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    We draw DC from batteries and solar panels, while the electricity provided by the local grid that we use is AC. Both current types, i.e., DC and AC, have their ups and downs, while most electrical devices use AC. An inverter is an intelligent device that converts the DC supply into a very much required AC supply. A solar inverter is capable of converting the solar electricity produced by solar panels and stored in solar batteries. A 2kw solar inverter makes sure to convert the stored DC current in batteries into AC. Deep Cycle Systems offers modern inverter series that are known for their reliable performance over the years.

    How a Solar System with 2KW Solar Inverter Works?

    The solar system with 2kw solar inverter is ideal when you are looking for an alternate source of energy, especially when you want to lower down the cost of electricity bills. Solar energy is getting the attention of people around the world due to its benefits to planet earth and enjoying free electricity for about the next two decades. The following components are part of a solar system:

    Solar Panels

    Solar panels capture the sunlight to produce the direct current. Solar panels come in different ratings, i.e., voltage level and wattage capacity. The voltage level must be compatible with the rest of the solar system, i.e., 12v solar panels must have to accompany a 12v solar inverter rather than a 24v or a 48v inverter. The watt power helps in calculating the number of solar panels you would require for your home, office, or commercial setup. A 2KW solar system is recommended for a small-sized home where you have to run some basic electrical appliances. A 5KW solar system could be ideal for a mid-size home, while it also depends on the number of electrical appliances and how much power you require to decide the capacity of a solar unit.

    2KW Solar Inverter

    As mentioned earlier, the basic function of a 2kw solar inverter is to convert the DC supply into an AC supply. While there are many other features that layout the design of and can impact the entire system’s performance. Deep Cycle Systems offer True Sine Wave Inverters that are best for electrical appliances. True Sine Waveform is the waveform in which the voltage alternates between its two peak voltages in both the positive and negative half of its cycle. It is because the current travels back and forth. A modified sine wave inverter can reduce the performance of electrical appliances and produce some sort of humming sound, so not recommended at all.

    Key Features of 2KW Inverter

    Deep cycle systems provide top-notch 2kw inverter that comes with the following features;

    Extra Start-up Power

    Our inverters can provide extra start-up power to electric motors and compressors of refrigerators.

    Parallel Connectivity

    Our inverters can provide virtually unlimited power as you can connect them in parallel to get as much power as you want. It is also available in a 3-phase configuration.

    Automatic Transfer Switch

    The automatic transfer switch ensures the smooth working of sensitive devices like computer devices. The MultiPlus feature rules out any disruption to computer devices due to the very short switchover time of just 20 milliseconds.

    2KW Inverter with MPPT

    Our 2kw inverter series uses MPPT (maximum power point tracking) technology rather than Pulse Width Modulation or simply PWM. The MPPT technology is to maximize the power extraction under different conditions. In case the solar panels aren’t generating the required amount of solar energy, the MPPT will extract the remaining power using grid electricity.

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