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5kW BMU – Multi Mode 48V Battery Inverter


Sleek, sophisticated and incredibility efficient, the DCS AC Coupled Hybrid Solar System utilsing Fronius PV inverting leaves the competition in the dark.
This capable high performance system has no limits. You can run any amount of solar PV from as little as a 3kW array up to 100kW or anything in between. Easily connected to any new or existing single phase, two phase or three phases switchboards.
The DCS 5kW AC coupled Multi Mode Battery Inverter provides UPS backup power with up to 5kW of output per phase. Only draws 5W of power during standby and comes standard with WiFi monitoring and we can easily do remote updates of the system at any point in the future as the software evolves and new features are released.
Charging power can be a maximum of 5kW per phase, so on a three phase switchboard you can have up to 15kW of battery inverting (charge and discharge power).

$2,400.00 AUD

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  • Hybrid (On Grid) and off grid capabilities
  • 5kW Continuous discharge and charge
  • WiFi monitoring as standard
  • Single phase and three phase energy meters included in each box
  • AC coupled easy installation
  • Reliable isolated transformer topology
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Protect against power outages (UPS changeover under 10ms)
  • Supports latest lithium ion battery technologies (DCS, LG Chem, Pylontech, GCL)
  • High efficiency above 95% roundtrip
  • IP22 (water & ingress rating)
  • 5 year replacement warranty
5kW BMU (48V)

Turn any existing single phase and three phase solar system into a hybrid system with this brilliant 5kW battery management Unit(BMU)

Single phase and three phase energy meters included in each box

Supports lates lithium ion battery technologies

(DCS, LG Chem, Pylontech, GCL, BYD)

Connecting to Monitoring Portal via WiFi

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