SKU: Orion XS 12/12-50A DC-DC battery charger

Engineered from the ground up, the Orion XS redefines DC-DC battery to battery charging. For perfect use in dual battery systems charged with an (intelligent) alternator.

  • 123mm Wide x 137mm Height x 40mm Deep
  • Fully configurable
  • Efficient cooling
  • Engine running detection
  • Works with Victron Connect
  • Intelligent charge algorithms
  • Remote monitoring optional

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Parallel to increase output current

An unlimited number of Orion XS devices can be connected in parallel. Making scaling the output current to match your system’s requirements easy.

Smart alternator compatibility

With its built-in engine running detection, the Orion XS guarantees the charger only draws power when the engine is running. It also helps retrieving a proper charge current from intelligent alternators as found in Euro 5 & Euro 6 engines.

Adaptive charge algorithm

The Orion XS includes customizable charging algorithms and 8 preset battery modes. For lead acid batteries, these settings ensure optimal absorption times for both shallow and deep discharges.

Complete electronic protection

The Orion XS comes equiped with comprehensive electronic protection against overload, short circuit and excessive temperatures. It will automatically reduce the output power when maximum product temperature is reached.

Low temperature shutdown & undervoltage protection

To prevent damage of lithium batteries, the charger will turn off automatically at low temperatures and when the input voltage drops below a user-configurable lockout value, protecting the starter battery from deep discharge.

Dust & waterproof

The Orion XS is designed to withstand dust and water pollution and has an IP65 classification.

A Truly Smart DC-DC Charger

Configurable Charging

Precisely set the input and output current with simple controls. This helps protect alternators against overloading and to charge the service battery properly, especially in case of intelligent alternators.

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