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300 watt inverter

Install 300 Watt Inverter in Your Property to Get Uninterrupted Power Supply

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    Solar based electricity is becoming a norm in Australia. By December 2020, Australian people installed over 2.66 million solar installations that were generating over 20000 MW power at that time. The power demand may be huge, depending on the needs of every home or commercial entity. It’s not a good decision if you required little power and you are using higher equipment that can generate a surplus which isn’t required at all. Most households in Australia are 12 volts. When it comes right down to it, the use of any inverter with higher capacity doesn’t get much productive usage. Here smaller inverters become handy to power mini loads of alternate current supply. 300 watt inverter is the most suitable one in this regard.

    We need inverters to convert direct current electricity into the alternate current to use for appliances, however, it’s a fact that some of the electricity may lose during the process of converting DC to AC. Large inverters lose more due to their size while small ones do less. Smaller inverters come with more benefits than larger ones. The inverter with smaller power, also known as microinverter and the bigger one known as string inverter, both have their own up and downsides. 300-watt inverters meet the definition of microinverters. Deep Cycle System offers a variety of both micro and string inverters. We will try to highlight some of the pros and cons of both micro and string inverters to make it more clear for you.


    The primary job of any micro solar inverter is to convert the DC current from solar panels into AC current to make it compatible with home appliances. These microinverters are lightweight and normally installed underneath one solar panel on the rooftop, and they are connected via a parallel circuit, so any microinverter can generate a maximum output of a solar panel than a string inverter. Here are some key features of any microinverter:

    1: Production

    By theoretically, microinverters are more efficient than big inverters in generating electricity because of the minimum differences in currents among solar panels.

    2: Instant shutdown

    The updated electrical standards demands for rapid solar shutdown in a case where first respondents or firefighters need to be on rooftop or power lines need servicing.

    3: Increased Lifespan

    Typically, microinverters tend to have a 2x life span than string inverters due to the technological advancement and long warranties boost confidence to have them on board. The lifespan is also longer than string inverters, as the small wattage power requires no high power and heat exposure.

    4: Easy to expand

    The micro-inverters support any future expansion, or if you are running short of budget, you can add as per your finance and can add more when having a sufficient budget.

    5: Panel Monitoring

    Microinverters allow monitoring of each solar panel, which isn’t possible in the case of a string inverter as the string inverter system allows to monitor the entire system at once.

    6: Easy to move

    As the microinverters are lightweight and there is typically one solar panel attached to it, it’s quite easy to move the entire system. This works best with those who are moving around occasionally.

    7: less noisy

    Microinverters generate a fewer amount of heat and works without making a huge amount of noise and thus there is no need for any active cooling for them.


    Microinverters have become a crucial element for a solar backup system, especially in the case of limited space solar panels while the shading is also an issue that may be due to surrounding trees or any other object causing hurdle for direct sunlight. They are lightweight, can be fixed easily and help to monitor the performance of every panel, so if you are looking for reliable 300 watt inverter, Deep Cycle System offers premium solar systems to Australian residents.

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