48V 25Amp AC to DC LFP (LiFePO4) battery charger.

The DCS-LFP-4825 is a fully automatic AC mains to DC 48V LiFePO4 charger.  This is a marine spec charger, suitable for boats, caravans or ideal as an off grid backup charger.  It has been specifically developed for the high performance DCS PV series range of batteries.

  • Maximum power of 25Amps at 51.2V (1.5kW continuous)
  • Constant voltage charge at 58.4V (16S, 3.2V nominal cells)
  • Auto Resume Voltage at 52.8V
  • LCD Display for charging current, target voltage, and duration

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48V 25Amp AC to DC LFP (LiFePO4) battery charger.

The DCS-LFP-4825 is a fully automatic AC mains to DC 48V LiFePO4 charger.  This is a marine spec charger, suitable for boats, caravans or ideal as an off grid backup charger.  It has been specifically developed for the high performance DCS PV series range of batteries.

  • Maximum power: 25Amps @ 51.2V (1.5kW continuous)
  • AC Input Voltage Range: 200 ~ 260VAC
  • Constant Voltage Charge: 58.4V (16S, 3.2V nominal cells)
  • Auto Resume Voltage: 52.8V
  • LCD Display: Charging current, target voltage, Ah count and duration
  • Dimensions: 290 x 150 x 90mm
  • Weight: 4.0 KGs
  • Cooling: Fan forced with over temperature protection
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Included in the box: 240V mains lead, crocodile clips for portable applications and M8 lugs for permanent installation.


48v LiFePO4 battery chargerDeep Cycle Battery System’s Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chargers are best in class battery chargers with a charging profile explicitly intended to charge and keep up with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. They can securely accomplish a 100% State of Charge. The 48V 10A model charger works from mains AC 200-260V as info, providing up to 10A charging yield appropriate for ostensible 48v LiFePO4 battery charger. The charger’s underlying security innovation gives insurance against Over Voltage and Over Current products, Short Circuit and Reverse Polarity making it exceptionally protected to utilize.

Built-in Protection System

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chargers have an underlying Protection System to keep harm to the charger from practically any outdoor inadvertent event that would regularly cause damage. The inward Protection System will naturally detach to forestall harm to the charger and reconnect when the blunder condition has been settled.

48v LiFePO4 charger48v LiFePO4 Battery Charger Features

Over Voltage Protection

When the charger yield voltage surpasses the most significant charging voltage, the charger enters a reserve state. It will re-establish ordinary working conditions naturally after investigating.

Over Current Protection

When the charger yield current surpasses the tremendous charging current, the charger enters a reserve state. It will re-establish ordinary working conditions naturally after investigating.

Short out Protection

When the charger recognizes a short out at yield terminals, the charger enters a short out security state. It will re-establish ordinary working conditions naturally after investigating.

Invert Polarity Protection

When the 48v LiFePO4 charger distinguishes that the extremity at the yield terminals is switched, the charger enters a converse extremity insurance state. It will re-establish ordinary working conditions naturally after investigating.

This Protection System is intended to last for the duration of the existence of the charger and give reliable charging to a considerable number of cycles.

48v lithium chargersWhy Choose Deep Cycle Systems?

Being one of the ruling and dominant companies in this industry, we know that every person has different needs and requirements that depend on their usage. Hence, we offer a wide range of 48v lithium chargers with different designs, and voltage can be used for several applications. Satisfaction and trust of our customers are the topmost values on which we never make a compromise. If you do not know what battery charger you need and which one is ideal for you, you can ask our friendly customer care representatives to help you in this regard.

Working with us implies that you are working with an organization that knows the value of your time and cash. We furnish our customers with the quality to construct long haul relations. We have a broad scope of batteries for you to look over. Regardless of whether you need lithium, lead-corrosive, AGM, OPzV, or telecom battery, we have you shrouded in all respects.

The fulfilment of our clients is one of the fundamental parts of Deep Cycle Systems, which must be accomplished by furnishing them with superior grade and dependable items. Hence, we never think twice about the quality and provide our customers with the ideal batteries. Subsequently, when managing us, you can have the confidence to get the best on the lookout.

48v LiFePO4The Perfect 48v LiFePO4 Batteries for You

Gone are the days when you have to bear the power breakouts while the existing lead-acid batteries provide a slight benefit with several limitations associated with them. The improvement in electricity storage facilities leads to lithium-ion batteries, also known as LiFePO4 batteries. Though the 12v batteries are most common due to numerous applications compatible with them, the 48v LiFePO4 batteries are suitable, especially for solar installations with high loads. If you are on the lookout for LifePO4 batteries, then your search ends here. Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the market, offers these batteries at affordable prices.

Reason to Become the Star of the Show

Technological advancement has resulted in lightweight, efficient, durable, and sleek lithium iron phosphate batteries. These are the latest version of power storage facilities that have become essential to provide power backup for almost every walk of life, including medical equipment, power tools, campervans, transport, and even marine installation. Deep Cycle Systems is a friendly company serving Australian families for years by providing low-cost, premium quality energy solutions. These batteries have replaced the lead-acid batteries due to their versatility and come ease to operate with no threat of explosion like the chance of hydrogen explosion. There is no need for maintenance as these batteries provide years of the life cycle; that’s why these storage units are also known as deep cycle batteries.

  • Due to their high-density ability, a LiFePO4 battery provides six times more efficiency and reliability than a particular lead-acid battery resulting in low weight and is easy to move.
  • LiFePO4 batteries are known for a longer lifespan without the need for maintenance; typically, they can withstand for over a decade in handled properly
  • These batteries charge themselves quickly, typically within 3 hours, whereas a lead-acid battery may take up to ten hours to charge them fully
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery bank provides a discharge ability of 90%, whereas the lead-acid batteries are recommended to discharge only halfway

Down Side

It’s important to highlight the other side of the coin to portray an accurate picture. The downside for LiFePO4 batteries include:

  • High temperatures can abuse the performance of lithium-ion batteries. However, the recommended temperature range is five to forty-five degrees Celsius; anything above could downgrade the performance and backup time as well
  • LiFePO4 battery banks are typically expensive when compared with lead-acid battery bank


Though lithium-ion batteries have some downsides, they are still safe and better than any existing battery bank. To keep an eye on performance, you can install some protection and observation gadgets with your system, like overcharge protection, overload protection, and battery monitor system. A battery monitoring system or BMS by Deep Cycle Systems allows you to operate the battery via mobile phone or personal computer.

We have all the systems and solutions to provide you with the state of the art products. Our products come with integrated series of Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT charge controllers for solar systems. The MPPT charger protects the battery bank from being overcharged by disconnecting the battery bank from solar panels.

48v lithium battery charger48v LiFePO4 Batteries and Chargers for Electricity Backup

Do you have a flooded lead-acid battery or deep cycle gel battery that does not provide you with the performance you want? Do you want a battery that is reliable and provide optimum performance? If you are looking for a reliable option, do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in Australia, has got you covered with a LiFePO4 battery and 48v lithium battery charger that take care of the battery bank and improve their efficiency. These batteries are the perfect replacement for any application using a lead-acid battery or a deep cycle one.

Solar Energy Storage

Due to low prices, subsidies by the government, and improved solar technology, people worldwide are investing heavily in solar battery kits that are meant for overcoming climate change threats, power blackouts, and independence from expensive grid electricity. The role of solar power storage batteries is crucial as the sun isn’t shining all the time. These batteries are essential to compete with electricity produced by fossil fuels. From 2000 to 2018, the total installed solar capacity grew from 1.25 GW to 485 GW. China is the global leader in producing more solar energy with 254 GW functional capacity by 2020. Australia also made headlines regarding the highest solar per-capita capacity with 637 watts per individual. At the same time, the country will start exporting solar energy to Singapore via the world’s largest solar storage battery.

The battery world was revolutionized by adding a Lithium-ion battery known for high-end features that no other battery type offers. The key features include low self-discharge, high energy density, lightweight, no maintenance like flooded acid battery, and thousands of life cycles. Lithium batteries are known for deep discharge, which means a 100amh lithium battery provides 100 ampere-hours backup, and you can charge them without any damage to them. This isn’t the case in acid or AGM batteries, as they can provide half backup of their total capacity. Discharging an acid battery beyond half the limit can damage battery cells.

LiFePO4 battery chargersBattery Charger

Lithium batteries are expensive; however, they offer profound benefits to connected applications. Deep Cycle Systems recommends using a battery charge controller for improved battery performance. Our LiFePO4 chargers are intelligent Victron devices that protect the battery from voltage variations and high-temperature threats. The charger will disconnect the connected loads and charging source to avoid damage. We have separate battery chargers with different ratings, including Blue Smart IP22 Charger, Automotive IP65 Charger, and Blue Smart IP67 Waterproof Charger.

Deep Cycle Systems

At Deep Cycle Systems, we keep the satisfaction of our customers at the forefront of our priorities. We have served numerous customers with our high-quality and reliable batteries to their utmost satisfaction. Most of our business is from word-of-mouth recommendations, and it stands a testament to the quality of our products. These batteries come with stable LFP that helps them last longer than lead-acid and other lithium mixed batteries. There is no sudden drop in the capacity of our lithium batteries, and they have a 100% depth of discharge without any harm.

Moreover, we also provide 48v LiFePO4 battery charger that control the charging of your battery to avoid over-charging and over-heating. It can help you lengthen the life of your battery even more.

48 volt lithium ion battery charger48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Charger For Fast Charging Your Lithium Battery

With the advancement in battery technology, Lithium-ion batteries are on the rise. Lithium batteries have widely been adopted, ranging from cell phones laptops to gadgets and usage in other large appliances such as inverters and home backup systems. Lithium batteries have safe chemistry with their cells immune to discharging and cell damage due to improper half charging cycle. Lithium battery requires a specialized 48 volt lithium ion battery charger to charge 48v lithium battery efficiently.

Lithium charger supports fast charging of the batteries while maintaining their long-lasting life. Lithium battery charger provides Constant Current (CC), followed by Constant Voltage (CV). This limits the voltage to carry out safe charging of these batteries. In normal circumstances, a lithium charger fully charges the lithium-ion battery when it reaches 13.3V-13.4V. In comparison, the lead-acid battery only requires 12.6-12.8V. Lithium chargers are necessary to ensure the best battery life and charging. Deep Cycle Systems produces the best quality lithium chargers.

Deep Cycle System specializes in Lithium-ion battery chargers. Lithium battery charger provides faster and safer charging while maintaining the health of cells inside the battery. Deep Cycle Systems is the perfect solution for a top-notch lithium battery. Our lithium battery chargers range from 12V to 48V, depending upon your lithium-ion battery specifications. Deep Cycle System manufactures the best quality Lithium battery charger for our valuable customers.

Why is a Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Useful?

A typical battery charger used for charging a lead-acid battery can charge your lithium-ion battery. However, a standard lead-acid battery uses low voltage for charging. Henceforth, a lithium-ion battery will only be charged 80% by a standard battery charger. In addition, a specialized charger for lithium-ion batteries charges at least five times faster than your typical battery charger.

Advantages of Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

A lithium charger provides a constant voltage to the battery when charging and peak performance. In return, the lithium-ion battery delivers peak performance irrelevant of the load. Henceforth a good lithium charger will enhance your practicality using the lithium-ion battery.

A lithium-ion battery inhibits discharge when not in use. Hence if only loses 5% of the charge in a month of not in use. On the other hand, a typical lead-acid battery loses at least 20% of the order in a month when not in use. Henceforth, the low discharging ability of lithium-ion batteries makes them more durable than a lead-acid batteries.

48v lithium ion battery chargerHow Can You Select The Best Lithium-Ion Battery Charger?

48v lithium ion battery charger works perfectly for charging your lithium-ion battery. A correct charger for your battery provides the right amount of voltage to the battery, enhancing battery life.

Lithium-ion battery charger needs to be compatible with the battery. The exact voltage required to charge the battery is necessary. It is because the lithium batteries should not be overcharged as they are sensitive to over-voltage charging.

AMP–Hour rating should always be checked when deciding on a lithium-ion battery charger. An insufficient amp-hour rating will only cause damage to your battery; hence you need to select the correct amp-hour charger.

Why Buy at Deep Cycle Systems?

Deep Cycle Systems provides an excellent range of power and electrical solutions ranging from lithium-ion batteries to inverters, solar panels, solar systems, and lithium battery chargers. Our product list is extensive as we have been in the business of providing power solutions to our valuable customers for years. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing durable and long-lasting products to our valuable customers at affordable prices.

Deep Cycle Systems specializes in lithium battery chargers. We provide high-quality lithium chargers and lithium batteries to ensure the best power with efficiency. We offer a wide range of lithium chargers according to your needs.


If you search for 48v LiFePO4 batteries and chargers, then Deep Cycle Systems is the go-to option for you. Deep Cycle Systems believe in providing premium quality and efficient energy products to our customers for their better user experience. Our customer care representatives are here to help you with all your queries. Our contact number is 1300 795 327 or for email, write to us at info@deepcyclesystems.com.au.




Lithium Ferrophosphate (LFP) is a flame retardant, stable, safe and proven cell chemistry that has a very good energy density around 325 Wh/L. This cell chemistry can be engineered for various applications by adjusting the ratio of elements to provide high performance characteristics. E.g. the DCS marine battery range runs 2C cells, which means our little 75Ah battery will discharge comfortably at 75Ah x 2C = 150A. The DCS 80Ah Extreme runs 10C cells which means the 80A can comfortably discharge at 80Ah x 10C = 800A but is of course limited to lower currents due the the Battery Management System.

LFP also has very good cycling durability between 2,000 ~ 12,000 cycles can be achieved depending on how well the cells are managed, and the lowest rate of capacity loss (aka greater calendar-life) compared to other lithium cell chemistries.


Battery cells are simply a bunch of resistors with the ability to store energy. A 100Ah battery pack has a different resistance characteristic compared to a 50Ah battery pack, that theoretical difference in resistance is 2:1. So if you connect a 100Ah battery in parallel to a 50Ah battery there is no way for these two batteries to equalise and therefore you can’t charge them correctly. So for example connecting a 60Ah calcium starting battery to a 120Ah AGM via a VSR (Voltage Sensing Relay) you cannot charge both batteries correctly and from that day onwards you are prematurely destroying both battery packs. Same theory applies with lithium’s it’s still a battery pack.

What’s the solution? A DC-DC charger, you now have a permanent point of isolation (meaning that both batteries are never connected to each other in parallel). The DC-DC charger takes the surplus power from battery A (engine) and chargers battery B (aux/house). This device now allows any battery capacity and or chemistry to be used.

What if both batteries are the same, can I run a VSR between exactly the same two batteries?

Yes you can, but lithium’s have a different voltage curve, so you would still need to use a programmable VSR to dial them in correctly. However these devices draw a lot of power when engaged to so it’s best to run the two batteries in parallel and run a load disconnect instead of a VSR.

The advantages of the lithium battery cell chemistry

Lithium battery cells have a super low resistance so are very easy to charge and very efficient. This level of efficiency means you can charge them at very high C rates. For example if you look at the charge rate of a 100Ah AGM battery the recommended charging current will be around 25A, which is a 0.25C charge rate. If you consider the DCS 12V 100Ah Lithium battery it can be charged at up to 70A which is a 0.70C charge rate. This means you no longer need to consider DC-DC chargers as you can connect our batteries directly to high power charging devices such as suitable alternators, or large buck boosters. For example our popular dual 90Ah battery system for boats and 4WD vehicles, can be connected to alternators up to 160A.


Because our batteries are internally voltage regulated and because our BMS has such a high sustainable peak discharge current they will do an amazing job of equalising very quickly.


The BMS will open circuit the battery terminals to protect the cells. This means there is no longer any resistance in the system. The BMS needs a 12V signal with at least 1A of current to release and wakeup from a cell protection state. Most mains chargers with a lithium profile will do a slow recovery charge as will most solar regulators. Some chargers in the market today that are advertised as ‘lithium’ compatible still don’t have the firmware to do a slow recovery charge to release BMS’s. If you have a charger that will not wakeup the BMS, easiest way to wake it up is to connect a unregulated solar panel directly to the battery terminals, ensure all loads are disconnected before you do this. Having said that every system should have a suitable low cut off voltage to shutdown loads/accessories so that the batteries are not fully drained.


Use the following settings:

Charged voltage 14.0V
Tail current 4%
Charged detection time 1min
Peukert 1.05
Charge efficiency 98%
Current threshold 0.1A
C rates: refer to the battery pack capacity

What is the best state/charge to store these batteries ?

Fully charge to 100% isolate everything from the terminals and leave for max 3 months and then cycle (fully discharge and fully charge) and leave again for 3 months etc…. Minimum 4 cycles per year to not effect the cells capacity.