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    Are you planning to install the power system for backup if the electricity cuts off? Do you want to have an independent off-grid power generator system so that you do not have to be dependent on your energy supplier anymore? If yes, you need to make sure that the batteries you attach to the system are dependable to avoid any potential hassle in the future. Deep Cycle Systems offers a lithium ion battery pack that is reliable and can last for years to come without dropping performance.

    Australia is located on the edge of the tropics in one of the driest and most solar irradiated places on earth; the outback provides much more significant and reliable energy potential. Over the past decade, solar power systems’ prices have reached an all-time low, which means the addition of more solar electricity all across the world. As the saying goes, though, the sun isn’t always shining. The best answer is rechargeable storage battery packs to meet the power requirements during the day or in bad outside weather.

    Using storage batteries, not only can you connect them with off-grid power storage systems, but you can also use them with vehicles such as electric golf carts, electric cars, electric bikes, and any other electric vehicle. When we talk about the performance of batteries, lithium batteries offered by Deep Cycle Systems have 100% depth of discharge, which makes them work for more time. When it comes to performance with the vehicle and their depth to discharge ratio, they are lightweight, reducing the vehicle’s weight, which means they will work more efficiently.

    How a battery work:

    A lithium storage battery bank comprises an anode, electrolyte, cathode, separator, and two terminals, i.e., positive and negative. Anode and cathode are tasked for lithium storage, while electrolyte ensures transfer of positively charged ions from the anodes to cathodes and vice versa. Free electrons in an anode create a charge at the side of the positive terminal by moving lithium ions. This charge is used to power appliances, power tools, and other equipment, i.e., mobiles, laptops, lights, drill machines, etc.

    High Energy Density:

    Lithium technology is best known for its high energy density, which means it can store more current with less mass, making the Li-ion battery lightweight and easy to move. It is about half the weight of a lead-acid battery.

    Deep Discharge:

    Most rechargeable storage batteries have only half capacity to serve, i.e., flooded-acid batteries. If such a battery is discharged beyond the safe limit, it will die due to a drop in voltage level. The lithium-ion battery is modern technology that can provide full discharge and can be recharged effectively.

    Low Memory Effect:

    The low memory effect in battery packs causes batteries to remember a low storage capacity which kills the battery. Lithium battery cells have the industry’s lowest memory effect with a range of 2 to 5 per cent memory effect, whereas the lead-acid battery units have a 20% memory effect.

    Life Cycles:

    Life Cycle means discharging the storage battery fully and then charging it back to get it ready for the next cycle. Lithium battery technology is the latest one and answers all the glitches which other batteries failed. Lithium-ion battery provides thousands of life cycles with the same full discharge performance every time.

    So why go to any other company or purchase any other battery when you can get an efficient lithium ion battery, the best available in the market, from Deep Cycle Systems, and that too at a reasonable price.

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