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solar battery life expectancy and working

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Solar batteries

    Solar batteries usually deliver a long-lasting service life. Solar battery life expectancy varies anywhere near falls anywhere near between 5-10 years. However, this greatly depends upon the amount of usage and how well the battery is being charged. The battery cycles and discharging play an important role in battery life. Therefore solar batteries are a reliable and durable energy storage solution. Solar batteries are charged with the help of solar panels. The energy stored is in the form of direct current DC. However, the solar inverter changes DC into alternating current AC, as the appliances and devices in the house run on AC.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a leading manufacturer for producing high-quality deep cycle batteries. Our batteries are built to provide durable and reliable energy storage solutions. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing solar batteries with extended service life and long-lasting performance. Our batteries run smoothly while making sure smooth provision of power. Deep Cycle Systems solar batteries are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our batteries are rigid and handle tough conditions ideally.

    What are key factors affecting your solar battery:

    Following are the key factors for your solar battery.

    Selecting the solar battery type:

    The best type of solar battery depends upon your usage and what suits your budget. Solar systems and solar inverters can work with lead-acid batteries as well as deep cycle and lithium-ion batteries. Solar batteries can also be utilized in the form of saltwater batteries. Lead-acid batteries cost relatively cheaper but come with short service life. In contrast, deep cycle batteries come with long-term usage; however, they are sensitive to overcharging. Lithium-ion batteries are essentially trouble-free in terms of maintenance and usage. However, they cost more than deep cycle and lead-acid batteries. Henceforth, selecting the right kind of solar battery is really up to your usage and choice.

    Usage of Solar Battery:

    Solar battery life expectancy is dependent upon the number of cycles. Deep cycle batteries are commonly used as a solar battery for storage. The deep cycle batteries have the ability to discharge up to 80% before recharging. In contrast, some delicate batteries need to be completely drained in order to charge them fully.

    Temperature for Solar Battery:

    A battery storage system for your solar system is highly dependent upon where you live. This is mainly because of the fact that batteries need to be stored at optimal temperatures in order to achieve maximum service life from them.

    For instance, if you live in an area with mild temperatures, you will be able to install your battery outdoor. Whereas the battery needs to be installed indoors, let’s say your garage or basement, if the temperature around you is hot.

    Warranty Matters:

    Solar batteries, according to their battery types, have a variable warranty from different manufacturers. The warranty is on the lower side of the spectrum in the case of lead-acid batteries. At the same time, lithium-ion batteries are warrantied for ten years by different manufacturers. Therefore, while selecting the ideal type of solar battery, keep the warranty in your mind.

    Maintenance for Solar Battery:

    Good maintenance leads to longer service life in solar batteries. Normally a solar system needs low maintenance. However, if not taken care of, your solar system can cost you significantly more in case something entirely goes bad due to insufficient maintenance.

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