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    lithium ion battery wholesaleAre you tired of changing batteries for your electronic products again and again? Do you want to get the best batteries for your products that will last longer, perform excellently and be reliable? If your answer is yes, then Deep Cycle Systems is here for you! Our lithium ion battery wholesale is active right now, which means that you can get the best batteries at affordable rates from us. Check out our website to get further details there.

    We aim to provide top-class quality, guaranteed, dependable batteries to our clients. We do our best not to let down our clients. We feel glad to offer our customers fulfilment and not offer a lower quality battery than the guaranteed one. Our experience and remarkable reaction from our client base have made us one of Australia’s driving battery makers.

    Lithium Battery Wholesale by Deep Cycle System

    • We are one of Australia’s leading lithium battery wholesale manufacturers, giving top-class batteries relying on the customers’ necessities.
    • Different brands rely on fake advertisements, yet we provide our customers with the same products that we advertise.

    Our batteries are smaller than lead batteries and provide better performance than lead batteries. Our batteries provide more energy and life than lead-acid batteries.

    Why Choose Lithium-ion batteries?

    High Charging and Discharging

    These batteries have a high charge and discharge rate, and their productivity can reach over 97% under discharge, while the lead batteries are about 80%.

    Long Life Cycle

    These batteries utilize lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrolyte material. The lead-acid battery has a lesser life cycle and decreases on different occasions for the most part. The lithium iron phosphate battery has more life cycle, and the standard charge (5-hour rate) can be used on numerous occasions.

    Incredible Temperature Execution

    The temperature of these batteries can reach 350 ° C to 500 ° C. With a wide working temperature range (- 20C to+75C) and high-temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate batteries can undoubtedly work in the climate where temperature can reach 350 °C-500 °C.

    Li-Ion Battery Gives High Effectiveness

    These batteries are smaller than destructive lead batteries yet give higher energy effectiveness restricts and are superior to lead batteries.

    No Memory Impacts

    These batteries don’t have any memory impact. In any case, the condition the battery is in will generally be used with the charge.

    Lightweight Battery

    The lifepo4 battery is 2/3 of the volume of the lead-destructive battery, and the weight is 1/3 of the lead-destructive battery.

    Li-Ion Batteries Are Environmental Safe

    Lifepo4 battery partakes in the advantages of being non-toxic, non-defiling, superb security execution, a vast extent of rough materials, low expenses, and long life. It is an ideal cathode material for one more time of lithium-molecule batteries.

    li ion wholesaleLi Ion Wholesale

    If you’re a trader, we’ve got great news: we offer li ion wholesale prices on Li Ion batteries! If you’re looking for LiFePo4 batteries, we’re here to help. We’ve got all the features you need at prices that are sure to make your wallet sing. Contact us today to get your quote started!

    Why Should You Buy Batteries at Lithium Wholesale Prices?

    To get a sustainable profit margin, it is important to buy lithium wholesale batteries to meet your operational cost and earn margin. Further, as a department or organisation, you may need Li ion batteries in large quantities. We offer Li Ion batteries at wholesale prices in Australia for individuals, companies, hospitals, emergency services, military establishments and rescue services.

    lithium wholesaleAffordable Lithium Wholesale Prices

    We understand that when you need to purchase LiFePO4 batteries for your project, you don’t want to pay over the odds for them. That’s why we’ve been able to offer some of the best lithium wholesale prices on the market for years. We have built up a reputation for being one of the most affordable places to buy lithium ion batteries online, and we’re keen to keep it that way!

    They have several advantages over other types of batteries, including:

    • The ability to withstand high temperatures without affecting performance
    • A long lifespan
    • Excellent heat resistance and low self-discharge rate
    • High efficiency at high and low temperatures

    lithium battery wholesaleWhy Choose Deep Cycle Systems?

    We are viewed as the leading lithium-ion battery creators because other battery manufacturers do not provide the features our batteries provide. Our lithium battery wholesale is currently active, now you can get your lithium batteries at reasonable rates and fulfil all your power needs.

    Passed MIL Quality Standards

    Our batteries have passed the MIL Vibration Testing Standards. These rules are used to rate the strength and toughness of the batteries. Our batteries have completed this standard which shows them safe for extreme conditions. Our batteries are dustproof and water-resistant. Any foreign particle would not enter the battery, making it protected against small environmental particles.

    Battery Management System

    We provide a built-in Battery Management System with all of our batteries. Unlike other brands who use fake advertisements for their battery management system, our battery’s BMS will work as expected. It can provide the customers with essential data concerning the battery life, charge rate, voltage and other important information. Our BMS comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessibility, connecting the battery system with the client’s device to give all the battery-related information.

    Best Material

    Our batteries are made with top-notch material to ensure their life and execution. Our batteries are made with a SafeFail design that makes sure that the batteries stop working safely if something goes wrong. We guarantee that the quality of the battery that we provide is better than batteries of other various brands.
    lithium ion cell wholesale

    Light Weight

    Our batteries are lighter than the lead-acid batteries yet provide better execution than lead-acid batteries. Our batteries are dry, making them water-resistant and safer than lead batteries—being dry means that the weight will be less. Our batteries are worked with the ideal blend of top-quality and lightweight material.

    Best for Marine Applications

    Our batteries are best for the use of Marines. Water-resistant, dry, lightweight, and compact makes them best for marine conditions and vehicles like boats.

    Best for Your Vehicles

    Lithium batteries are best for vehicles and huge vehicles like RVs. During the car’s starting, a major battery energy load is used. Lithium batteries provide an equivalent power yet with—generally, less risk of any energy loss. Our batteries are maintenance-free, which means that people can have long and safe outings without the steady worry of checking and staying aware of the batteries.

    Best Innovation for Lithium Ion Cell Wholesale

    Our lithium ion cell wholesale use advanced lithium cell Innovation, which is way cutting-edge than any battery producer. The lithium cell innovation that we use has obtained us the reputation of being the best lithium-particle battery makers.

    Temperature Safe

    Our batteries can withstand harsh temperature conditions. They can withstand high temperatures additionally to low-temperature conditions well without any problem.

    Buy Li Ion Battery Wholesale

    li ion battery wholesaleIt’s an ideal opportunity to avail our li ion battery wholesale for your needs! You can contact us by calling at 1300-795-327 or emailing at info@deepcyclesystems.com.au. Our customer care representatives will be happy to help you with any information related to our batteries. To get your batteries on cheaper rates, check out our lithium battery wholesale and purchase your batteries on cheaper rates today.

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