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Victron MPPT Solar Controller For Smart Functioning of The Solar System

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    MPPT stands for maximum power point tracker. It is basically an electronic converter device that tracks and manages the DC direct current and optimizes the energy between a solar battery pack and a solar array. The voltage coming up from the solar panel is in higher frequency as compared to the DC required to store inside the battery. Therefore, the job of the Victron MPPT solar controller is to convert the higher voltage into lower voltage for optimal energy delivery. The solar batteries require a low voltage to store energy inside them, whereas the solar panels produce a higher voltage DC energy. Therefore an MPPT solar controller is necessary.

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    Working of MPPT Device:

    Solar cells are small and tidy. However, they need to be put under control via a smart device in order to attain maximum and safe output. A standard solar panel is designed to put out 12V of energy. However, this 12V photovoltaic panel is actually producing 16 to 18 volts of energy that exceeds the solar system capacity.

    Solar batteries only require 13.2 to 14 volts for full charging. On the other hand, solar panels generate more than the required energy. Therefore a Victron MPPT solar controller is put in place to control the voltage.

    What is Maximum Power Point Tracking?

    The panel power point tracking is a process where the mount will follow the direction of sunlight. Henceforth, the more the sunlight is projected upon the solar panels, it attains maximum energy. The panel power point tracking follows the sunlight in real-time, enabling at least 15% more energy production, especially during winters when the sunlight is low and has shorter intervals.

    The panel temperature during the winter is low due to the limited amount of sunlight. Therefore, more and constant sunlight is needed to charge the solar batteries.

    MPPT or maximum power point tracking does this job via digitally tracking. The charge controller is responsible for analyzing the output of panels and then compares it to the voltage of the battery. The MPPT device then decides the optimal amount of power required to get maximum energy stored into the battery as efficiently as possible. A modern-day maximum power point tracking devices are 93-97% efficient during this conversion. The MPPT device is responsible for providing a power gain of at least 20 to 45%, especially during the winters.

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