12V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery

  • DCS Battery delivers a minimum of 2500 Cycles
  • Ideal replacement for Gel or Lead Acid Batteries
  • High performance compared to Traditional Batteries

12V 40A DC to DC Battery charger.

  • Features separate inputs for Engine and Solar Charging
  • 40A output up to 40°C that Decreases for Smaller Ah Batteries
  • Uses engine input if engine is running otherwise solar input will be used

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$2,799.00 AUD $2,499.00 AUD

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12V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery

DCS Batteries are the ideal drop in replacement & upgrade from AGM, Gel or other lead acid batteries for any application. DCS gives you the ability to upgrade your current batteries to lithium ion technology that can deliver a minimum of 2500 cycles and has tremendous advantages in weight, performance, reliability and service life compared to that of traditional lead acid batteries.

12V 40A DC to DC Battery charger.

The EN3DC40+ is a programmable DC to DC charger featuring separate inputs for engine and solar charging. The solar input is regulated with an MPPT algorithm with a maximum OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) rating of 45V. The charger output is 40A up to 40°C but can be decreased for smaller Ah batteries.  While the engine is running the charger will use the engine input, otherwise the solar input will be used for charging.  Engine charging is autosensed from the start battery voltage, but an ignition signal can be used instead.  Temperature sensor is included but not required for DCS batteries. The charger will take up to 600W of solar however depending on the efficiency of the solar PV panels 800-900W can also be wired into the charger.


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