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    Solar energy compliments solar products that define the structure of a solar system. Deep Cycle System is a proud Australian energy company that offers premium solar kits known for quality performance. Though we have energy solutions for every scale, our Victron 2000 system is best fitted to an Australian family with energy requirements of under 2000 watts.

    The invention of numerous electric devices increases the demand for power to operate them. Monthly energy bills are growing daily due to cost increase by the grid and usage of more electric gadgets. The solution to sky-towering electricity cost is to adopt clean solar electricity for your home. The benefits of solar are also helpful in mitigating global warming as a significant portion of electricity is produced by either coal or diesel. The capacity of a solar system determines how many appliances and what type of products you can run through solar installations.

    Solar System Components:

    A solar system is an integration of supporting devices to provide sustainable energy. The main products of a solar system include:

    – Solar Panel

    – Solar Inverter

    – Solar Battery

    Solar Panels:

    Solar Panels are tasked with the basic responsibility of harvesting solar electricity by catching sun rays. These photovoltaic plates produce direct current electricity, which we need to convert into the alternate current before we use it for home electronics as home appliances require an AC supply. Deep Cycle Systems offer high-performing 740-watt Longi solar panels. We can add as many solar arrays as to meet energy requirements.

    Solar Inverter:

    Deep Cycle Systems inverters are modern solar inverters with advanced built-in features to enhance user experience at the maximum level. Our solar inverters are pure sine wave inverters that are efficient and provide smooth functionality for sensitive electric appliances. Whereas a modified sine wave inverter can reduce the performance of appliances and may result in malfunctioning as well. Some key features of our solar inverters include:

    Built-in Solar Charger:

    Our MultiPlus inverter series includes a built-in solar charge controller that can efficiently charge your solar battery and provides certain protections to the Victron battery pack. This charger will provide a longer life span to your lithium-ion battery. These chargers use a four-stage adaptive charging method and provide the high start-up power required by certain appliances during their initial starting time.

    MPPT Charge Controller:

    Our EasySolar-II GX is a Victron 3000 inverter system that comes in a compact box along with a sophisticated MPPT solar charger. The built-in control hub minimizes the wiring requirement and makes the installation process easy, and you will save money and time. Its display unit reads solar battery charge status, voltage level, inverter outputs, and how well the MPPT charger is doing. The MPPT (maximum power point tracking) is ideal for extracting maximum solar energy and increasing overall solar efficiency. An MPPT charger controller is recommended where you require more power, even it also performs best during winter systems where a PWM charge controller struggles.

    Solar Battery:

    Deep Cycle Systems recommends high-quality lithium-ion solar batteries to match the high-performing solar products. Our lithium Victron batteries are superior storage devices. We have LiFePo4 batteries in different capacities, including a 100ah battery and a 200ah lithium battery. The batteries ratings we have, include a 12v battery, 24volts, and 48 volts battery bank.

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