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    48 volt lithium ion battery48 volt lithium battery

    48 volt lithium ion battery is the latest and more widely adapted battery. The idea of adopting a 48-volt battery has long been going out in the world. However, cost concerns and practicality factors were not adopted as the concept was introduced in the 2000s. Fast forward to the era of technological advancement, 48v batteries have now become useable due to a better understanding of the technology.

    The ideal range of 30-60V has caused it to re-emerge. The capacity of the 48V battery is adequate due to the capping voltages below 60V cut-off. It meets the SELV standard (Safety- Extra Low-Voltage) requirements. A 48v battery can distribute power to your system, supplying electricity in a power outage to the house. A 48-volt lithium battery can disperse the energy around the house with minimum losses and protect against circuitry damage.

    Deep Cycle Systems specialises in 48v lithium-ion batteries. Our lithium-ion batteries are built after years of research and development—Deep Cycle Systems manufacturer lithium-ion batteries packed with durability and long-lasting service life. Our lithium-ion batteries are prone to harsh weather conditions. In addition, our batteries are efficient and last up to years in service life. Deep Cycle Systems is a market leader for a 48 volt lithium battery. Our batteries are built according to safety standards and top-notch quality. Deep Cycle Systems provides batteries with ultimate performance.

    How to Select the Best 48v Lithium Battery?

    Undoubtedly, lithium-ion batteries are superior to lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries last longer while providing more backup time than traditional batteries. They can charge more quickly and have the ability to prevent discharge.

    However, once you have decided to purchase a lithium-ion battery, you need several considerations for an optimal battery according to your needs.

    Kind of Usage You Require

    Determine the usage you require from your power system. A normal-sized lithium-ion battery will work fine if you need batteries to provide backup at home only in a power outage. However, bigger batteries with more storage are required for off-grid usage during camping, RV, or an off-grid cabin. Therefore, it’s up to on-grid or off-grid use.

    Size of Solar Panel

    The optimal size for your lithium-ion battery depends upon the type of solar panel being used in your house, RV, or an off-grid cabin. The bigger the solar panels, the bigger you can go on the batteries to store more power, providing more extended power.

    Consumption Routine

    Do you need the lithium-ion battery daily for off-grid usage? Or do you only require use during a power outage? Selecting the best battery type depends on how much power (kWh) your house, RV, or off-grid cabin needs daily.

    48v lithium ion battery 100ahWhy Should You Buy a Lithium-Ion Battery?

    An excellent 48v lithium ion battery 100ah lasts between 5 and 15 years, depending on usage and maintenance. Henceforth, your one-time investment in a good lithium-ion battery can account for long-time use.

    Lithium-ion batteries have low or no discharge. Therefore they can be placed idle when not in use without the risk of damaging their cells.

    Lithium-ion batteries initially cost more than lead-acid batteries. However, their longer and more reliable service life pay for itself in the longer run.

    Why Buy Lithium-Ion Batteries from Deep Cycle Systems?

    Deep Cycle Systems is a market leader in providing energy solutions to our valuable customers. We offer durable, reliable, and long-lasting products. Our products include the best range of inverters, solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, etc. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing the best energy solutions to our customers.

    48 volt lithium solar battery Power Your Appliances with the Latest Lithium Solar Battery

    Solar Systems are indeed a hot favourite due to some benefits. You would enjoy a reduced cost of electricity by installing rooftop solar systems. The solar system can harvest solar energy throughout the day during the availability of abundant sunlight, while the battery banks store energy to provide during non-productive hours. Technological advancements led to improved batteries for various usage, and we now have ultra-modern batteries based on lithium-ion. The 48 volt lithium solar battery enables you to power various electrical appliances, vehicles, and a range of power tools. Deep Cycle Systems has been a proud supplier of premium quality lithium-ion batteries to Australian families for years.

    The Popularity of Lithium Batteries

    The lead-acid batteries have been meeting power backup needs for over 150 years. However, these batteries have become outdated. The researchers found more advanced features in lithium-ion batteries that have become the first choice for Australians due to certain abilities. The top quality of these batteries is that they are lighter in weight. The low weight makes it hassle-free to move the lithium-ion battery, whereas you require help from others to move a traditional lead-acid battery. The sleek design makes the lithium battery eligible for various applications, including solar, RV, marine, military installations, and aerospace.

    The high energy density of lithium batteries means they can store six times more energy than a lead-acid battery, and the difference is such huge that no one can ignore it. These batteries have no memory effect, which means there is no energy loss even when the lithium battery is repeatedly recharged when they discharge themselves partially like nickel-cadmium batteries. This memory effect causes a drop in voltage level quickly. Moreover, the self-discharge problem has also been resolved in lithium-based batteries, so our lithium batteries have a longer life span. The improved safety features and fast charging have put lithium batteries on the top in-demand list.

    Statistically, a lithium-ion battery is four times better when holding the charge for a longer time. A lead-acid battery tends to lose one-fifth of its total stored power within a month of non-usage, whereas lithium-ion batteries can retain more than 95% of stored energy even after 30 days of non-usage.

    Using a lithium battery, you can discharge your battery bank up to 90% and, in some cases, to 100%, whereas you can’t utilise more than half the stored DC current in a lead-acid battery.

    48V lithium batteries48v lithium ion batteryWhy Choose Lithium Solar Battery by Deep Cycle Systems?

    Lithium batteries are perfect for rooftop solar units to store solar energy for non-production hours. 48V lithium batteries are ideal and meet your backup requirements for homes, campervans, and even boats. You need to match the specifications with your system to make sure everything is compatible with each other. Deep Cycle Systems is a name of trust for getting affordable premium quality energy solutions across Australia. Our energy products are designed to provide the best user experience for Australian families and commercial usage. We provide deep-cycle batteries that come with thousands of life cycles to last for years. We are a team of experts who can guide you to choose the best products, including solar batteries, solar panels, and inverters.

    48v Lithium Ion Battery Excellent Energy Storage Solution

    Solar energy users have depended for years on the conventional batteries of plumbic acid for powering and running the electric lights. Lithium batteries are now also utilised in homes to power household electrical appliances, for example, microwaves, kettles, and other equipment. On the other hand, lithium batteries provide superior performance and longer life. 48v lithium ion battery also provides a broader power range for solar systems. Lead-acid batteries have been present for around 150 years, making them an innovation of the 19th century. On the other hand, lithium batteries are the technology of the 21st century.

    Deep Cycle Systems makes high-quality batteries of lithium. Our batteries provide your house with constant power. In addition, our lithium batteries offer considerable power whenever it is necessary, for example, when a boat engine is started. The lithium batteries of Deep Cycle Systems are intended for severe weather conditions. Our batteries can endure rain, heat, and cold depending on the conditions. Deep Cycle Systems manufactures long-term, reliable batteries. Our batteries have a long service life and performance. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to delivering high-quality lithium batteries to our clients.

    How Does the Number of Battery Cycles Determine?

    How low a battery is charged at any one time determines the number of cycles delivered. The name for this phenomenon is the load depth or DOD. The battery cycles are also governed by the rapid depletion of the battery in lithium or lead-acid. A conventional lead-acid battery requires greater capacity compared to lithium batteries. This is because of the efficiency of the lithium batteries, which produce a steady power supply, whether used for cranking or continuous power.

    A good lithium battery requires at least 1000 charging cycles and 100% discharge. Lithium-acid batteries can deliver 500 charging cycles at a DoD of 80% compared to batteries made from lead-acid. The Deep Cycle Systems batteries have more charging cycles, on the other hand, than standard lead-acid batteries. On the other hand, the increased discharge rate means that lithium batteries function with good power efficiency.

    48v lithium battery


    Because of its convenience and excellent maritime features, lithium batteries for starters are growing popular among boat owners. Lithium batteries need no active maintenance and are a reliable power source even when kept idle. Lithium Batteries’ slow or non-sluggish capacity allows you to start your boat after lengthy inactive periods reliably. Moreover, the efficient power of a 48v lithium battery provides reliable and enduring power to prevent you from being stranded in the middle of the ocean. This increases the confidence of the lithium batteries since they can supply increased power securely.


    Deep Cycle Systems is a leading energy solutions supplier. We provide the best products to satisfy all of your requests for energy solutions. Deep Cycle Systems offers premium energy solutions such as inverters, solar panels, deep cycle batteries, and lithium starting batteries. Other solar systems and pure sinusoidal inverters and batteries are available, such as lifepo4, dc inverters, solar battery chargers, lithium battery chargers, and deep cycle chargers.

    Deep Cycle Systems offers reliable and sustainable energy solutions. Our wide range of products is long-lasting. We promise the best installation for a hassle-free experience.

    48v lithium solar battery48v Lithium Solar Battery Provides Efficient Power to Your Inverters

    Solar energy is the most abundantly available energy to humankind. The planet earth gets enough solar energy to cater to all its needs. Solar light of just one hour and thirty-minute on for an entire year. However, that is only the case if we utilise solar energy to its full potential. Solar energy has been revolutionised over the years with advancements in 48v lithium solar battery and solar panels. Lithium solar batteries are a perfect solution to ensure you have enough power during a power cut-off or camping. These lithium solar batteries provide constant voltage regardless of the load. Deep Cycle Systems specialises in lithium solar batteries through intensive research and development.

    Investing in solar batteries is a smart move as it enables you to have backup power when needed. On the contrary, if your electricity is solely dependent on the grid, your best bet is to sit in the dark questioning your energy solution capabilities. Lithium solar batteries are often treated as one-size-fits-all. This poor power management can be accounted for two reasons; using the undersized battery to meet power demand. The other factor is using large batteries, a solar array that cannot charge the battery due to smaller solar panels powering bigger lithium solar batteries.

    Factors for Selecting the Best Lithium Solar Battery

    It would help if you considered the following factors when choosing the right battery for your power system.

    Solar Panel Size

    Your solar panel size determines the kind of battery you will need. The more capacity solar panels have to capture sunlight, the bigger the batteries required. Similarly, for smaller solar panels, the battery size decreases. Therefore, determine the solar panel sizing and make your battery choice according to it.

    On-grid/Off-Grid System

    Another important factor for selecting a 48V lithium solar battery is to define your use. In the case of on-grid use, a normal-sized battery is enough to provide backup for several hours in case of a power outage. However, when living off-grid in camping or a hut inaccessible to the grid, you will need more power backup. So, select a battery according to your usage type.

    Daily Average Consumption

    Say you are using a lithium solar battery for your off-grid usage, determine how much power (kWh) your appliances need daily. Hence, many bigger batteries will be required to ensure power supply.

    Advantages of Lithium Solar Batteries

    Solar lithium batteries may cost more than your standard lead-acid batteries. However, they are more durable as well as accumulate more charging cycles.

    A good lithium solar battery lasts anywhere between 5 to 15 years, depending upon usage and maintenance. Therefore one-time investment serves for long-time use.

    Lithium solar batteries require essentially no maintenance. Lithium solar batteries can be placed idle when not in use without losing their charging capabilities. They tend to maintain their charge for an extended amount of time. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries discharge and reduce their charging ability.

    Solar energy is efficient, clean and cheaper. It helps reduce the carbon footprint, therefore, maintaining a clean green environment.

    Why is Deep Cycle Systems One of the Best Buying Decisions for Lithium Battery?

    The world’s future depends on how wisely we use energy on earth. The more renewable energy sources are utilised, the more environment will flourish. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing sustainable clean, and greener products. We, therefore, care about the environment while selling durable, long-lasting batteries. Deep Cycle Systems strongly believes in reducing carbon footprint. Hence, you promote cleaner, greener energy when you buy from us.

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