal, while you would require a higher voltage level for a more extensive solar setup.

    Hybrid Solar Inverter:

    The modern inverters work like a brain in a solar system. They are equipped with controllers to provide overcharge protection, short circuit protection, high and low voltage protection, and many more. All these features increase the system’s functionalities as the hybrid inverters reduce the need for extra wiring and overcome the glitches to avoid system malfunctioning. Solar inverters by Deep Cycle Systems include a battery charger, so you don’t need to purchase them separately. The built-in MPPT charge controller of a hybrid inverter ensures to draw the maximum power throughout the year. These MPPT inverters are all-season inverters. Especially in the winter season, where solar systems struggle for electricity generation, our inverters produce more energy than others.

    Solar Battery Banks:

    Battery banks increase the efficiency of the entire solar system. We provide Deep Cycle batteries that are lithium-ion based, so you will get a lightweight and efficient battery system. Lithium-ion batteries are known for providing thousands of life cycles. The LiFePo4 batteries are available in different capacities to provide backup time as required. Our experts will recommend the correct battery size in ampere-hours and capacity in voltage.

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