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Off Grid Solar Battery Systems for Remote Living

off grid solar battery systems

Electricity has become an all-time necessity; without that, we can’t manage our current lifestyle. Electricity production by coal and diesel was popular in the past. The interest is growing in renewable energy sources to mitigate the hazards and damage caused by fossil fuels. Due to comprehensive research work and reduced prices, renewable energy sources have become possible in the shape of off grid solar battery systems. The off-grid solar batteries have replaced the traditional generator as they became the only choice for those living remotely. The frequent travellers in love with picturesque nature also use the solar system to fulfil their energy needs while on the go. Solar technology is sustainable for society and affordable, and there is no need to have a bulk supply of diesel or gas to run the generator. So the environment protection agencies support nature-friendly renewable sources.

Off Grid Solar Battery Systems Challenges and Solutions

Deep Cycle Systems specializes in consultation and designing robust off grid solar battery systems tailored to clients’ specific needs. Whether living away from cities or being a traveller, we understand that every person has unique energy requirements. Though you can find many solar DIY kits that you can easily configure to your home, there is still a big chance that you may end up in a mess due to a lack of expertise. There are specific challenges associated with designing and installation of a solar system. We recommend using the services of our experts to have quality off-grid solar installation professionally, and there will be no chance of damaging the system. Without experience, your DIY approach could result in you in no-man land where you could damage the entire system and potential threat of self-damage.

We will help you in designing the layout of the following:

off grid solar battery storageSolar Panels

Solar Panels extract solar energy from sunlight and generate direct current electricity. We use monocrystalline solar arrays for our highly efficient panels to date. We will assess whether you need a 12v, 24v, or 48v solar array system. We use high-quality solar cables to connect solar arrays and distribute the generated solar electricity.

Solar Battery

Solar Batteries store electricity produced by solar plates so that you can use them when demanded by a load. We recommend lithium-ion batteries for off grid solar battery systems to ensure reliable performance for ages. Though we have other technologies to store solar current, we highly recommend using a LiFePo4 battery for the best experience for years. Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries are ideal for travellers as they are lightweight and offer a deep discharge rate of up to 90%. In contrast, a lead-acid is recommended no more than half discharge of its total capacity. After observing your needs, we can decide the battery’s capacity in terms of ampere-hours; high ampere-hours means more backup time.

Solar Inverters

Modern solar inverters have several features that make them a compact box, where many of the elements come as standard. The primary task is converting the direct current into the alternate current to make it usable for appliances. Our inverter stockpile includes built-in battery chargers. Depending on your needs, you can also ask for a separate charge controller.

Battery Protect

We recommend using Victron Battery Protect to avoid low voltage damage. If the battery’s voltage falls down the programmed limit, the battery will cut the supply to any dynamic load within due time to avoid injury.

off grid lithium batteryPremium Quality Off Grid Lithium Battery

Battery packs are storage devices to store energy so that appliances can draw energy from them when required. The capacity of a battery determines how long the electric machine will remain active. The two main types of battery banks to power homes and appliances include the on-grid and off grid lithium battery. As the name suggests, the on-grid battery units are standard in cities towns and where local power supply company provides electricity. The primary usage of a grid-tied battery is to phase out the chance of power breakouts by providing backups to assigned loads.

On the contrary, the off-grid battery cells mainly entertain the need of those residing away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Further, it also helps frequent travellers or those living in a moveable home. Off grid lithium battery are a handy choice to have a reliable backup option to meet electricity needs.

Benefits of Lithium Battery Cell

The industrial revolution resulted in many inventions and improvements to the existing version of different technologies. Lithium batteries are a result of the journey towards continuous improvement. Though the acid battery is the oldest one, serving humanity for over a century and a half, the lithium-ion battery is like a blow of fresh air providing oxygen to and addressing outdated technology issues.

Followings are the unique features of a lithium-ion battery:

12v basic off grid systemDeep Discharge

A significant advantage of a lithium battery is its ability to provide deep discharge. Though you can fully discharge a LiFePo4 battery in some instances, the recommended maximum discharge rate is 90% of total capacity before you need to fully charge it again. This situation is worse in the case of a flooded battery as you can’t discharge more than half of its capacity; else, there is a high chance that you may dry your battery to death. Deep Cycle Systems recommends its customers use lithium phosphate batteries for a better user experience.

Weather Resistant

Lithium-ion battery packs are designed to stand against harsh weather conditions. The ideal temperature range is between five degrees Celsius to sixty-five degrees Celsius. Due to their robustness, lithium batteries are a hot favourite for military installations, medical equipment, marine, and aerospace.

High Energy Density

Lithium technology is known for its high energy density, which means that it can store more energy than any other counterpart. All different battery types, including AGM and Acid batteries, have a low energy density. High density means lithium batteries are lightweight and smaller in size. So we get sleek design lithium batteries that are easy to move.

Low Memory Effect

The lithium-ion battery has the lowest mark for the low memory effect. That’s good for a battery type to have the lowest memory effect, also known as the lazy battery effect, which results in losing charge over time. It appears in batteries in case of repeated battery charging even after it is discharged partially.

Longer Lifespan

A deep cycle lithium battery comes with five years of warranty, and usage in given conditions could lead to a shorter lifespan than guaranteed. You can enjoy thousands of life cycles from a lithium battery cell.

Reliable Backup Option

LiFePo4 battery cell is the most reliable backup option you can think about. An off grid lithium battery means it will never disappoint you as you will get quality assurance service from it. A 12v 100ah lithium battery will serve you exactly what it is labelled.

off grid solar system with batteriesGet Premium Quality Off Grid Solar System With Batteries

The modern human lifestyle is dependent on energy-hungry hundreds of general-purpose electronic and communication devices. The industrial revolution was possible due to robust electricity supply to European factories; however, that damaged the earth’s eco-system, threatening various species. Nature has also provided us with a solution in the shape of sunrays radiation. Using heat from sunlight, we can power the entire world to restore the planet earth, which means an end to the global warming threat.

Those living away from city centres can use off grid solar system with batteries to meet their energy demands 24/7. An off-grid solar fixture means you need not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to expand the electricity supply line to your home in a forest or a remote location. Further, the offshore solar system will reduce drastically the need to feed your off-grid generator with expensive diesel or gas.

Off Grid Solar System with Batteries for Travellers

Travelling by road became popular globally after Americans started taking road trips for leisure in the 1050s as the automobile sector and road networks developed at a blazing speed. Australians began taking trips with families on wheels, and with the inventions, we have modern luxurious campervans, RVs, and boats. Previously, travellers carried generators and fossil fuel cans to give life to their entertainment systems and cooking ranges.

Off grid solar system with batteries replaced the traditional generators where you can also store the solar energy in battery banks to enjoy electricity when required. Travellers can benefit from the solar system in many ways. There is no need to carry a load of diesel or gas cans, while the good news for budget travellers is that they will save money by using free solar electricity.

Deep Cycle Systems 12V Basic Off Grid System

Deep Cycle Systems is a team of industry experts with years of experience providing affordable yet quality energy solutions to Australians. Our 12v basic off grid system includes tailoring a comprehensive solar setup to meet your energy requirements. Our off-grid solar clients are from the agriculture sector, lodges in hilly areas, homeowners from suburbs or small towns, and RV owners. Each query for solar energy comes with its unique requirement.

The Best 12V Basic Off Grid System

A campervan may require a solar inverter under 1000watt and a 100ah lithium-ion battery to power up their moveable home. An 12v basic off grid system for agriculture setup may require a 15kw Victron Quattro inverter charger and several LiFePo4 batteries. You can choose from inverters that come with a built-in solar charge controller or if you want to have a separate MPPT charger. We offer pure sine wave inverters for the smooth functioning of sensitive electric appliances.

Deep Cycle Systems is a name of trust in the Australian energy market. We provide the best energy solutions to our clients at affordable prices; that’s why we have won people’s confidence when it comes to getting quality energy products. Our experts are known for designing the best layout of the solar system. By evaluating your needs and existing electrical system, we can recommend you relevant rated system, i.e., 12v solar system for small energy requirements, 24v solar units with increased power consumption, and a 48v solar setup to handle more current.

Use Lithium-Ion For Off Grid Solar Battery Storage

Off-grid systems, also called stand-alone power systems, are gaining popularity day by day. These systems are ideal for residential or commercial properties that are not connected to or want to disconnect from the public grid and be independent in electricity production. If you wish to install the one, you have chosen the right place. At Deep Cycle Systems, we provide high-quality and reliable off grid solar battery storage that is reasonably priced and durable.

Return on Investment

Installing a solar setup is a long-term investment, and you will be relying on it to accommodate your daily energy needs to operate electric appliances and lightings for home or business. There are different standards of quality available in the market. However, we believe that compromising on quality is not an option for such a setup. By installing a solar setup, you will get the return as a financial benefit and benefit to the atmosphere as it reduces the use of grid electricity produced by coal or diesel.

Off-Grid Solar Power System

Australia is the sixth-largest nation for its land area, more than 7.6 million square kilometres. With a 26 million population, the country is highly urbanized, and the majority of the population settled on the eastern seaboard. Still, about seven million inhabitants live in rural areas and remote locations where sometimes local utility companies find it impossible to facilitate residents.

Electricity is one of the necessities, while there are certain remote areas where the local grid didn’t supply electricity because of no transmission infrastructure.

The existing solution is to use a generator run on diesel, petrol or gasoline and the cost is yet another problem. The ideal solution is installing an off-grid hybrid solar power system that requires one-time investment only and will produce free and clean solar power to meet your energy requirements.

Components of Off-Grid Solar System

Australia is best for producing solar energy due to its climate. Australia has more than three million solar PV installations, while the overall solar production in 2021 has crossed 21 gigawatts. Further, the nation holds the highest per-capita solar energy for every individual with 637 watts. Off-grid solar power systems consist of the following main components.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are designed to catch radiant sunlight to produce direct current electricity. You can directly power the DC loads without converting the DC supply to AC.

Solar Battery

Batteries play a vital role in boosting the overall system efficiency. During the daytime, the solar arrays provide electricity to connected loads. In contrast, the extrasolar electricity will be stored in solar batteries that can be pulled back when required to balance the power demand.

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter converts DC electricity supply into good AC electricity supply for AC loads. Our solar inverters are modern compact designs that are feature-rich. Keeping in view the power demands, we supply a built-in solar battery charger, so you need not look for a compatible battery charger and a further investment.

Off Grid Solar Battery Storage by Deep Cycle Systems

The off grid solar battery storage systems we provide here at Deep Cycle Systems are premium quality that will provide you with optimum performance for years to come, and that too with no need for maintenance.

At Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in this industry, we provide a wide range of options. From these many options available, the right one will depend on the energy you require, your location, and most importantly, how you want it to perform.

Lithium off grid batteriesBackup Power with Lithium off grid batteries

Our lithium off grid batteries are intended to provide backup power. Whether you are living in metropolitan area or living remotely, our lithium iron phosphate batteries are best alternative. Depending on size of LiFePo4 battery, you can store electricity for days which you can utilise during cloudy weather or in winter.

The best part of our Lithium ion batteries is that they have no memory effect and they have higher voltage than lead acid batteries. They also have a longer lifespan, better performance and they weigh less than regular lead acid batteries.

Series and Parallel Connectivity of Batteries

Lithium batteries are the most reliable, durable and efficient batteries for solar panels and other applications. They are ideal for use in remote locations where power is not readily available. These batteries can be connected in series or parallel depending on the application requirements.

Series Connectivity of Lithium Off Grid Batteries

When connected in series, the voltage of Lithium off grid batteries remains same but the current increases. So if we connect two 6V batteries in series, it will produce 12V battery with double capacity but same current as that of one of them.

Parallel Connectivity of Lithium Batteries

When connected in parallel, the voltage remains same but the current decreases. If we connect two 6V batteries in parallel, it will produce 3V battery with half capacity of one of them but double current as that of one of them.

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