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2500 Watt Inverter: The Best Backup Solution For Your House

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    An inverter converts the direct current DC into alternating current AC. Most of the time, the input voltage of DC is lower than the output AC, which equals the grid supply. The grid supply varies in 120 volts or 240 volts depending upon the country. Inverters provide a reliable and hassle-free solution at your home, off-grid cabins, and homes, RV’s, and other power applicable places. 2500 watt inverter can act as a stand-alone system that can provide power in case of a power outage. In a stand-alone system, an inverter will charge batteries from solar then provide power. The other configuration of the inverter can work as a UPS system that takes DC from the rectified main AC in PSU. Types of inverters depend upon their usage.

    2500 Watt Inverter by Deep Cycle Systems

    Deep Cycle Systems specializes in manufacturing high-quality inverters. We at Deep Cycle Systems are committed to providing top-notch inverters that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Deep Cycle Systems provides reliable and durable 2500 watt inverter. Our inverters come with long service life as our inverters are designed to provide support for your on-grid and off-grid usage. Deep Cycle Systems inverters deliver maximum performance with excellent support.

    Why you need a 2500w inverter?

    The 2500w inverter can provide power in case of a power outage as it stores the energy in batteries. However, some inverters can directly convert DC to AC to provide electrical backup during the daytime. This reduces your energy load on grid power, hence saves you from excessive energy costs. A solar inverter can therefore provide electricity for your home appliances. In simple words, inverters can be used as a backup power solution or on-grid electricity provider during sunlight.

    Types of 2500w Inverter

    The 2500w inverter type varies according to their scales and purpose. Following are the commonly used type of inverters.

    • String Inverters
    • Power Optimizers
    • Microinverter
    • Hybrid inverter
    • Central inverter

    String Inverter

    The string inverter has panels wired up together. Panels are then stung with each other in the form of sets. The current produced in DC is sent down and converted into AC current. More than one string inverter can be required depending upon the usage.

    Power Optimizers

    These inverters are for the individual monitoring of power. Power optimizers are fixed at the back of each solar panel. Power optimizers are affordable and highly-efficient as it can be expanded later when need arise.


    Microinverter cater to the deficiency of power limitation set in case of a string inverter. The microinverter is responsible for converting the DC current into the AC current. These are also placed at the back of each solar panel. The cost of a microinverter is more than the string inverter. However, they are expandable.

    Hybrid Inverter

    The hybrid inverter can be paired with home batteries. The hybrid inverter can convert DC into AC for your home usage. In addition, a hybrid inverter also has the ability to reverse the AC into DC. This enables battery charging when sunlight is not available to charge the batteries by solar power. Hybrid inverters are the most common type of inverter used in homes, offices, and businesses. These inverters can provide enough power for your house to run.

    Central Inverter

    A central inverter is basically a string inverter of steroids. These inverters are used in solar farm applications.

    Why is Deep Cycle Systems an ideal energy solutions provider?

    Deep Cycle Systems is a market leader for providing efficient energy solutions to our valuable customers. We have been in the business of these electrical solutions for years. Henceforth, our extensive experience makes us the perfect energy solution provider. Deep Cycle Systems puts research and development into each of our products. We have an extended list of products, including inverters, solar panels, solar batteries, lithium batteries, deep cycle batteries, etc. We are committed to providing excellent energy solutions.

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