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Power your Golf Cart with lithium golf cart batteries


    Golf is a sport gaining people’s attention worldwide as the number of players is growing who are benefiting from their versatile performance. The increasing popularity pushes the use of golf carts to transport vibrant golfers during play. Lead-acid battery packs powered the earlier golf carts; however, lithium golf cart batteries have replaced the outdated flooded-acid batteries. The lithium golf batteries have become an essential source for efficiently powering carts with years of maintenance-free services.

    The sale of Lithium batteries is on the rise in high-power applications, including electric vehicles, solar systems, marine boats, and golf carts. The high conversation rate from lead-acid to lithium batteries is due to the advantages of LiFePo4 batteries. The owners of golf carts use them to get around the course or any nearby locality; however, they have to ensure a reliable power source powers the cart. The lithium battery packs play a crucial role in meeting the power requirements. Lithium-ion batteries have challenged the flooded-acid battery market by large.

    Following are the added benefits of equipping a golf cart with a lithium battery:

    Maintenance Free:

    Lithium batteries are maintenance-free and thus are priority battery packs for those who don’t want to mingle around. On the other hand, the lead-acid battery units must be checked regularly and filled with distilled water. Any omission will lead to irrecoverable damage to the battery and result in financial loss.

    Battery Charging Pace:

    Lead-acid batteries are the oldest technology that requires about six to ten hours for a full charge. 48 volt lithium golf cart batteries are environmentally friendly and need about three times less time for a full charge. The fast-paced charging of lithium batteries means you can spend your time in more productive ways.

    High Energy Density:

    The 48 volt lithium battery for golf carts has the highest energy density, making these battery packs lightweight, easy to move, and rapid speed. The lead-acid batteries are the heaviest and are about twice the weight of a lithium battery with the same capacity.

    Deep Cycle Battery:

    Lithium batteries are deep cycle cells that can power consumer appliances, vehicles, boats, aerospace projects, and military installations. We manufacture Lithium-Ion Batteries that can provide thousands of life cycles, which means years of services to come. Typically, a lead-acid battery can provide three to five hundred life cycles, about five times lower than a lithium battery.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems:

    At Deep Cycle Systems, we have been in this business for years, and over time, we have served countless customers with premium quality batteries. We know that every customer has different needs regarding batteries. Some people need a battery for their electric vehicles, while some need solar power storage. Therefore, to cater to all our customers, we offer 48-volt lithium golf cart batteries and provide reliable batteries for caravans, running appliances while camping, solar storage, etc.

    Thus, whether you need a battery for your inverter, electric vehicle, or any other use, you can rely on us to provide you with the optimum solution.

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