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    In the modern age, with improved technology, lithium batteries are no being mostly used for off-grid electric energy storage. If you are planning to install a solar system and want to mount lithium solar battery storage, you need to connect the lithium solar charge controller. Whether you are installing a new system or it is the old controller that got damaged, and now you want to replace it, Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered with the high-quality and reliable products that we offer at a very low price.

    Lithium batteries are the most reliable and long-lasting energy storage solution in solar systems. When connected to a solar system, these batteries need charging to provide energy backup in the absence of sunlight. The solar charge controller’s job is to control the amount of charge produced by solar panels and transfer the voltage to lithium batteries for optimized charging. The charge controller is set in place because the 12v solar panels, in reality, produce approximately 14-16 volts. In contrast, the battery needs voltages in the range of 12.5-13.3 depending upon the battery type.

    Deep Cycle System is a leading manufacturer of the solar charge controller. We ensure high-quality charge controllers.  Our charge controllers are designed to provide dependable and long-lasting charge control while also properly managing your solar system. Deep Cycle Systems ensures that our valued customers receive top-notch chargers. Our solar charger ensures the smooth working of your solar system. Deep Cycle Systems is a market leader for providing reliable and durable solar charge controllers.

    What is the need for a solar charge controller?

    Solar cells are compact and produce energy efficiently. However, in order to achieve maximum and safe output, they must be controlled by a smart device. A typical solar panel produces 12 volts of electricity. In reality, this 12V photovoltaic panel produces 16 to 18 volts of energy, which is higher than the solar system’s capacity.

    For a full charge, solar batteries only need 13.2 to 14 volts. However, because the solar panels create more electricity than is required, a lithium solar charge controller is installed to regulate the voltage. Therefore, batteries will only receive the exact amount of charge required.

    MPPT as a solar charge controller:

    MPPT means maximum power point tracking. This panel tracking follows the sunlight in real-time, thus enabling the solar panels to produce 15 percent more charging as compared to static solar panels. This feature is especially beneficial in winters when sunlight is for shorter intervals.

    At Deep Cycle Systems, we do not just offer solar regulators but, we have a wide range of charge controllers available, and you can choose any of them according to the need and requirement of your installed system. Moreover,

    • Our regulators come with Ultra-Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking.
    • These charge controllers protect your battery from over-discharge as well as over-charge.
    • Come with Intelligent battery management that helps in changing the algorithm depending on battery temperature.
    • You can remotely monitor the battery status and control the algorithm with the help of your Bluetooth enabled smartphone.
    • Our charge controller is highly durable and reliable. They can last for years come so you do not have to replace them too often.

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