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  • Multi-functional power solution
  • Optimum comfort and safety
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Computer controlled operation and monitoring
  • 4 Stage adaptive charge technology

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How does it work?

The EasyPlus is a user friendly and easy to configure device. You can set the maximum available power from generator using the dial available on the control panel. Then there are two outputs for your loads to be divided. One output is used for regular low power equipment. Power to these equipment will be provided from grid shore or generator and if there happens to be a shortfall or cut-off in the main power supply, the load will be transferred to the batteries. It will be transferred so fast that the running equipment will continue to operate without any disruption.

The second output is used for heavy equipment that you do not want to drain the battery charge. In case of power cut-off from the main supply, these equipment will be turned off to protect the batteries form excessive discharge.

Technical Information:

Inverter frequency

50Hz; 60Hz

Input frequency range

45 – 65Hz; 45 – 55Hz; 55 – 65Hz

Input voltage range

  • Lower limit: 180 – 230V
  • Upper limit: 230 – 270V

Inverter voltage

210 – 245V

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 110 × 214 × 510 cm

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