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Deep Cycle Systems is a Lithium Battery manufacturer supplying battery storage systems for marine, recreational vehicles and the renewable energy sector.  

Deep Cycle Systems

Solar & Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

DCS deep cycle Lithium Batteries deliver safe lithium phosphate energy storage solutions for a wide variety of applications.  They are a similar sized battery to lead-acid batteries, which makes upgrading to DCS Lithium Batteries a simple task, whilst offering six times the battery life and less than half the weight of lead-acid batteries.

DCS Lithium Batteries are light weight, yet due to to their superior construction they are very strong and durable, and are able to withstand extreme levels of vibrations and shocks most suited for military, marine & 4WD applications. DCS Lithium Batteries are designed for deep-cycle (cyclic) applications and are a completely dry battery making them spill-proof and leak-proof.  They can sit unused for up to 12 months without effecting their performance, and still be able to crank over your engine after this time.

Deep cycle Batteries are made using a proprietary range of DCS 3.2V cylindrical cells. Making them not only amongst the safest and best deep cycle lithium cells available, but also features superior cyclic performance specifically engineered for deep cycle applications.  DCS also have a unique range of modular 48V solar PV storage batteries in 5kWh & 10kWh sizes.  The DCS PV range of solar deep cycle battery system is also modular so you can add any combination of additional batteries at a future date to increase the storage capacity. Because of the design of the solar system batteries, the best thing is they can be rebuilt providing a 20 plus year service life.      

DCS have designed the Deep cycle Lithium Battery range to be more superior in every aspect with our uniquely bolted cylindrical cell design. This not only ensures the highest possible cell conductivity for long life - up to 5000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DOD), but also provides superior cooling performance.   

DCS 12V recreational vehicle (RV) and marine batteries come with a 3 year warranty and our DCS PV solar Storage batteries are backed by a 10 year performance warranty.  All DCS Lithium Batteries are manufactured to International Quality Assurance Standard ISO9001 and are also organic, recyclable and pollution free, making them an excellent green energy source.

All our 12V Lithium ion batteries are DELIVERED FOR FREE Australia Wide.  If you would like to discuss your specific battery requirements – Contact our team on 1300-795-327