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    Australia owns gigantic coal reserves, while the country heavily relies on the production of electricity using coal. The share of coal-generated electricity remained 68% during 2011, with about one-tenth share of renewable energy. In 2018, Australians shifted their approach and preferred solar energy to become self-sufficient in producing electricity. Here rooftop solar panels play a significant role. Australia is a large country, with more than seven and a half million square kilometres of area. The country has a favourable environment for solar energy production. Deep Cycle Systems is a favourite energy company for Australians with many solutions tailored for the unique needs of every family and setup. The growing demand for solar energy could be met by the small hybrid solar power plant for homeowners. These sustainable domestic solar power plants could meet the needs of electricity of people living in urban and remote areas.

    Components of Domestic Hybrid Solar Power Plant

    A solar system is a combination of supporting devices that make the entire system generate, deliver and store solar electricity. Mainly, the solar system for the home has two main types.

    1: On-Grid Solar Power Plant

    As the name indicates, the on-grid solar power system is connected with the local grid and typically supports city residents and urban areas where grid-produced electricity is available. The major function of an on-grid solar system is to limit dependency over the local grid and save money from monthly bills. Depending on the capacity of the solar system, you can save thousands of dollars annually by having a solar unit to meet the electricity needs of your home.

    The on-grid system uses a net metering system that allows you to sell the extra produced electricity to a local grid company. The meter will be reversed when transferring solar electricity to the grid. When sun rays aren’t available to produce solar energy or the system isn’t producing enough electricity at full capacity, the system is intelligent enough to completely or partially use the grid electricity to meet your domestic demand.

    2: Off-Grid Hybrid Solar Power Plant

    The off-grid system is also known as a hybrid solar power plant. The compact design includes every supporting component that provides freedom from the local grid, and you can become fully independent in producing your own electricity. The off-grid solar system is equally beneficial for urban areas and for those in remote areas to enjoy the tranquillity of Australian deserts, seaside areas, mountain terrains, or open landscapes. Our modern Hybrid Solar Systems are intelligent enough that you can also connect them with the local grid.

    The main feature of the hybrid system is the added benefit of a solar battery which provides backup when demanded by the system. The battery options include AGM, Wet Cell Battery, and all-time favourite lithium-ion battery. Each battery has its pros and cons, while the LiFePo4 battery is taking big market share due to its longevity, high energy density, deep discharge rate, and lightweight.

    The Hybrid Solar System includes a state-of-the-art hybrid solar inverter that is tasked to manage the system efficiently. The built-in functionalities reduce the size of the system, and you need not mingle with more electric circuitry to operate and manage it, i.e., the built-in solar battery for efficient battery charging and protection from being overcharged.

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