12V 80Ah Extreme battery (LITHIUM)


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Specifications of our 12V 80Ah Extreme batteries:

  • Specifically developed for naval and military applications
  • Well-suited for under bonnet and winching applications
  • Come with 10C rated heavy duty LFP Cells
  • Automatic cell balance technology
  • Extended service life
  • 306 x 168 x 211mm ABS flame retardant case
  • Works between -25 degrees to 85 degrees C
  • 1000CCA at -20°C and up to 1400CCA at normal temp.

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The specs on our 12V 80Ah Extreme batteries are;

  • 12V 80Ah battery with 10C rated heavy duty LFP cells
  • Dimension: 306 x 168 x 211mm (N70 size)
  • ABS plastic flame retardant case
  • 200Amp custom spec continuous MOSFET BMS (using Toshiba semiconductors)
  • Automatic high current cell balancing technology for extended service life
  • working temperature range allows -25 degrees up to 85 degrees C
  • CCA 1000 @ -20 degrees C @ 20% SOC (lab tested and passed) . At normal temps and SOC you get well over 1000CCA closer to 1400CCA

These are specifically developed for demanding naval and military applications. Well suited for under bonnet and winching applications.

Cycle test discharging the battery from 100%SOC to 0%SOC at 250Amps and charging back up to 100%SOC at 120Amps.

Battery Terminal Configuration

LHP – Left Hand Positive, RHP – Right Hand Positive