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    The modern home designs are power-hungry that require ample power to operate several electrical appliances, including gadgets, motors, tools, heating, cooling, and even ventilation systems. The modern living concept has revolutionized the traditional living concept. It’s normal for people to live in campervans, marine boats, and removable homes at recreational sites. To stay connected with your appliances and communication devices, you need to stay connected with a local grid transmission line to feed your gigantic living place. The problem with a home equipped with all modern amenities is a sky-high monthly bill that could cost you thousands of dollars per year. Deep Cycle Systems come with solutions to lower your monthly electricity expenditure with a 5000 watt inverter that will turn down the electricity expenses by large along with a series of solar panels.

    Difference between On-Grid and Hybrid 5000 Watt Inverter

    An on-grid solar inverter is tasked to produce electricity during the daytime when abundant sunlight is available. An on-grid 5000 watt inverter will supply electricity to the entire home where the power requirement is under 5KW. The system will transfer any extra produced electricity to the local grid with net metering by reversing the meter, and in this way, you can also earn some money. An on-grid inverter with a 5000 watts rating is capable of powering a midsized home.

    On the other hand, a hybrid inverter with the same capacity can produce electricity for your home and use external sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. The extra feature of a hybrid inverter is that it can also charge the battery bank to provide you backup when sunlight isn’t available. Deep Cycle Systems offers a modern inverter series that can provide an uninterrupted power supply throughout the day and reduce your electricity cost by large. You can program the inverter to provide battery backup time during peak hours when the local grid charge you high with a separate tariff. This way, you avoid the high rates of peak hours.

    Key Features of inverter

    Deep Cycle Systems offer a quality range of inverter series that comes with some unique features. Our inverters are Maximum Power Point Tracking or MPPT inverters which ensure to extract maximum power from all active sources it can. The inverter series comes with overload protection and overcharge protection to escape any damage. Following features are part of the inverter available at Deep Cycle System:

    – Low battery voltage alarm

    – Low battery voltage cut off and restart level

    – Provides extra start-up power

    – Eco mode will switch inverter to standby mode when the load decreases below a set value

    – 20 milliseconds switchover time to avoid any disruption for sensitive appliances

    Pure Sine Wave Inverters

    Deep Cycle Systems believes in providing the best services to our valuable customers. Our inverters are true sine wave inverters known for delivering a smooth supply of required waveform for electrical appliances. A modified sine wave inverter will negatively impact electrical devices and can even damage the non-matching waveform. A pure sine wave inverter alternates voltage level between two peaks vertically in the positive and negative half of its cycle.

    Three Phase Configuration of 5000 Watt Inverter

    A good thing is the ability to provide unlimited power by parallel connectivity. For example, you can connect six 5000 watt inverter units to get more power. The exact configuration is also available for a three-phase system.

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