Choose Our 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger for Hassle-Free Charging Anywhere. The Solar Charger for 12v Battery Is a Practical Solution for Outdoor Energy Needs.

outdoor 12 volt solar battery charger

    Are you planning to set up a new solar structure to provide you with an uninterrupted power supply? Do you already have a solar system installed, but the battery is impaired and not providing you with optimum performance? If you are on the lookout for a new solar battery for your solar setup that is reliable, you have come to the right place. Get rid of the old lead-acid batteries and install lithium batteries offered by Deep Cycle Systems for optimum performance, along with the best quality outdoor 12 volt solar battery charger. Deep Cycle Systems, the top company in the market, provides high-quality and efficient lithium batteries with efficient solar-powered chargers.

    How to Identify Outdoor 12 Volt Solar Battery Chargers?

    The solar panel board has a force of 1.8W and 12V working Voltage. The solar panel’s opening comprises various parts, for example, a battery charging port and a few other ports.

    It likewise has various little lights to execute various capacities; for example, the green light indicates charging, and the red shows the battery isn’t associated. These are the critical provisions of knowing about the outdoor 12v solar battery.

    Features of Outdoor 12v Chargers

    Outdoor chargers are efficient and durable due to the solid material these charges are made of. There are many features of these chargers, such as:

    • 12v chargers are efficient in energy
    • Available are affordable rates
    • Echo friendly chargers
    • Easy and safe in use
    • Light in weight and small in size
    • Capable of functioning in the rain and bad weather

    The Finest Outdoor 12v Solar Battery Charger

    What is to be considered is knowing the sort of battery of your cruiser or other vehicles. Vehicles run on the batteries of lead-corrosive, lithium batteries, and numerous others. The outdoor 12v solar battery charger is the optimum choice to avoid overheating batteries during charging. In light of having the microchip-controlled program, these chargers are excellent when charging and supporting the batteries. Notwithstanding charging the cruiser and vehicle batteries, it likewise charges the batteries of 6V to 12V. These chargers are accessible in the market at a sensible cost.

    Why Choose Us for Outdoor 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger?

    If you have installed a reliable and enduring battery, you need to take care of it and even prolong its life. To do that, you need to install a dedicated charger. Deep Cycle Systems offers an outdoor 12 volt solar battery charger that will control the charging process and prolong the life of your battery. Moreover, we have been in this industry for years providing high-quality and reliable solar battery chargers. Over time, we have provided our chargers to tons of customers. The satisfaction of our customers is our foremost priority, and we strive to meet and even exceed our customers’ expectations.

    Our 12-volt charger can also provide 24V system voltage that can be set manually with the help of the Bluetooth app. The app is available on both IOS as well as android. By using this app, you can monitor the status of your battery and customise the process.

    Premium Quality Outdoor Solar Battery Charger by Deep Cycle Systems

    The use of solar products at the domestic level has increased by many folds as the sale of rooftop solar products has touched the sky. Researchers developed solar gadgets to bear the harsh weather conditions of Australia. Deep Cycle Systems strives to provide technologically advanced and feature-full solar solutions to its customers. Our solar products passed the test of rough Australian weather, so our listing includes all-weather solar products. Our outdoor solar battery charger is designed to withstand extreme weather situations as they are water-resistant, heat-retardant, and have ratings of IP65 and IP67.

    The world of solar products to generate electricity has been stuffed with several functionalities to complement the end-user experience. Solar energy has already drawn the attention of world leaders resulting in an increasing share of solar electricity for every country. Australia was a leader in producing electricity using coal and diesel. This trend has considerably changed as there are more investments by companies and Australian nationals in solar projects. The country holds the top position in 2018 and 2019 regarding the highest per-capita solar energy.

    If you are on the lookout for a solar system, then you have come to the right place.

    Outdoor 12v Solar Battery by Deep Cycle Systems

    Deep Cycle Systems is a name of trust for Australians due to our commitment to providing the best customer services. We are trendsetters as we break the industry taboos and stand against suboptimal and low-quality products. We manufacture high-quality products and include only high-rated energy options that never disappoint you regarding reliability and efficiency. So, whether you need an outdoor 12v solar battery or a charger, we are the name to trust.

    Using our services and products means you are assured of having the best solar products with confidence. We have a range of high-precision solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers, and deep cycle lithium batteries. All these high-quality products combined with our expertise will enhance your user experience.

    Role of Solar Battery Charger

    An outdoor 12v solar battery charger is crucial when you aren’t in mode to compromise over efficiency. Deep Cycle Systems offers MPPT solar charge controller that ensures maximum power point tracking from sunlight. Our intelligent solar chargers are designed to provide battery protection from being overcharged. Our battery chargers are ideal for outdoor applications as they come with IP65 and IP67 ratings. An IP65 solar battery charge controller means it protects from total dust ingress and water jets with low pressure from any direction. An IP67 battery charger means you get assurance against total dust ingress and protection from immersion between fifteen centimetres and three feet in depth.

    Deep Cycle Systems has a range of inverters with built-in battery chargers. Such compact inverter boxes reduce the need for extra wiring and make the installation process easy and hassle-free. Our outdoor solar battery charger listings include Blue Smart IP65 Charger with 120V and 230V. These intelligent outdoor battery chargers can charge the battery from down to 0 voltage level and be used as a power supply.

    The two solar chargers are designed to sustain -40 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius. Our experts can offer you virtual control of your battery charger using your smartphone device to look over battery charge, voltage level, and even handling remotely. These chargers come with a dedicated charging algorithm for Li-Ion battery cells and other types.

    • The Blue Smart IP65 battery chargers are available in 12v (4, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25 amperes) and 24v (5, 8, 13 amperes) rating.
    • The Blue Smart IP67 battery chargers are available in 12v (7, 13, 17, 25 amperes) and 24v (5, 8, 12 amperes) ratings.

    An Efficient 12vdc Solar Battery Charger for Small Solar Setups at an Affordable Price

    Do you have a solar power bank, solar-powered robot, smart solar environment monitor system, or a solar lamp? To recharge the battery of all these systems efficiently, you need to install a charger that can control the charging process. Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the market, offers 12vdc solar battery charger for small solar setups.

    Solar battery chargers are quick to charge the batteries for day by day employment. These charges are suitable for the batteries of heavy vehicles and compact batteries too. Aside from charging the batteries, these chargers likewise accomplish crafted by the support of the batteries. These are known for their 100% quality work and the manner in which the capacity to charge and keep up with the batteries. With the solar battery charger, you can go out on a journey for two or three months as this won’t harm and cheat your battery.

    5v Solar Battery Chargers Are Environmentally Friendly

    A solar charger aims to put the energy gained from the sun into a rechargeable battery. Here, the current varies according to the size and design of the battery. For instance, the batteries and chargers we use for laptops and computers are different from the batteries and chargers that we use for golf charts. By using these chargers, you can get energy from the sun’s rays and then convert them into electricity. These chargers are environmentally friendly and do not overheat or exclude the gasses that can danger the environment.


    • Sun-powered Panel
    • Great Weak Light Effect
    • High Conversion Rate and Efficiency Output
    • Appropriate for Charging Cellphone and Small DC Batteries
    • Construct Your DIY Powered Models, Solar Display and Solar Toys
    • Force: 0.15W
    • Voltage: 5V
    • Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
    • Size: 70X 25


    • It is designed for a 5V solar panel.
    • It comes with Maximum Power Point Tracking to enhance the efficiency of charging even in the cloudy sky.
    • It comes with all-around protection functions that prevent your battery from over-charging.
    • With the help of the temperature sensor, it senses the temperature of your battery.
    • With the help of intelligent battery management, it changes the charging algorithm if the battery becomes too hot.
    • It has various other protection functions as well, such as reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, etc.

    Having been in this industry for years, we know that every person has different needs. Hence, we provide a outdoor 12 volt solar battery charger, but we have a wide range of chargers available. So why go to any other company when you can get the reliable charger to meet your requirement from Deep Cycle Systems and that too without going beyond your budget.

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