12V 75AH Lithium Ion Battery | Deep Cycle | Engine Starting

DCS Batteries are the ideal drop in replacement & upgrade from AGM, Gel or other lead acid batteries for any application. DCS gives you the ability to upgrade your current batteries to lithium ion technology that can deliver a minimum of 2500 cycles and has tremendous advantages in weight, performance, reliability and service life compared to that of traditional lead acid batteries.

Backed by a 4 year replacement warranty.
FREE delivery to all major cities in Australia.

$1,199.00 AUD $950.00 AUD

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DCS 12V 75Ah dual batteries installed in a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150.

DCS 12V Lithium Benefits – AGM Vs LFP (LiFePO4)
– 3 times more usable storage
– 6 times the service life
– 66 Kilograms lighter

Why do DCS 12V lithium batteries charge easier and faster than AGM’s?
Why don’t you need a DC-DC charger with DCS 12V lithium batteries?

DCS 12V lithium batteries feature a 65V BMS and so are designed for not only parallel connections but also series connections. Making them an ideal drop in replacement upgrade battery solution for any existing 24V systems.