The home electronics mainly operates at a 12-volt system for those appliances with low power demand. However, 24 volt and 48 volt systems entertain the power demand for heavy loads. Apart from voltage ratings, the electrical appliances are also marked by their capacity in watts. Small devices have small wattage power, like light bulbs and fans, etc., with under 100watt power. These calculations become crucial when looking to add solar energy for your home or work to decide what type and capacity you need for solar plates, inverters, and batteries. A 110 amp hour deep cycle battery seems to be enough for a backup supply to power a small home with basic electrical needs. Deep Cycle Systems can help you design the layout of the solar system to have the suitable capacity solar system so that you may not feel under power.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems

    Looking for certified technical experts could be challenging and crucial when designing the solar system accurately to power the required appliances or entire home. Though there are specific DIY solar kits that you can have for your home, dealing with electricity could be fatal and dangerous. Deep Cycle Systems has years of experience in the installation of solar products.

    Our years of success are providing a dedication to every client as every person has unique needs with different capacities. Australian families and business owners have confidence in our energy products. We manufacture the best deep cycle lithium phosphate battery packs known for their high efficiency and longer life span.

    System Capacity Calculation:

    You can calculate the required solar capacity to operate the electrical appliances and charge the lithium battery for a backup option. Firstly, add all the watt powers of equipment you want to power with the solar system, i.e., fans, lighting, cooling, heating, water pump, refrigerator etc. it’s understood that more appliances mean high watt power you need.

    The calculation will help you decide the capacity of solar inverter in watts, the capacity of deep cycle battery in ampere-hours and capacity and a number of solar arrays. If the total watt capacity is 1000watts, you buy a solar system with greater capacity to support any future addition. Purchasing a 1300 watt solar system could support the addition of any future appliance with up to 300watts of power.

    Battery Requirement:

    Calculation of battery capacity is important for getting the right amount of current over a specific time. You would require a solar battery with higher ampere-hours if you opt for an off-grid solar system to meet the electricity needs round the clock of a home located away from the city. The home appliances typically require a 12v lithium battery; we need to know the capacity of the battery unit to operate the load for a specific time.

    Suppose you have electrical appliances with 440watts total capacity and you want a backup time of three hours from your battery pack of 12v; you would need a 110 amp hour deep cycle battery for that. By adjusting the parameters to the given formula, you can know the battery capacity you need.

    You must calculate accurately to have correct figures, else you could find yourself in some awkward situation.

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