12V 80Ah Extreme battery (LITHIUM)


Specifications of our 12V 80Ah Extreme batteries:

  • Specifically developed for naval and military applications
  • Well-suited for under bonnet and winching applications
  • Come with 10C rated heavy duty LFP Cells
  • Automatic cell balance technology
  • Extended service life
  • 306 x 168 x 211mm ABS flame retardant case
  • Weight: 14Kgs
  • Works between -25 degrees to 85 degrees C
  • 1000CCA at -20°C and up to 1400CCA at normal temp.
  • 3 year return to base warranty

$1,650.00 AUD

  • Clear
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Cycle test discharging the battery from 100%SOC to 0%SOC at 250Amps and charging back up to 100%SOC at 120Amps.

These are specifically developed for demanding naval and military applications. Well suited for under bonnet and winching applications.

Battery Terminal Configuration

LHP – Left Hand Positive, RHP – Right Hand Positive