Ultimate DCS 12V 200Ah Dual Battery Setup (Lithium)


– 2 x DCS 100Ah LFP batteries
– Victron Battery Protect SBP-65A
– Max alternator output 200Amps
– Backed by a 3 year under bonnet replacement warranty.
– Fully programmable via bluetooth
– Tiny power consumption 1.2mA when engaged
– Suitable for Land Cruiser 80, 100 & 200 series.

$3,110.00 AUD $2,499.00 AUD

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– Fully programmable automatic isolation of loads, recommended isolation voltage is 12.8V (isolates both batteries for starting at 20%SOC)
– Automatic engagement at 13.0V (turns loads back on at 30%SOC)
– Ensures your automatically starting off both batteries every time, providing over 2000 LCA’s for engine starting
– With 200Ah of total storage means you have 200Ah x 20% = 40Ah always there for engine cranking. Allowing the upper 80% for deep cycling 160Ah.

Why do we use the latest fully programmable Victron Smart Battery Protects? Because they only have a 1.2mA engaged current draw and the isolators will spend 99% of their service life engaged.
They have bluetooth so via the Victron Connect App you can make quick and easy adjustments, override the isolators and check battery voltages. It also means you don’t need to go pulling the car apart to get to it to check it.
These isolators should be installed as close to the batteries as possible but inside the cabin they are not suitable for engine bay installations.

Dual DCS 12V 75Ah batteries installed in a Land Rover Discovery 4

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series – DCS 12V 100Ah dual batteries

Dual DCS 12V 100Ah batteries installed in a Toyota Land Cruiser 105

Dual DCS 12V 75Ah batteries install in a Nissan Patrol Y6″



Wiring Diagram