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    If you are on the lookout for a dependable battery for your vehicle or if you want to install a solar battery to supply power to some of your appliances, a li-ion battery is the best option you should go for. There are many batteries available in the market; however, no other battery is better than li-ion when it comes to reliability. They give higher performance compared to traditional batteries. Deep Cycle Systems, one of the top companies in the market, offers a high-quality and reliable 24V lithium ion battery at reasonable prices.

    At Deep Cycle Systems, we have been serving Australian residents for years. Over time, we have helped numerous customers with our steadfast batteries and have gained extensive experience in this industry. We have highly qualified and professional experts who manufacture these batteries keeping safety and performance in mind. We have a wide range of 24V lithium-ion batteries available for you including, 10AH, 50AH, 80AH extreme batteries, 100AH, and 200AH.

    Thus, it does not matter what your usage is, and you can choose one according to your requirements and get the optimum performance without any flaw. If you are unsure which of these will be suitable for you, our professionals can guide you.

    24v lithium ion batteryGet LiFePO4 24v Battery Packs For Your Solar System

    Solar technology is spreading worldwide, with China leading in terms of highest production while Australia is leading in terms of highest per capita with 637 watts per individual. The Australian government promotes solar technology in the early 2000s by giving specific incentives. For ordinary persons, it may be confusing to choose the voltage level for their solar system from 12v, 24v or 48v.

    The answer is a bit technical and demands some understanding of electrical power. In general, the 12v solar and battery system is for a small solar setup. The LiFePO4 24v battery and solar system are ideal for a medium setup, while the 48v system deals with high demands. Deep Cycle Systems has been a leading name in providing quality solar products and accessories for years across Australia with thousands of satisfied clients.

    Benefits of Solar Systems

    The main attraction for the general public to invest in solar projects is to get free and clean electricity for free. Typically, the return on investment is recovered within three to five years, while the average life of a solar system may span over two decades. Apart from financial advantages, the solar systems need the hour to mitigate the evil of global warming and protect our mother planet from growing greenhouse gases. Further, the solar system gives freedom from an occasional grid failure.

    On-Grid Solar System

    The on-grid solar systems are part of urban areas where grid electricity is available. The on-grid solar systems are connected with the grid via net metering and export the extra produced electricity by reversing the utility meter. The system will import electricity from the grid during non-production hours and minimise expensive grid electricity. The on-grid solar systems, on average, can reduce the electricity cost entirely. These systems didn’t require costly battery packs as it exports the extra electricity to the grid, which will be imported back when needed.

    Off-Grid Solar System

    Off-grid solar systems are famous in areas where grid electricity isn’t available, or power failure is common. The off-grid solar systems are designed to fully manage the site’s capacity by calculating actual usage. If your total load is 3000 watts, the experts will recommend the solar plates with higher capacity, i.e. the extra watts of solar plates will charge the battery bank to provide backup when sun rays are not available or when the load demand surpasses the actual production. Battery packs are an essential factor in off-grid solar units. Without batteries, the end-user will suffer a lot, while it is also necessary to have a sophisticated battery that can provide you with quality services.

    24v lithium batteryDeep Cycle Lithium Battery for Solar

    Lithium-ion is the modern technology in the battery world that is feature-rich. Lithium technology addresses all the concerns that a user of the lead-acid battery faces. Deep Cycle Systems has a range of lithium battery kits, including 12v lithium batteries and LiFePO4 24v battery kits. To cater to the need for high capacity loads, we have 48v lithium battery cells.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems?

    We are a premium manufacturer of lithium batteries. Our deep cycle battery cells are made with perfection. We pioneer in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries in Australia with thousands of satisfied clients. Our stockpile includes high-quality solar energy products, including Victron energy inverters and battery monitoring systems.

    Buy Our 24v Lithium Battery for a Wide Range of Power Supply Needs

    Lithium batteries are an efficient power solution for storing power for electrical use in homes during a power outage or living off-grid during camping in RV. Lithium batteries are also used by people not having to the power grid. Hence they rely on solar to charge these batteries to consume power. Henceforth, lithium batteries are a one-stop solution for power supply, whether domestic or industrial. 24v lithium battery is suitable for solar power backup, trolling motors, electronics etc.

    Deep Cycle System provides the best quality battery from its vast range of lithium batteries. Our 24V battery is built for multiple applications henceforth, offering support to your deep cycle applications. Our 24V battery is built to stand harsh weather conditions because we at DCS create batteries that can withstand their charge ability in the coldest and warmest weather conditions. In addition, this 24V battery is immune to suffering damage in humid, hot or cold weather. Henceforth, buying a 24V lithium-ion battery from Deep Cycle Solution is a long-lasting, trouble-free solution.

    Why Choose a Lithium Battery?

    A lithium battery costs more as compared to a typical lead-acid battery. However, it indeed excels in terms of efficiency and durability. It simply lasts longer, along with having no discharge. Lithium batteries offer a comprehensive portfolio in their application.

    Following are some of the areas where a 24V lithium battery is used.

    RV & Motorhomes

    RV stands for a recreational vehicle. An RV can be a specialised vehicle, or just your average car (truck in most cases) hitched to a camping trailer. On the other hand, the motorhome is a purposely built vehicle with beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. 24v lithium battery is perfect for supplying power to your RV or motorhome.

    Fifth Wheel

    A fifth wheel is essentially a cabin built on a trailer to tow around. Buying a fifth wheel is a good alternative instead of purchasing an entire home-size motorhome. However, you need a towing vehicle to move the fifth wheel around.

    Solar Backup Power

    Solar backup power is widely used from homes to camping vehicles and off-grid projects. Henceforth, lithium battery is best suited for solar backup power as it powers efficiently.

    Trolling Motor

    Trolling motors are used at the back of the angler’s boat. The motor is electrically powered. Hence, it needs a battery to power it up. Therefore, lithium battery is used in trolling motors due to their stable chemistry and constant voltage supply.

    Lithium Batteries Are Best for a Wide Range of Usage

    Whatever may be the use, lithium battery is always an excellent answer to all your energy catering needs. Henceforth, investing in a lithium battery is always advantageous over a lead-acid battery. Lithium Phosphate batteries have a 100% capacity available. Coupled with their fast charging and discharge rates, they can be an excellent fit for all applications. The quick charging ability delivers bursts of power, whereas high discharge provides power bursts in a short amount of time.

    Why Buy from Deep Cycle Systems?

    Deep Cycle System is the first-rate energy solution provider for deep cycle applications. Every single product at Deep Cycle System results from extensive research and development over the years. Henceforth, our quality products speak for themselves when put to the test. Hence, DCS is the perfect solution for all your power needs.

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