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Solar batteries

    The rooftop solar systems are helpful in generating solar power for families for domestic usage. Thanks to the power solar battery, due to which we can store energy for evening and night time usage.

    Solar energy is helpful when your target is to cut the cost of electricity. It is equally helpful for domestic and for commercial operations. Apart from benefits to humans, the use of solar energy is also beneficial to our environment as we can limit the carbon footprint to make a better living community.

    One of the major reasons why solar has become so popular in Australia is self-sufficiency and control over what they can produce without heavy spending. Currently, with 637 watts per capita, Australia holds the top position all across the world with more than twenty-one thousand megawatts of solar production. This shows the growing interest of Australians in solar electricity. Deep Cycle Systems offers reliable solar batteries at an affordable price.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems:

    Choosing the right company for your solar product could be challenging, especially when everyone claims to be perfect. It’s really tough to escape from quacks who can even destroy high-quality products because of a lack of technical expertise. Deep Cycle Systems is a name of trust when it comes to reliable energy partners. We are experts in solar technology, while our solar batteries are manufactured with perfection to give you a comprehensive storage device. We manufacture deep-cycle lithium batteries that are ideal for all-purpose energy storage.

    Lithium batteries are the latest and full of features to complement solar system efficiency. Our products are known for their robust performance, thus won the confidence of the public. Our success stories expand over years of quality services to Australian families. A basic ingredient of our success is that we never compromise over quality as it breaches the trust and relations with customers; instead, we believe in quality products, and it helps us to win referrals.

    Use of Lithium Solar Battery Cells:

    The lithium battery cells are the first choice and are equally popular for on-grid solar systems and off-grid solar installations. These power batteries heavy-duty cells known as reliable electricity storage devices. The on-grid solar systems provide clean solar energy to city residents, and they will be sure that there will be no blackouts due to power failure by the local grid. The solar inverter converts DC electricity produced by solar plates into AC supply which is the matching form for home electric appliances.

    During day time, solar arrays generate power to supply to your home, while the power solar battery ensures to store electricity for evening or night time or when required by active loads. So the role of a storage battery is crucial when the target is to get free solar energy round the clock. The role of solar batteries becomes more crucial in the case of an off-grid solar setup. The battery ensures you will remain connected to electric appliances and communication devices in case solar plates aren’t harvesting solar energy due to a cloudy environment or due to darkness.

    Some key features of deep cycle solar batteries are:

    – Deep discharge ability enables you to use about 90% of the total capacity

    – Using a solar battery charger by Deep Cycle Systems, you can even charge a dead battery drained fully

    – High energy density means lithium batteries are lightweight

    – Lithium batteries have four times less current loss due to the memory effect, which is the lowest in the industry

    – LiFePo4 batteries can provide thousands of life cycles which mean years of services

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